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Artifact Neku-Mill EDH

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This deck is just a conglomeration of many different ideas I had. This deck does many things. The first strategy is to pass off as a group hug deck to let everyone draw a bunch of cards while you simultaneously look for your combo pieces. If you are able to get Smothering Tithe out quickly enough, this begins to turn into Mana, but more importantly, artifacts. You start to play cards like War's Toll to slow people down of the gifts you give them. You then play cards like Nekusar, or Reckless Fireweaver, so now they start to take damage for not paying for your Smothering Tithe. You can just start to add things to slowly make it difficult to play anything. I know this is kind of Janky, but if you are able to resolve a some of these enchantments, even after a boardwipe, you have a commanding board state.

Win cons include milling opponents out, killing them with damage from drawing too much, winning with mechanized production, or simply attacking if I obtain enough tokens to swing with. It is possible to take infinite turns simply to draw and eventually cast psychic corrosion and just take turns until they all mill out.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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