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Doomsday Piles Counter: 90

Doomsday. One of the coolest cards I've ever seen. So I decided to build a deck that makes a ton of different piles for any given situation using this magnificent card. There are several things that make a Doomsday pile good, but the most important part is the card you're opening the pile with. Having something in your hand that can cycle is incredibly important, which is why we have so many of these or similar effects that make the likelihood of us not having a pile opening card very low. The best part is that most of these effects can be used in our piles as well, which gives us a TON of options when it comes to finding the right lines.

Doomsday holds a special place in my heart and I hope this deck convinces some of you out there to give it a shot. This deck is made to go off on three lands, hopefully with protection. There is a combo control cEDH deck hidden here somewhere, but it isn’t what I’m looking for. This deck is supposed to be a massive glass cannon that probably has a more consistent fail rate than win rate. That being said, I am still open to suggestions to make the deck more consistent at winning.

Some hands don’t work and the real skill in piloting the deck is probably knowing the best mulligans, but that can probably be said of any deck. Look for hands with fast mana, doomsday or a way to find it and some lands. Openers usually come along on their own.

The Openers

Our openers are the most important part of the deck and they’re what makes it able to function. All sorts of openers can be good in different situations, but the best are the ones that can be used in piles as well. The opener determines what sort of piles we can build, along with the other things in our hand. Not all piles are built equally, and some cards see a lot more use as parts of piles than others. We’ll take a look at all of our openers in the next section and try to lay out a few piles for each of them so you can get a feel for how it works.

So these openers aren’t very fun, but they’re excessively powerful, enabling some of the cheapest piles around. They are key pieces of the classic Lab Man piles of yesteryear, but now play a pivotal role in allowing us to go off early.

Gitaxian Probe and Street Wraith Show

Gush Show

Draw for Turn Show

These allow for some pretty great piles and if you have multiples, you can sometimes find entirely free piles floating around. For the sake of brevity, I will combine our ‘eggs’ into one category and use them interchangeably, though there’s an argument for Darkwater Egg to have its own section.

The Eggs Show

Sensei's Divining Top Show

Shriekhorn Show

Conjurer’s Bauble Show

The Crab in the Room Show

That’s all our permanent based openers. Next we will take a look at our One Mana opening spells.

So these are pretty self explanatory and some of them have already been mentioned in some of the piles above. Particularly Thought Scour as it’s part of the most effecient pile around. Some make integral parts of some piles, but others can feel a bit anemic when outside opening piles.

Cycling Lands Show

Careful Study Show

Consider Show

Dream Twist and Otherworldly Gaze Show

Mental Note and Thought Scour Show

Stitcher’s Supplier Show

Vision Charm Show

Zulaport Duelist Show

Tome Scour Show

That’s all the Openers at One Mana. Next we’ll take a look at our options at Two and what sorts of utility they bring us over something a little more efficient, but less exciting, like Preordain or Ponder.

At Two Mana, these Openers need to provide a little more utility or see at least four cards. Something with a body that finds more than one card might be considered. Almost all these piles are derivatives of piles we’ve already mentioned, so instead of laying out piles in this section, I will touch on each cards utility and why they are included in the deck.

Founding the Third Path - This card is crazy in this deck, pulling triple duty with upside, providing fixing, threshold, recursion and a four card mill effect to open some pretty sick piles. Loving this card so far.

Mission Briefing - I’m playing this over Snappy as a recursive effect that can also open some piles. It might be correct to play both of them, however.

Occult Epiphany - Perhaps one of the weirder inclusions, this is able to provide multiple bodies in an opener in the right situations. It also provides some utility in the fact it can get things out of your hand.

Predict - Sort of like Lab Man, Predict is a piece of the classic Doomsday decks of yesteryear. It should be replaced by something better, but this is something I want to preserve for the future generations.

Undead Butler - This one is just a two mana Supplier effect, nothing else. Two mana for three cards is a good rate, so it stays around.

Winds of Rebuke - Now this is the sort of card I live for. It fits the deck perfectly as some removal for stax pieces when we’re trying to go off, but it can also open piles and fix mana by bouncing our rocks. Very sweet find.

These openers provide a lot of cool utility and I’ve found them to have the most interesting lines.

Repeal Show

Breakthrough Show

Frantic Search Show

These things aren’t really worth a closer look as they are mostly ubiquitous in the format at this point. I mention them here to make sure we are covering everything, but I won’t be going in depth on any of them.

We have all the usual fast mana, which I don’t think I need to really get in depth on here. We’ve all seen the four permanents on turn one turns, so I expect these cards aren’t new to anybody.

Next is the rest of our rocks, just more of the same as far as you should be concerned.

It’s probably worth talking about our Tutors for just a minute, though. We have all the one mana Tutors in our colors and the usual two mana guys. We want as many as possible so we can find our Doomsday consistently and early enough in the game to sneak under protection.

I decided I wanted a bit of advantage with cards like Dark Confidant and Mystic Remora. They also help us when we have lost our Doomsday for some reason or another.

Our protection suite is about what you’d expect as well, providing the best cheap counterspells to keep us in the game.

If you lose your Doomsday or you happen to have a poor draw, you can always fall back on our alternate wincons of Bolas's Citadel and Thassa's Oracle + Demonic Consultation. Citadel also provides us with free piles if we are able to find a Doomsday once we have it in play.

Thanks for checking out the Deck. I will be constantly updating our list of piles and growing the pile count until we hit 100 and beyond. Leave any suggestions below and we can see if they are able to get us some cooler, lesser known piles.

The deck is sweet and I recommend at least giving it a playtest and seeing what you can puzzle out with our puzzle box of a combo deck!

Breakthrough X=2 opens, Oracle in hand


Chromatic star

any card

any card

any card

Fixes mana with the star to cast unearth off a sol ring.

Thought Scour Opens.

Thassa's Oracle


Chromatic Star


Dread Return

This is a 3 mana pile that can fix colors.

Draw for turn opens, one creature and egg in play, Thoracle and fetchland in hand.

Hedron Crab


Laboratory Maniac

Dread Return

Fetchable land

Dream Twist or Otherworldly Gaze opens, Unearth in hand

Stitcher's Supplier


Thassa's Oracle

Dregscape Zombie / Fatestitcher depending on mana

Dread Return


Updates Add

So I've decided to actually count the piles, and so far, things have been ramping up quite nicely. I'll be cleaning up the description once I've sussed out 100 of them, with descriptions of each pile for which openers, seeing as that's what usually determines which pile you go after.

Finding piles has been incredibly fun, and I've been focusing mostly on the cheaper ones so far, but soon I think we'll be able to get into the more fun ones that likely won't win us anything, but are still viable piles. And I also haven't really even touched the plethora of Lab Man piles yet, so we will likely break the hundred mark pretty easily. I will probably change the name to reflect our new pile count. The Lazav Piles can get a little wild as well. Really excited to start finding more.

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