Spellbound Dragon


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 Rare
Alara Reborn Rare

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Spellbound Dragon

Creature — Dragon


Whenever Spellbound Dragon attacks, draw a card, then discard a card. Spellbound Dragon gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is the discarded card's converted mana cost.

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Spellbound Dragon Discussion

holybreep on Dragonlord Scion

2 months ago

checking out this list and offering my constructive criticism :D

Please keep in mind that this is just my take on Scion, there's definitely a lot of ways you can build it, so these comments are going with the train of though that being voltron for the win is the most efficient path to victory :D

I'll break it down by category:

Lands:I'd probably cut minamo and high market. From there, I think 36 lands is fine, and I'd play 2 of each basic to play around non-basic hate and to take advantage of some other effects from cards I'll mention later.

I'd also consider running ancient tombs in place of Crystal Quarry, cascading cataracts just seems like a better version

Sorcery:I feel like these should mostly be either- Powerful board wipes- Powerful card draw- Stuff that will win you the game

My reasoning for this is that this deck probably draws stuff it doesn't want to/can't play, and those cards end up being dead in the hand for too long.

In your list, I'd probably cut:

  • 1x Channel the Suns - this card takes up a slot to net you 1 mana. If you're fetching right and have mana rocks, this card is basically dead.

  • 1x Fearsome Awakening - very slow reanimation spell, the 2x +1/+1 counters aren't an upside worth paying 5 mana for in my opinion.

  • 1x Skyshroud Claim - you can probably find a better rate for ramp + fixing, a 4cmc sorcery seems like too steep of a price to pay.

Sorceries I'd consider bringing in are:

  • Maelstrom Pulse - relevant vs tokens
  • Akroma's Vengeance - flexible boarwipe thanks to cycling.
  • Time Spiral - re-gas or reconstitute a weak hand.
  • Rite of Replication - either copy the best threat, or make 5x of one of your dudes. Basically wins you the game with Scourge of Valkas if kicked (basically a super Valakut - 6x5x6 = 180 damage, since each copy Valkas will see 6 dragons entering the field at once)
  • Bring to Light - essentially a tutor
  • Moving on to Instants:I'd cut Lure of Prey and Sarkhan's Triump. Feels like this deck wants to basically win with Scion getting through with commander damage, ultimately a voltron approach to victory. With that being said, I think you can jam a lot of high impact instants. These come to mind:

  • Pact of Negation

  • Path to Exile
  • Swords to Plowshares - life gain doesn't really matter if you're winning with 21 commander damage.
  • Disallow - gets rid of tricky stuff, and its a solid counterpell overall
  • Fact or Fiction - fills the GY, digs 5 cards deep at instant speed for 4cmc.
  • Savage Beating - for 5 or 7 cmc, you win the game
  • Hatred - seems decent in EDH, with 40 life, you're basically trading off 5cmc + 15 life to either win the game, or to knock someone out of the game (commander damage).

Enchantments:Cuts, due to low impact, in my opinion:

If I were jamming Scion, I'd probably want my enchantments to do 1 of 3 things - either keep me alive, protect my dudes, or act as a damage multiplier or grants evasion so I can win via commander damage.

Stuff that keeps you alive:

Stuff that protects my dudes:- Asceticism - you already run this, nothing else off the top of my head atm.

Evasion/game winning stuff:

Now, on to Artifacts:

First, stuff that doesn't pass the initial eye test:

  • Crucible - no obvious synergy
  • Dragon Arch - seems iffy, you end up paying 7cmc to play a multi-colored creature, at which point, you can probably just play the creature. If the creature costs less than 7cmc, you kind of just owned yourself.

Stuff I think is worth checking out:- Chrome Mox- Prismatic Geoscope - this is what those basics will help out with :D- Fellwar Stone - most likely fixes some colors + ramps- Swiftfoot Boots - lightning greaves #2- Credit Voucher - cycles dead cards for potentially not dead cards, for the low cost of 2cmc

Planeswalkers - I noticed you don't run any, I think these might be decent:Sarkhan Unbroken - CARD DRAW + mana fixing/ramp in one? SEEMS GOOD!Sorin, Grim Nemesis - MORE CARD DRAW!? AND with the high CMC of your stuff, the drain should be excellent every now and then.Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker - Takes care of any creature threat + flavor win

CREATURES!!I'd make these cuts on the thinking that they either:A) Don't win you the gameB) Don't advance your boardstate enoughC) Don't provide adequate utilityC) You're never going to be able to abuse their 3cmc payment abilities + you probably will only have one shot with them. Feels like the mana would be better spent winning with Scion.

  • 1x Balefire Dragon
  • 1x Bladewing the Risen
  • 1x Dragon Mage
  • 1x Dragonlord Ojutai
  • 1x Dragonlord's Servant
  • 1x Dragonspeaker Shaman
  • 1x Hellkite Tyrant
  • 1x Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund
  • 1x Numot, the Devastator
  • 1x Savage Ventmaw
  • 1x Steel Hellkite
  • 1x Teneb, the Harvester
  • 1x Tyrant's Familiar
  • 1x Utvara Hellkite
  • 1x Vorosh, the Hunter

Creatures I'd consider running:

Whew, that's all I've got! Again, this is just my take on what I think is the path of least resistance to victory with a Scion deck that's not as vulnerable to GY hate. GY strats are definitely legit, so feel free to jam all the reanimation + tutors too :D

Hope you found some of this useful :D

Darth_Savage on Scry Deck

3 months ago

The interaction between Flamespeaker Adept and Aqueous Form is cool, but the Adept is easily removed. I'm not sure why you are using Dakra Mystic instead of Sigiled Starfish for a 1 drop I'd suggest Mystic Speculation, Serum Visions or Select for Inspection. I'd also recommend Condescend over Dissolve as it can be played earlier.

