Alright, you fuckers want some puns? Huh? Is that what you want?

You want a niche competitive deck that wins a ton and makes people laugh?

Well, fine. Here. Sword and Board.

This deck is full of two things. Swords and boardwipes. Because, you know, Zurgo tends to be indestructible.


Okay, fine, not all of them are swords. Whatever.

Sword of Body and Mind , Sword of Feast and Famine, Sword of Fire and Ice, Sword of Light and Shadow , Sword of Vengeance, Worldslayer, Elbrus, the Binding Blade  , and Sword of War and Peace are the actual swords.

Kusari-Gama, Inquisitor's Flail, Basilisk Collar, and Fireshrieker are the non-sword swords.

Sword of Kaldra gets it's own catergory, because I also shoved Helm of Kaldra and Shield of Kaldra in.


Shit's important, yo. Zurgo is indestructible on your turn, so use the wipes whenever it's your go around.

Life's Finale, Rout, Damnation, Wrath of God, Sunblast Angel and Massacre Wurm make 6. That's IMO pretty good. Also, the Wurm can be a really easy kill versus a token deck, and/or someone who has combod out with a Thopter Assembly or whatever.


The walkers are pretty standard. Ajani Steadfast helps Zurgo. Sorin, Solemn Visitor makes him hit harder forever, and can also make some blockers on the off chance I don't win on turn 7 or whatever.

A few cards in here abuse the extra combat phases thing to help me hit 21 damage. Savage Beating, Waves of Aggression , Hellkite Charger , and Aurelia, the Warleader are the best at doing what they need to do - namely, beat face.

The rest is up to you.


Updates Add

Removed the "1 off's" of Lightning Bolt and company. Added in tutor cards (Demonic Tutor Diabolic Tutor and Steelshaper's Gift) but I think Diabolic Tutor might be swapped out for something else.

Keeping Mortify Dreadbore and company.

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