Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Nemesis (NMS) Rare

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Creature — Human Mercenary

(3), Tap: Search your library for a Merfolk permanent card and put that card into play. Then shuffle your library.

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Seahunter Discussion

jdmcdowell93 on Momir Vir Simic

1 hour ago

Try out some Nissa, Steward of Elements and play a lot more Merfolk Creatures with Seahunter. Go into an infinite mana loop (Which is not hard at all in EDH and you'll be rolling strong my friend. Especially for Sea hunter, Try Isochron Scepter and Dramatic Reversal for the untap, tap method with seahunter so you could literally spam the field with all your merfolks in one turn and having infinite mana with those cards is as easy as Mind Stone and Sol Ring. and with how many tutors there are in EDH you should be good lol.

Nsomniac on Ultimate Tribal Lords

3 weeks ago

I loved the new vid! It was an awesome showcase. Thoughts on Call to the Kindred paired with Mistform Ultimus and Seahunter with Arcane Adaptation?

Pieguy396 on Tatyova, A Ballad of Vodka and Merfolk

7 months ago

Hey there! Thanks for your suggestions on my deck!

If you're going for a more Merfolk-centric deck, Kopala, Warden of Waves, Merrow Harbinger, Lullmage Mentor, Seahunter, Cryptolith Rite, and Master of Waves are all very strong.

As for just general suggestions, Counterspell, Kodama's Reach, Krosan Grip, Beast Within, Rapid Hybridization, Reality Shift, Lightning Greaves, Plasm Capture, Eternal Witness, and Explosive Vegetation are all very strong.

Also, not sure if this is something you want to be putting in your deck, but you can go for the Strip Mine/Wasteland lock with Azusa, Lost but Seeking and Crucible of Worlds (or Ramunap Excavator).

Finally, if you're looking for cards to cut, I'd consider Arctic Merfolk, Jade Bearer, Jungleborn Pioneer, Merfolk Branchwalker, Storm Sculptor, Vineshaper Mystic, Extract, Enter the Unknown, and Exhaustion.

Hope this helps, and thanks again for your suggestions!

Crav96 on Kumena's Dancing Tribe 2.5

8 months ago

Thousandoaks It is my pleasure to offer help and Im glad my advice echoed to you. I am not entirely sure to which extent you want this deck to be combo-oriented or battle-oriented and overall very competitive or more casual (what we call 60-70% of power). But I have a suggestion for all cases.

1) If you want the deck more combo-y, I would remove Lord of Atlantis, as to me it seems you already have redundancy in merfolk lord effects, plus you can anyway bump your merfolks with Kumena's ability. The same can be said for Master Biomancer, as I don't see many cards that his ability comboes greatly with (correct me if I missed something). If you're removing Biomancer you are also reducing your average cmc (trading the 4cmc of the Biomancer for 3cmc of the Beast Within).

2) If you are more combat oriented I would remove Opposition as you suggested, since it is a very lock-down dependent card to me, and you could use the removal in its place if combat is your way to go. However, I do have to stress it is also a very powerful utility card. It all boils down to your playstyle and the cards you like to play more in the deck.

3) Finally, I personally do not like Seahunter at all. I don't like its artwork or its power level. Having said that, it is a powerful tutor for this tribe, so if your deck is heading towards a more competitive shell, Id say definitely keep him to abuse his ability. If you're going for the more 60-70% power level (which basically means casual but still powerful and consistent), I would remove him.

Odysseus_97 on Kumena will turn you into Simic Slaw

8 months ago

ZendikariWol: Thanks a lot, i am very happy with the name myself :) I agree, i love LRR and their friday nights, would love to get it more frequently, but monthly makes one appreciate them even more.

Regarding Seahunter I have considered it, as it would be nice with a tutor ability for creatures, without having to run Worldly Tutor or Green Sun's Zenith. Your argument about the possibility of untapping him is a thing i did not consider, maybe that will weigh up for the fact i removed him in the first place, which was i only ran 8 merfolk that cost more than 3 CMC. I haven't gotten to playtest the deck as much as i would like, but hopefully i will be able to test out Seahunter in March or April. If you have something you think one could cut for it, please let me know.

Senomar: I agree on running more counterspells, it would defitnetly improve the deck a lot, being the target is not a big deal for me, as people know i am often a pretty good player with some combos up my sleeves, i build my decks to be able to handle it. My deck runs so fast that it is able to run over the people with the most answers to a full board before they can stop it. I have protection in Steely Resolve which i prefer over Asceticism due to the CMC. But i might include Asceticism if i find the space.

Jungleborn Pioneer: A fine card and fits the purpose you have for it, will also be a good way to generate tappers for Kumena. A creature i could add, and maybe cut Grimoire Thief for, but not to certain yet.

Cauldron of Souls: Something i considered, but haven't played enough with the current version, to determine how often i get enough +1/+1 counters for it to be strong enough to keep, since a lot of the merfolk will die with a -1/-1 counter, so i need to have put the +1/+1 counters on them first in most cases.

Aquatic Incursion: I had this in my original build, but decided to remove it, 4 mana for an unblockable is too much mana since i can keep refilling my hand with other spells, and 4 mana for 2 merfolk tokens is not enough to give it space. Cut this card for Path of Discovery which will either ramp or pump your merfolks, and with Herald of Secret Streams a +1/+1 counter would make them unblockable as well.

Benthicore: Not a merfolk and a very high CMC, the merfolks are not good enough for the mana cost and giving it shroud and untapping is a good ability, but i am not a big fan of it.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion, i do agree on the option to counter board wipes, as i have included Lullmage Mentor, Counterspell, Disallow & Swan Song. I did just aquire a Mana Drain so i might include that as well.

Senomar on Kumena will turn you into Simic Slaw

8 months ago

This pretty looks like my first Kumena version. Then I realized playing against my friends that wraths are so hard to deal with and rebuild a board after a wrath is way too long and almost a sudden death. Furthermore the deck is too fast and when turn 4 you already have 2/3 merfolks on the board everybody is looking at you thinking "oh boy you're my target..."

That's why I chose to reduce my amount of Merfolk to the strict minimum and adding a lot of couterspells and safety tricks such as Cauldron of Souls or Asceticism. Furthermore, I focus on cards that allows me to pull of more than 1 merfolk per card in order to rebuild really fast after a board cleaned Jungleborn Pioneer, Aquatic Incursion, Benthicore and cards that are effective the turn they enter the battlefield (no more Wanderwine Prophets, Seahunter, Empress Galina...).

The deck is really fun to play now and I'm the new big threat in my play group because I can make really huge plays with it :)

If you wanna take a look you're welcome !

Fishy Production Multi Kumena Combo

Commander / EDH* Senomar


ZendikariWol on Kumena will turn you into Simic Slaw

8 months ago

Okay everyone has so much useful input but I just gotta say...

I love the name man. LoadingReadyRun is a fantastic channel and their work deserves to get attention like this.

But also I am gonna make a case for Seahunter. You need all the Merfolk you can get here, and you have a lot of good untap effects. Being able to tap and tutor something up is amazing. Not only that, but a couple of your merfolk are kinda pricy so it's a good mana cost subversion tool as well.

DanowarElf on Kumena, Untap Swarm

9 months ago

Love it! Seahunter is bae lol.

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