I previously ran this deck as Hanna, Ship's Navigator, but Tameshi is nearly a strict upgrade and makes the deck much more dangerous. This deck can break your opponents' faces and will to live with enchantment (re-)animation. There is a lot going on here and it's a very multi-dimensional beast.

Your mid game plan is to compete in the mid game with a Ghostly Prison, Shark Typhoon, Sigil of the Empty Throne, Hallowed Haunting line while you assemble a combo.

Tameshi, Reality Architect + Smothering Tithe + Memory Jar with 3 opponents will allow you to replay Jar as many times as you have lands available while going 15 mana positive on each cycle. This is a real save or suck move as you can sweep your mana base and become fully reliant on your treaures sticking around, but hey, you drew >=42 cards and generated >=90 excess mana, so you're probably doing OK.

Solemnity + Decree of Silence counters all of your opponents' spells.

Having a Hive Mind before Enduring Ideal will prevent your opponents from casting spells alongside you and turn it into an enchantment only game. We will win that battle. Hive Mind is also an amazing proactive play. We only have 5 instants/sorceries that can give our opponents any value with it out. It'll stop people from comboing out with Nexus of Fate, playing Counterspell, and even thinking about Torment of Hailfire.

Future Sight, Sensei's Divining Top, and Heliod, the Warped Eclipse   allows you to draw your deck at instant speed once your opponent has drawn their first card of the turn.

Ondu Spiritdancer + Enchanted Evening for infinite Spiritdancers.

Opalescence + Parallax Wave can perma exile any number of creature at will by stacking the ETB/LTB triggers. Alternatively you can infinitely flicker creatures. This is a repeatable until someone kills Opalescence or plays a "destroy all enchantments/creatures" effect.

  • Exile creature loop = remove a fading counter to exile a creature, then with that ability on the stack, exile Parallax Wave. Wave's LTB trigger goes off before the first creature is exiled, so Wave comes back, then the first creature gets exiled, never to return.

  • Flicker loop = remove a fading counter to exile a creature, then let it resolve. Then exile Wave to return Wave and the first creature to the board. This allows all your creatures to dodge targeted removal forever.

  • If you also have Ondu Spiritdancer, you can generate infinite animated enchantments. Flicker Ondu to reset the once per turn trigger, then choose which enchantment comes back into play first from Parallax. Note you can do this at instant speed, so combo out on end step or surprise on combat if possible. Ondu Spiritdancer also makes your board resilient to creature wipes as you can hide Ondu and the real Wave under token copies, and once the wipe goes through your board is back again.

  • Similarly, infinite 8/8 krakens with blinking Kiora Bests the Sea God

  • Throw Enchanted Evening in the mix to exile all permanents you deem unworthy and nuke all lands as an ongoing state based effect.

Enlightened Tutor, Idyllic Tutor, and a dead Academy Rector are big decisions. Grab a combo piece if it's going to win you the game this/next turn.

Note that Enlightened Tutor is the way to search for Memory Jar and Esper Sentinel. If you have Smothering Tithe or another enchantment tutor handy, probably use Enlightened for the Jar, otherwise go for whatever you're feeling.

Urza's Saga generally gets Sol Ring -> Expedition Map/Wayfarer's Bauble -> Sensei's Divining Top -> Soul-Guide Lantern

Tolaria West/Expedition Map gets Serra's Sanctum/Urza's Saga/Deserted Temple

A note on Tameshi, Reality Architect's recursion ability. It's top tier value if you're targeting an expired Urza's Saga, good for keeping the value train going by targeting a Starfield of Nyx, or popping off with Memory Jar + Smothering Tithe, but mind that you don't overuse Tameshi for marginal value. It's possible to find yourself on turn 10 with an underdeveloped manabase and constrained on your spell throughput if all you've been doing is recurring the same Witness Protection on low threat creatures all game. Walking Atlas/Archaeomancer's Map are surprisingly valuable in the deck for this reason.

Tameshi can incidentally trigger on your opponents' Chain of Vapor, Cyclonic Rift, bounce lands, and when they cast a creature after you've played Overburden. For this reason, Overburden can be better on turn 4 after Tameshi has come out than turn 2.

Don't miss the Ondu Spiritdancer + Urza's Saga trigger.

Walking Atlas + Weathered Wayfarer is a great way to drop a Serra's Sanctum on an end step right before your turn.

