Teysa, Orzhov Scion combo and control I have made many changes so far, just trying to get it to play the way I want it to and I can say there are so many ways to build her. But for now I'm attempting to combo off as fast as possible without over extending and still having responses to threats that appear before I can go off. Small little hate bears like Linvala are in there to slow the game down if I'm having issues getting to my pieces. Any other suggestions are welcome. Please and thank you.


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I found myself needing to be able to get Darkest Hour back from the graveyard due to losing it to mill or wheel effects. So I added a Sun Titan which hits just about everything that's not an instant or sorcery and an Obzedat's Aid. Along with Yawgmoth's Will now gives me 3 different ways to recur the enchantment or any other win condition I might need.


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