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Mistform Ultimus - Smashing Faces EDH

Commander / EDH Aggro Casual Mono-Blue Multiplayer Voltron



This deck is all about smashing faces with Mr. Ultimus and winning by dealing 21 points of commander damage your opponent(s).

The blue and artifact lords in the deck are mainly in there to pump Mistform Ultimus and give him nice abilities like flying, hexproof, shroud, and so on. There's also enough stuff in the deck that gives Mr. Ultimus haste and evasion of some kind so the bashing can start at once when he hits the field. As this is a more casual oriented build I didn't want to use any swords of this and that for this deck although they surely would make it quite a bit stronger. Fireshrieker can still end games from one second to the other as the double strike ability paired with all the other pump effects in the deck can easily let my commander deal somewhere between 15-22 damage in one go!

Once the commander is cast and ready to rumble from there on everything is about protecting him with the counterspells in the deck or stuff like Swarmyard and Elephant Graveyard.

The rest of the deck is a lot of card advantage (Future Sight, Rhystic Study, Blue Sun's Zenith,Consecrated Sphinx), some spells to reset the game if needed (Evacuation, Devastation Tide, Cyclonic Rift, Oblivion Stone), some ramp (Sol Ring, Mana Vault, Sapphire Medallion) and some recursion (Archaeomancer, Snapcaster Mage).


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