Starfield of Nyx (the enchantment-animator-reanimator) and Attunement are a grindy value pair.

Shout-out to Luminarch Ascension for taking over games.


Attunement triggers Tameshi, Reality Architect and fills your graveyard for recursion.

A basic Attunement primer is: if you have one card in hand before activation, your final states to choose between are: keep the original card in hand, keep Attunement, or or keep one of the drawn cards. If you discard Attunement as part of its resolution, think of it as a Faithless Looting for 3 cards instead.

Tameshi can draw you a card on recurring Attunement from you GY, then again draw when you activate it, so it's better to use it on opponents' turns to maximize Tameshi's once per turn draw restriction.

Enduring Ideal

Enduring Ideal is a one way door and don't feel compelled to go for it if you have other useful things to do. Try to have Tameshi out before you press the epic button, but really try to have Hive Mind out first. If that can't be done, fetch the Decree of Silence lock.

The Parallax Wave combo is your only hard win con once you've Idealed, so being sure that you can preserve it is important.

If you have combo pieces stuck in hand or graveyard, Starfield of Nyx and Attunement are your outs.

Realistically if you can't lock them out of casting spells very quickly or have creatures hitting your face, then Humility and Sphere of Safety to stay alive and get a place to build from. Luminarch Ascension is a plan B if you've effectively turtled.

Enduring Ideal's epic copies nombo with cast triggers on Mind's Dilation, Hallowed Haunting, Sigil of the Empty Throne, and Shark Typhoon. Enduring Ideal copies aren't cast, the tutored enchantments aren't cast, and you can't cast as part of other spell's triggers/abilities.

This deck can break the game, lock everybody out, win overwhelmingly, but also blow up all your land by accident and neutralize your own enchantments if you're not careful. Here's interactions to be aware of:


Solemnity should NEVER be played proactively, and only played if you're going to win or it's goingo to prevent you from immediately losing. It nombos with Parallax Wave and Luminarch Ascension. Nombo with Sagas like Urza's Saga, Kiora Bests the Sea God and The Restoration of Eiganjo  

There's some fringe interactions with Solemnity. If Urza's Saga is on 2 when you play Solemnity, you can keep popping out Construct 0/0 C, and up to 2 a turn with Deserted Temple. Out of Time will stick around forever if played after Solemnity. This is because the last counter will never removed, and thus will never self sacrifice.

Enchanted Evening

If you have Opalescence or Starfield of Nyx lines, do not cast Enchanted Evening unless you have a real need. Evening + Opalescence irrevocably fucks the game, and if you do not win immediately after, everyone will hate you IRL for the ongoing Armageddon. Or maybe you forgot about the 5 enchantment threshold on Starfield of Nyx and lost your mana base. The use cases for Evening are:

A few words on Starfield of Nyx / Opalescence

Note that Opalescence/Starfield of Nyx do not animate themselves.

Out of Time with enchantment animation results in all animated enchantments and creatures being perma phased out, they will never return to play, short of exactly Time and Tide. Per gatherer, "If Out of Time happens to be a creature when its enter the battlefield trigger resolves... all creatures will remain phased out indefinitely." Unless you only have Starfield of Nyx or Opalescence out, you will be wiping all your enchantments also which is generally a very bad thing, but unlike any other nombos in this section, perma wiping the board can be useful.

Humility + Opalescence + Enchanted Evening interaction has two outcomes depending on which of Humility and Opalescence comes down last.

  • If Opalescence comes down after Humility, all permanents (except Opalescence) lose all abilities, become animated with P/T equal to CMC. Lands die as 0/0 creatures, and it becomes a beatdown game of who has more creatures.

  • If Humility comes down second, still no abilities, but instead all permanents (except Opalescene, but including lands) are 1/1.

Either way, it becomes a lockout game of vanilla creature beatdown. Better hope you have more creatures than them! Aura's like Katilda's Rising Dawn   stay attached to creatures, and can continue to buff the enchanted creature if the aura was played after Humility.

If you have a Humility or Solemnity that's ruining your plans and needs to be turned off, animate your enchantments, then cast a Witness Protection on it.

Animation baseline nombo with Urza's Saga.

Nombo with Overburden


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Cut Ensnaring Bridge, add Keeper of the Accord for some occasional ramp. If my deck is working, Bridge is always a high number, and it's an non-enchantment. If Keeper sticks, I can really go nuts with Tameshi.


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