Spellbound Dragon is relatively cheap and seems like a better fit in your deck than Soul of Ravnica or Shipbreaker Kraken the Dragon can take advantage of your deck fixing. The new Enigma Drake might also fit, importantly it passes the Lightning Bolt test. You might also find a space for Cryptic Annelid since it has 3 scry triggers...

Sargeras on Izzet Midrange on a Budget

5 months ago

Anger of the Gods is great if you expect to be playing creature heavy decks that play lots of 1,2,3 drops, and is Dredge hoser, however against a deck like Control, the card does effectively nothing, so you have to decide whether or not the card is good enough to have a place as a 2-3 of in the main. However, if dredge and GW decks that play cards like Kitchen Finks/Voice of Resurgence aren't a thing in your playgroup, you can be a really sneaky bastard and use Firespout instead of anger, that way you can wipe your opponent's board without killing your Chimera. (given that their stuff isn't flying too)

After a bit of playtesting, I can give you some more constructive feedback, which is

  1. While Ember Swallower is a decently sized 4/5 body for 4cmc, that is all it really is, as you need at least 3 more turns for it to become a 7/8 and try to ram through an opponent's board. (Which means it has to live that long) I'd try to swap these out for a playset of Thunderbreak Regent, this card is cheap now that it is out of standard, and is a 4/4 with Flying that has the ability to Lightning Bolt and opponent if they target it.

  2. While Spellbound Dragon has the potential to bring a lot of damage to the field, it is pretty underwhelming by itself, I'd personally recommend playing Stormbreath Dragon or Thundermaw Hellkite as these creatures are devastating when they hit the board and can win games by themselves. (They all have a synergy with Thunderbreak Regent) But playtest to see what works.

Realistically, you'd need to playtest to see what works and what doesn't work, as you are trying to homebrew up an arch-type, so there is no well-defined plan, only things you can look at and see if they work or not.

SempuEkler on Tempo Illusions

8 months ago

dahhahm Sage's Dousing is actually great choice, I didn't know about that card. Thanks a lot. And Spellbound Dragon, I think having second color for just one card is waste and I should change it for Phantasmal Image if this only wasn't that expensive, or i could add Browbeat insted of Divination but same reason there :/ . I also could include Illusory Angel and Judge's Familiar for more aggressive play style but i don't know how well this angel work. My another idea was to make Dimir including Asylum Visitor and Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief - this card I have and really like :-) and i also wonder about Welcome to the Fold for some discard synergy but i haven't tested it yet. I think i should change this deck a little but i'm not sure which way.

goodair on Which deck to build?

8 months ago

You got the exact idea behind the 1st deck, there's just so much to do with all the options and different synergies.

The 2nd choice would draw less hate but it just seems to flop if key cards are removed. The cards like Combustible Gearhulk, Sin Prodder and Spellbound Dragon.
You can look at this draft to so you see my theory crafting.

Stop Hitting Yourself (Ludevic & Vial Smasher)

aeonstoremyliver on Remember the sneaky dragons

11 months ago

You should probably have 10-12 big creatures. Atarka, World Render, Bogardan Hellkite, Bladewing the Risen, Utvara Hellkite, Destructor Dragon, Dragon Tyrant, Dragonlord Atarka, Keiga, the Tide Star, Kokusho, the Evening Star, Moltensteel Dragon, Numot, the Devestator, Savage Ventmaw, Spellbound Dragon, and Steel Hellkite are all worthy Dragons. Some of those could definitely be sideboard slots.

You definitely want 20 lands, 4x of them Ancient Tomb, and 4x Simian Spirit Guide. By taking out 8 slots of creatures, 3x Remembrance, and 4x Lifeline, you should have slots remaining for what I've suggested as well as Through the Breach.

Qolorful on Animar and his dragon's

11 months ago

One of the any beauties of commander is that it has some sick mana rocks you can use, which makes decks that play big creatures like dragons really viable and fun to play. You already have sol ring, but there are other good mana rocks you can play that make it really easy to play your big creatures, and thus mean you wont feel the need to play so many 1 drops to stack up counters. There are the cluestones (example Izzet Cluestone fr each color combo, as well as the signets Izzet Signet. There are also cards like Dreamstone Hedron Urza's Incubator and Basalt Monolith to allow you to ramp up your mana pool. Darksteel Ingot and Command Tower can also help your consistency. Don't be worried about having small creatures so much as creatures that give you a solid advantage. I'd say clean up your mana pool to better reflect your mana costs, make your mana pool smaller, switch out the less important small creatures for bigger more impactful ones, and use the artifact mana rocks to make up the difference.

Jugan, the Rising Star could be an awesome card, as well as Spellbound Dragon if you do decide to increase your mana curve.

I like dragons and this deck looks fun!

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