Hunted Troll


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 (C13) Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds (RAV) Rare

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Hunted Troll

Creature — Troll Warrior

When Hunted Troll enters the battlefield, put four 1/1 blue Faerie creature tokens with flying into play under target opponent's control.

(Green): Regenerate Hunted Troll.

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Hunted Troll Discussion

onehitterquiter on Gabriel Angelfire, reignited

1 month ago

This deck is super, super cool! One of the coolest I've seen, and such a breath of fresh air among all the boring carbon copy decks out there.

It looks like you're maintaining a strict budget, but if you ever decided to break it, Godsend seems like it'd be rad in here.

Grappling Hook might also interest you, although it is slow. Other considerations would be Hunted Troll, Armadillo Cloak, Heliod's Pilgrim, and Genesis Chamber.

Awesome deck, great job!

BS-T on I need help making a ...

1 month ago

Find as much as you can with an excellent power:cmc ratio..

Death's Shadow, Force of Savagery, Hunted Troll.

You could use some Dredge or self mill techniques to get stuff straight to your 'yard.

Aim for the creatures that you want to keep on the board to have trample since they'll be stacked with +1/+1 counters, and/or use Overrun effects (Pathbreaker Ibex, Decimator of the Provinces, Craterhoof Behemoth).

Make the loaded up guys difficult to block or remove - big black demons are good since they regularly have Flample. Also Asceticism, Stonehoof Chieftain.

Phew, I'm spent for a bit now. Over to someone else!

Balrock2104 on C H A D S T O R M

2 months ago

So, a bit late on the response.

thefallan I don't think Freyalise would be a good idea since so much of this deck is built around both Ghalta's mana cost and power, both of which have little overlap with Freyalise.

KailDaemon you have inspired my to try out Aetherflux, along with Cloudstone Curio to enable more combo routes. Will add them to the maybeboard until I figure out exactly what to replace.

Anton-hangano Traxos, Scourge of Kroog seems decent, although worse than Hunted Troll. If I find that I need another Chad, he is quite high on the list. Myr Superion seems too inconsistent since I don't have 'that' many dorks.

Phurex on Big, Fat and Roaring - A thiccer take on Brostorm

5 months ago

Many of those cards were present in previous versions of the deck, though I later decided to take them out in favor of something I deemed better (for example, Hunted Troll and Prey Upon for Khalni Hydra and Ulvenwald Tracker are a couple that comes to mind). I also already thought about taking out Cultivate for Nissa's Pilgrimage since the latter would be strictly better, but despite it being a very common and cheap card I just haven't been able to find it yet.
That version of Garruk is very appealing though, as are the equipment options for Ghalta (I was also considering a Sword of Vengeance). The problem is that finding a spot for these trinkets is proving hard, I don't want to make this deck too much general-centric. Anyway thanks for the suggestions!

ArchFline on Hunted Harmony

5 months ago

Hunted Horror is a generally bad card as it gives our opponent something that we would have difficultiy killing while offering us only 2 etb or death triggers. Hunted Troll was in the original build of this deck, however his high mana cost and low toughness caused him to be dropped in favor of Phyrexian Metamorph which gives us more options while also being able to duplicate both our Hunted Phantasm and Dowsing Dagger  Flip.

sg_86 on Hunted Harmony

5 months ago

What about other hunted creatures like Hunted Horror or Hunted Troll?

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