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This is a simple deck. Play a ton of mana ramp and get out Xenagos ASAP.

Then play fatties and smash face.. And also draw 10+ cards from the fatties after you attack.



NOW TESTING: Blood Moon Variant. Keep 3-color decks locked while you take out players in 1-2 hits.


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This deck has gone though probably a hundred iterations by now, but here is now the main turn-by-turn focus of the deck.

Turn 1: Ideally play a ramp effect Turn 2: Play another ramp effect (if available) that costs 1 mana (or generates a boatload for >1 mana). This will allow one to fire off a tutor or other support effect on the same turn. If it's a creature tutor, get Godo. Turn 3: Play Xenagod Turn 4: Play first big thing. If you tutored for Godo, someone might be dying.

I've been cutting out a lot of "slow" cards, even those that combo such as aggravated assault as Godo + extra combat is pretty close to a table wipe by itself and actually more efficient.

I'm also testing a deck with only 13 big creatures but 5 tutors that can get the one I want for a total of 18 beef. This is a departure from the previous "doesn't matter what beef you get as long as you get it fast" principle because our damage output has gotten so much better recently. Now it does matter which fatty you get, but you want to be able to do it without slowing yourself down. I have the cards to mostly pull this off while still maintaining my tempo. The tutors share space with the ramp effects for around 13+6 = 19 ramp effects. This makes the core of the deck robust and able to grab workable ratios of both with ease. Note that going too low on things that get big creatures is problematic, but the tutors get around the problem of excess beef clogging your hand.

Lastly, I'm testing an Inkmoth Nexus package. This is taking the place of Yavimaya Hollow because hollow is mainly useful against boardwipes, which we normally don't care about anyways. Inkmoth won't do much most of the time, but with a wolf run or a kicked Vines of Vastwood it can turn into an evasive 1-shot with minimal opportunity cost.



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