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This deck is exactly what the name says, dragons. Any tips for upgrading it would be appreciated, nothing to terribly expensive though. Ugin, the Spirit Dragon is the most expensive card and other cards that are more expensive now weren't more than $10 when I bought them, so preferably nothing over like 10 or so dollars.


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I have only brought in three new cards this time around, Hellkite Courser, Path of Ancestry, and Akroma's Will. The courser is a neat way to get some sneaky The Ur-Dragon triggers or if its later in the game after you've cast him once or twice maybe you can cheat him out for one last surprise swing. As for Akroma's Will, it is just a fantastic card, it can protect your board when needed giving everything indestructible or you can go on the offensive with it in a big swing to take out a player or maybe two... its just a nice flexible card. And path is just a great little value card now that the price has come down a bit. I am removing Ryusei, the Falling Star, a Mountain, and Dragon Arch, neither of the cards are necessarily bad, but ive found I don't get as much value out of them as you would think. Ryusei only really gets killed during a boardwipe rendering his ability useless, and the arch just doesn't provide much value whenever I get it out


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