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  • Deck all about getting Hallar, the Firefletcher as beefy as possible and blowing out the whole board with big burns like Chandra's Ignition . Debating whether or not to add Grafted Exoskeleton , but I figured it would get erased the second it hits the board.
  • Goal of the deck is to try to fly under the radar as long as possible. Everyone knows that letting Hallar get counters is not good for them, so Hallar tends to eat removal any chance it comes around, so making deals and trying not to do too much to draw unnecessary attention is best.
  • Cards like Snake Umbra and Keen Sense act as pseudo Harmonize when Hallar's ability triggers, which is essential because this deck tends to run out of gas quickly, so being able to refill your hand and get into more kicker spells is important. Normal Harmonize works too...just not as cool.


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Took out some higher costed spells for some cheaper +1/+1 counter creation as well as recursion. - Out- Keldon Overseer, Oran-Rief Recluse, Charmbreaker Devils, Territorial Allosaurus, Neheb, the Eternal. - In-Hunger of the Howlpack, Blessings of Nature, Emblazoned Golem, Regrowth, Reclaim.

  • Traded Oran-Rief, the Vastwood for Forge of Heroes. Trying to speed up the deck and the only creature we really care about getting that counter is Hallar anyway, so a land that enters untapped and does the same thing is much better


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