So, I'm a neophyte to Magic, and this deck is my first actual build. The theory behind it is to build a creature deck that focuses on Vampire tribal (with some additional Knights and Angels) built around consistent physical attack pressure that charges Karlov of the Ghost Council's ability to exile. The hope is that I'll be able to quickly eliminate opposing creatures with a decent army and apply physical pressure on other players. This also explains the high number of spells focused on protecting my army.

Any recommendations any of you would be willing to offer would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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Okay, so! I had my first game. One player was playing a green deck that just ended up doing all kinds of things and I won't pretend to really grasp what was going on. The other player was using a deck that was a bit more thrown together and was more of a token deck, largely relying on Mycoloth to create an army of tokens. My deck performed well, taking an early lead and getting some extremely heavy hitters out. Avacyn, Angel of Hope got out on curve, Mephidross Vampire and Nirkana Revenant came out quickly, and my Cordial Vampire ended up being very useful at also beefing up my troops. In the end, I didn't lose a single creature. However, the wall of token creatures just absorbed me on one side and by the time I turned my attention to the other player he would be able to easily counter me with things like Spore Cloud.

So, because I got some heavy hitters out and got them all heavily buffed, it helped wipe my mind of any inclination to think "If only Avacyn came out..." or something like that. What went wrong? Well, very little of my life gain came out (I got Spirit Loop out, and that was it), so I wasn't able to make much use of Karlov of the Ghost Council, and I didn't get anything to help with card draw.

So, changes for now to help with this... I've gotten some new lands. Nothing special or overly expensive, but I hope these can help and are not overly limiting by coming in tapped, or giving colorless mana, etc. I've added some more cards to specially aid in card draw, specifically Necropotence, Phyrexian Arena, and Well of Lost Dreams. The Whispersilk Cloak can help with making a creature, potentially Karlov, unblockable. Hour of Revelation and Fumigate offer some simple board wipes.

Soul Mender has been replaced with Soul's Attendant, which will probably see more use, I've also taken out the Dawnstrike Paladin, Bishop's Soldier, Vampire Envoy, Dark Ritual, and Contagion Clasp. I'm getting the impression I should be able to survive long enough to get a bigger bruiser or two out, and some of the smaller synergies like the Clasp might not see the use I want, but I definitely want to keep the Contagion Engine in.

I still have a Crypt Ghast as my number 1 wishlist creature, but I'm interested in getting Filth and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth as a combo to get my buffed creatures past enemy lines. Also, an Akroma's Memorial could give my buffed creatures a much-needed Trample... Hm..

We'll see how this all works!! As always, any thoughts you have are appreciated!


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