Repay in Kind

Repay in Kind


Each player's life total becomes the lowest life total among all players.

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Repay in Kind Discussion

Rocketman988 on Demon Till Your Dreams Come True

2 months ago

To add on to the previous comment- I have found that the maximum mana cost for a non-creature spell I can really justify is 7- with a land drop, this means the spell can be cast the turn after casting Rakdos in main phase 1 before the attack wrecks my mana base. Repay in Kind is an MVP spell in the deck for this reason. I'll use an effect to drop my life to below 7, set everyone to 7 with Repay in Kind, and then swing in for the kill on one or more opponents during that turn. Can also pull off a misdirection play with Burnt Offering or Sacrifice pre or post combat to get a massive mana payoff during the turn.

xXxEuroBabeXxX on k'rrik's Suicide EDH deck

5 months ago

x drain spells, storming into extort, silly gotcha cards like Repay in Kind

Rocketman988 on Demon Till Your Dreams Come True

7 months ago

I love the gambling feel of the deck, so my personal philosophy has been to include as many of those big “man if this goes off, it’s gonna be so sweet” type cards that have the potential to win out of nowhere to maximize the odds of it happening. It appeals to the Timmy in me haha. The deck is a bit of an early/mid game glass cannon as I have it, but it catches people off guard and steals games more than it should before the lack of value engines catches it with its pants down. I prefer winning with style to winning more reliably.

If you want to build the deck “smarter”, the deck could really use more draw power to help power out threats in the late game. All the wheel effects help a lot, but I could see cutting cards like Doomsday for draw. At this point, if my boardstate cannot support winning within 1 turn of casting Doomsday , I hold it until it can (which sometimes doesn’t happen, but like you said, oh boy when it does!)

As for what I get, it’s usually things to turn my current board state into a win ASAP. The whole game, I play “plan disruption”. Wheel away people’s answers, hit the person who’s almost the strongest instead of the current “winning” player to force the two other players to begrudgingly team up with me or lose outright. Extra combat or turn spells, damage multipliers like Fiery Emancipation / Archfiend of Despair , a life loss outlet like Kuro, Pitlord plus Repay in Kind , Gray Merchant of Asphodel , etc. If playing Rakdos right and I haven’t been focused too hard, most people’s boardstates stay pretty fragile and collapse easily under the right explosive turn. When I’ve lent the deck out, the biggest issue I see people making it refusing to be as mean and aggressive as the deck needs the pilot to be to put people in range of the deck’s one-turn knockout power.

Darke on just kill me lmao (Selenia PRIMER)

8 months ago

WarSpaniel No, you’re totally right. It would kill you, but you can avoid this by casting Intervention Pact targeting Sickening Dreams to avoid the damage to you. You can also just drop Repay in Kind and win that way.

Lanzo493 on Surviving My Own Deck

9 months ago

Since people keep mentioning Repay in Kind , I've gotta reference its big brother: Profane Transfusion . It's more mana, but can be more fun, too. It's also more flexible since you can boost your own life total or switch life around however you wish.

TheRealSpecialK on Surviving My Own Deck

9 months ago

Mcat1999 - I run Repay in Kind in one of my favorite decks built around life manipulation, so shenanigans like that are super common. The best feeling is if you can get your life to 0, or even better a negative number, then play Repay in Kind . (Use things like Platinum Angel , Solemnity plus Phyrexian Unlife , etc). Trust me - way better feeling than casting it when your life is "only" at 1.

TheRealSpecialK on Surviving My Own Deck

9 months ago

Just embrace the life loss and run things like Repay in Kind .

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