Repay in Kind

Repay in Kind


Each player's life total becomes the lowest life total among all players.

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Set Rarity
Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE) Rare

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Limited Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal

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Repay in Kind Discussion

MrAaronMcD on Oloro's Shenanigans - Endless Lifegain/Lifeloss

3 months ago

WarSpaniel Most of my life loss is me paying it as a cost to cast cards or activate abilities, which you can’t pay life you don’t have. Angel's Grace’s ability only applies to lethal damage dealt to you when you have 1 or above life, “losing” or “paying” life avoids the trigger and damage taken while being below 1 life doesn’t reset your life to 1. It’s mostly useful to buy an extra turn if someone swings for lethal or as the combo piece to sit at 0 while I cast Repay in Kind.

Lhurgyof on Syn Konrad EDH

4 months ago

Have you ever considered swapping life totals as a win-con?

Mirror Universe, Magus of the Mirror, Repay in Kind, and Soul Conduit come to mind. I use it as a minor theme along with Lich in my Greven deck, Endless Spite

Gleeock on LGS has a Problem Player...what …

8 months ago

Profet93 - The only thing I would add to point #1 & #3 above is that: another way to beat stax is to use global enablers to combat those global disablers, aka. stax... Yes, they can be a double-edged sword, but that sword usually makes a B-line at hard stax until that player is eliminated. Point #3 can be more effective if you find/use those unique cards that gift/enable other players with the tools to go archenemy. Weird that attacks cause so much grief & sore loserness out there. Successfully stomping someone with combat-dmg is pretty much the most difficult strategy to successfully win with in EDH, given the pure amount of global prison/pillow/creature sweeps inherent to the game. I have made it a point to "take my licks" when I am losing a game, the closest my group usually comes to "scooping" is to see if there are any responses (frustration scrying) within a reasonable timeline & yielding if not. Also, checking to see if there is benefit to staying in-game (combat dmg triggers or game-swinging spells) - because it is known that I will actually use players as resources. I'm not that guy that tries to force someone to play monopoly when all they have left is Baltic Avenue.... but I will say it is a little frustrating when the 4-life total player cry-baby quits when you were going to Repay in Kind them for the win.

IKavalier on K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth : ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS

8 months ago

Ha. Well Eldrazi was just a vague way of saying indestructible/pain in the *** cards that i don't want someone to combo off with or whatever. My main point was EXILE. Eldrazi isn't really a problem at all. But when someone gets out that Bribery'd Indestructible Ulamog on turn 2/3, I know Muderous Rider won't do it. Really, it is just about the exile for me.

Nighthaze is another cantrip, and combos well with a bunch of cards really. Repay in Kind for example. If my life is 5 and now everyone else is aswell, then Nighthaze can make sure they can't block(almost guarantee it in a way). Mostly I use it as a cantrip/extra counter/get around a blocker.

Lake of the Dead honestly isn't always that good in this deck at all...When Urborg is out, its good, but when its not, its hard to even play since I run so little swamps. You'd think that'd make me want to cut it..however it has also saved me a few times by giving me extra mana. Its really something I think about cutting, but don't think I will. This is one of the reasons why I put "Plans for this deck: 1) Balance lands." and put it as #1. The lands definitely need some tweaking. LotD is awesome at times, other times, its a dead card in your hand. We'll see how things turn out after I re-do the lands.

Repay in Kind was a card I thought was way too expensive/not good enough for competitive. It is easily countered and Imp's Mischief is one way of stopping that. I've thought about running Boseiju, Who Shelters All , but it is slow and I hate wasting 3 life. Eating away even more at my life total seems bad...which makes it even worse. Back on subject, Repay in Kind surprised me. It is one of those cards that will run the game out of nowhere. It is more of a mid-late game card for when people have tried to win but have been stopped numerous times. Blood Celebrant Greed etc. can all drain my life to a low enough number...then I can cast GARY or Extort a few spells to finish the table...Even if the game doesnt end, its a good feeling when it does resolve. Pontiff of Blight has been a card that was(is currently in my "sideboard") and it works even better to extort and win the game. Repay in Kind is another reason why Bontu's Monument is in the deck. Usually depending on the board state, If i have a creature or two to play, I'd use as much as life to get me as low as possible(5 starting life, 5 generic mana+ 4 life brings me down to 1 life...Now that everyone is at 1 life, I play a single creature to win the game.)

Also, Repay in Kind makes me think of another card. It is hilarious when it resolves and I have Exquisite Blood ! Exquisite Blood is another card I don't see too many K'rrik players using. The Sanguine Bond combo is of course a game winner, but that isn't even what i usually use it for. It's a great feeling when another play loses life to Mana Crypt or gets swung at and loses 10 life etc. All that life will go to me...even if I did nothing to deserve it. It can make you a slight target, but usually it isn't the scariest thing at the table since it is only gaining life and there is usually a scarier permanent/player(like K'rrik himself!)

God I love

Profet93 on K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth : ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS

8 months ago

I'm very happy you feel that way. Some people find my comments rude as they disagree with it and rather than explain why they disagree so we can have a discussion, they ignore it completely which sucks.

My only issue with Mind Twist is that it only messes with 1 opponent. Sometimes you can't always race to win and need to fight attrition style. Mind twist comes in handy. Nothing better than ramping into it T2-3 and stripping their hand as it has either basically won me the game 1v1 or I can use it politically to get rid of one player for a long time. I dont think you should discount counter bait depending on your meta. I understand you have imp's mischief (love that card btw, my favorite black card aside from chains and nethervoid) and defense grid but sometimes that isn't enough. Especially if you want to cast insidious dreams when they have 2 blue open.

How reliably do you get your card draw?

Didn't realize eldrazi were an issue in your cEDH meta. Duly noted.

How have Nighthaze Lake of the Dead and Repay in Kind been working for you? Haze is nice with urborg otherwise, eh? Lake of the dead is one of those cards that are very powerful, but with the prevalence of strip mine and nonbasic land hate, I've felt its too easy to get 2 for 1ed with it. Repay seems really good to help you just beat face. But at 5-7 mana, you don't win unless they have no blockers/removal.

Bazzul on One card combo Demonlord Belzenlok

9 months ago

Lord0fHam Regarding your 1st question, there are two more combo finishers besides Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Triskelion . They are listed in the Maybeboard ( Repay in Kind + Lich or Sanguine Bond + Exquisite Blood + Soul Spike ). Although these combos are not graveyard based per se, they are very mana intensive and Skirge Familiar is pretty much mandatory to execute them. The Main combo line requires Skirge Familiar to be revived with Dread Return so it's hard to avoid being graveyard dependent. I think Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Triskelion is the most resilient of the combos since multiple cards can execute the combo in case you get countered ( Ever After , Living Death , or even Twilight's Call ).

Regarding you second question the deck doesn't have a good way to protect itself from being interrupted (due to being mono black and having the 4cmc+ condition). That being said, there are two scenarios

-Interruption before Belz's ETB: simply ramp until 8 and try again...

-Interruption after Belz's ETB: Discarding Dread provides you multiple chances to revive the duo in the following turns. Basically you can attempt a win one per turn for the following 2 turns (sometimes even more because Ever After goes to the top of your library if it resolves..) More details are given at the end of the "combo" section of the primer.

Finally, there is Geode Golem , which allows you to pay for Skirge Familiar directly, if interrupted, simply do the main combo line.

th3giv3r on The Toxic Deluge: Erebos, God of the Dead

10 months ago

Just curious, based on your evaluation, what are your picks for secondary win-con past Repay in Kind ? And why?

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