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Commander / EDH* Cruel Control Mono-Black Stax



Hey wizards!

here is my "new" EDH deck ("new" because i'm running it for some months up to now), its kinda stack-control-reanimator mono black.

The main win conditions are 3:

1.- Some drain combo with: Viscera Seer or Carrion Feeder + Zulaport Cutthroat or Blood Artist

2.- Damage with:



3.- Mill with Altar of Dementia (situational)

The main idea is around Liliana, Defiant Necromancer and her emblem (is commander, I know haha), if it is on the table, the work is done, you have eternal creatures so you can sac to drain, sac to mill or attack without fear.

Im missing TONS OF CARDS I know, like tutors, Phyrexian Altar , Entomb , Liliana of the Veil .

Im open to suggestions and i'll be updating it sometimes.

Happy to read your comments and suggestions.

Have a nice Brewing!!

Update 1: the deck has some VERY SITUATIONAL cards, I know, like Grip of Desolation (against some white or blue control cards like Iona, Shield of Emeria )

Update 2: I took off The Eldest Reborn and Grey Merchant of Asphodel for Yixlid Jailer & Bitter Ordeal , I know that grey merchant is a nice drain creature and sometimes he won the game, it was one or two times, the rest of the time I NEVER casted it, he never got the board importance i wanted to so i replaced him with the Yixlid Jailer, it is a double-edged weapon since i have some creatures that returns from the graveyard with their abilities it will help with the " Wonder -like" creatures, besides, i have TONS of spells to reanimate or sac the YIxlid if it is killing me.

The Eldest Reborn helped a lot but never had a special place on my heart (HAHAHA), Bitter Ordeal works WONDERFUL with the deck, if you cast it just one time you can exile the engine of the deck or, after Damnation o Languish it completely disarms a deck.

I Added the Maybeboard too

Update 3: With the GRN Release I got Mausoleum Secrets for Grip of Desolation , nice (and cheap) tutor.

Update 4: I have made several changes to the maindeck, first of all Took out Bitter Ordeal , It is a nice card, there is no doubt about that, the thing is that I only played it "well" just 1 time (after a mass removal spell), the rest of the time was only a single removal of a deck and it did nothing, Blood Scrivener is back on the deck (Just because I was lacking of ideas). Yixlid Jailer goes home, she literally KILLED ME sometimes, left me with no Ichorid or Reasembling Skeleton, changed she for Transgress the Mind self explanatory. Winter Orb is out too, I'm kinda sad about this, I totally LOVE this card but it never came at the right time, is the "IF IF IF IF IF IF IF"- kinda card so I put in my Vampiric Tutor , golden borders but still fun.

Tomorrow is the release of UMA so I HOPE i can get finally my Urborg, Phyrexian Tower, Liliana of the Veil, Bitterblossom AND/OR Demonic tutor.

AFTERUMA: Welp it wasn't ALL OF I WANTED but it will be helpful indeed, i got Demonic Tutor & Dark Depths so i took off: Buried Ruin , Ankh of Mishra and Blood Scrivener is changed for Vampire Hexmage with this brew I won 3 games in a row haha so it is working pretty well.

UPDATE5: Welp, long time without any change on the deck, Grim Haruspex ; Choice of Damnations ; Mesmeric Fiend ; Vampire Hexmage ; Koskun Falls went out, NO ONE of that cards made the deck wins in any situation, it only took space that I filled with more removal as Bontu's Last Reckoning and Living Dead; I made a space for a Undead Gladiator i think is a good "Yo-Yo" creature with the pro of the Cycling (no tested yet so idk HAHA); took from War of the Spark a Liliana's Triumph great removal, great artwork, great flavor; Yawgmoth's Will it explains for itself (i think); Gate to Phyrexia i ALWAYS LOVED THIS CARD so i found the moment and bought it ahah.

Also took 2x Swamp for Volrath's Stronghold and Mikokoro, Center of the Sea 2 of the missing lands :D


Realized that the deck was going away from my initial idea of "Stax-control", so i took off the Transgress the Mind , Living Dead, Arguel's Blood Fast  , Death Cloud , Haunted Crossroads .

The replacements are Living Dead for Mutilate , both great removal spells but living death turned into a double-edge weapon against another "cemetery decks", besides i was always vulnerable to a nihil spellbomb or something like that, Mutilate is great too against indestructible stuff, so it fits PERFECT in the deck.

Arguel's Blood Fast   for Diabolic Intent , sac outlet + tutor vs the "paylife-draw", never turned Arguel's into land so it go out for a tutor, not too much to explain here.

Death Cloud for Smokestack , probablly the most painful replacement, i LOVE Death Cloud, the "pox"-type card are great disruption on the table, Deathcloud turned into a boring finisher of the deck, always casted for high numbers and everyone get bored (me too) so it turned into a never casted card. Smokestack got in for the stax and in a strange combo with Sundial of the Infinite (who came in for Transgress the Mind

Last but not least, i took off Haunted Crossroads for Winter Orb // Ankh of Mishra I'm still not decided of wich of these two bad boys im gonna put in, both great land hate, both great stax spells. Haunted crossroads got replaced on "effect" with Volrath's Stronghold .

Read any suggestion!

Good day sir!


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