Hey hey hey all! It's been quite awhile, but I am FINALLY getting around to adding a deck that I have been consistently working on for the past year. This is a Grixis Giants deck. Ever since the unveiling of Invasion of the Giants in Kaldheim, I have been OBSESSED with brewing something that is both fun and effective. Without further ado, let's get into the break down.


Bonecrusher Giant: Value, value, and more value. Cheap early game removal and a sizeable threat. One of the best giants and best red cards ever printed. A must at 4 copies.

Calamity Bearer: The lord to rule all lords. Calamity bearer ends games quickly. My personal favorite giant and a great addition to the tribe itself. Can even act as a win condition for our mid range plan if we can't get out larger giants out quick enough. Their effects also stack if you have two out on the field....DISGUSTING lol

Thundercloud Shaman: When we added Heartless Summoning, we increased the amount of giants we could get out in a short amount of time. This makes Thundercloud Shaman all the more potent, allowing him to sweep boards in the blink if an eye. Solid tech against creature based decks. May consider adding another.

Glasspool Mimic: She's a land if we are desperate enough, but we mostly have her for the extra triggers she provides when she copies Inferno or Frost Titan. Having her in hand on turn 4 or 5 is usually the final nail in the coffin for our opponents. You can even use her to copy Calamity Bearer to increase the damage multiplier.

Inferno Titan: One of our big pay offs in the deck. Destroys creature based decks and can burn our opponent out quickly, especially when paired with Calamity Bearer.

Frost Titan: Another personal favorite. It locks your opponents out of the game very quickly if not answered. Difficult to deal with due to its ward ability. A must have.


Saheeli Rai: She replaced Mindlink Mech in the previous iteration of our giants. We run her for the scry power, but mostly for her ability to make a hasty copy of our threats. Copying Frost Titan or Inferno Titan gives us 3 separate triggers which can tap our opponents out of the game, or wipe their field/face lol.


Invasion of the Giants: The whole reason this deck is possible. Amazing utility and allows us to drop our big threats by turn 4.

Heartless Summoning: Originally, we had Coalition Relic, which was decent but not as fast. Heartless summoning makes for some pretty insane plays when paired with any of our other ramp cards. The slight de-buff is nothing our giants care about. Especially with their in-tribe utility. Calamity bearer laughs at the -1.


Fatal Push: Self explanatory.

Lightning Bolt: Self Explanatory


Preordain: One of the best utility cards in blue is finally unbanned. Goodbye Serum Visions and HELLLLOOO Preordain. An amicable upgrade. Fixes our draws and allows us to dig for win con's.


Lots of fetches and split lands. You need a fast mana base if you're going to make this deck work.

That's the deck! Please feel free to comment any feedback or input down below. Overall, I am very happy with how far this brew has come and I appreciate the ideas that have been presented to me. This was a challenging one to master, but I think we are closer than ever to cracking the giants.


Updates Add

This build has exceeded my expectations. May have to run 3 Saheeli because she has been BRUTAL for our opponents to deal with. She combos with most of our giants to some degree, but the 3 triggers off our boss titans (Frost and Inferno) in a single turn is really hard to beat. Stay tuned!


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