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Mwahahaha! In a true masterpiece of grixis genius, this deck combines ALL the elements of what grixis does best! Attacking! Milling! Ramping! Casting instants and sorceries! Evasion! uh.. so yes, yes Jeleva is best fitting for what feels like a strange mix of all of these. Grixis as a shard never had one really good theme going for it (Shards block, it was aggro with unearth; Conflux was control with bolas and cruel ultimatum; alara reborn was mill).

This deck takes some of the best instants and sorceries in Magic and utilize Jeleva's abilities to cast them for free! My personal favorite is sorin's vengeance, because it is a quarter of a player's starting life total taken seemingly out of nowhere! There are a few counterspells included as well, just in case threats need to be answered. The deck does include a sub-theme of flashback, since I feel that casting sorin's vengeance 2 or 3 times a game is a very good way to stay in control of a game.


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Upon request, I have updated my deck to reflect the list as it appeared in this video: MTGMuddstah is amazing btw, and you should definitely watch more of his content!

*Note: The Obelisk of Grixis has very much been replaced Chromatic Lantern, as I have learned a lesson in value.

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