Rashmi transforms the first spell you cast on each player's turn into a cantrip. This allows her to thrive with a Control/Permission style of play which is normally outclassed by Stax.

The plan is very simple. Ramp her out between turns 2-4 so you can mitigate the card disadvantage of your answers. Slowly play the threat assessment game until you inevitably draw Enter the Infinite to draw your entire deck.

Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal with mana rocks will net infinite mana. In a 1v1 or standard 4 player game you can target an opponent with Stroke of Genius . Use recursion and a cantrip to recast it on the 2 remaining players.

Alternately, Seasons Past can return Beast Within , Reality Shift , and a cantrip . Cast Beast Within to transform an opponent's permanent into a creature, which you Reality Shift to manifest the top card of their library. Play any cantrip to draw and replay Seasons Past. Repeat this loop until you mill each opponent.


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