So, Commander Legends brought us a new Golgari commander in Belbe, Corrupted Observer. My brain immediately went to the Britney Spears classic "Belbe One More Time". You know, with lyrics like "Oh Belbe Belbe, How Was I Supposed to Know". Brilliant song, would like to erase it from my mind.

Since I had a bunch of Eldrazi lying around I decided to go ahead and build the deck, if only to make the voices in my head go away. This is also a good excuse to use brilliant old school stuff like Dry Spell from Homelands (edit: now removed from the deck), Whirling Catapult from Alliances and Lim-Dul's Hex from Ice Age. I have had a soft spot for Cryptolith Fragment   ever since I opened one in the prerelease and won a tight race with the 1/4 creature side, so the fact that it's actually really good in the deck is definitely a bonus. Most of the standard Belbe pingers (Mardu Shadowspear, Night Market Lookout) are in, as well as the slower stuff like Sanctum of Stone Fangs and a bunch of 4 drops (Triskaidekaphobia, Court of Ambition etc).

The challenge with Belbe seems to be in balancing the enablers and payoffs, and making sure the deck works even without an explosive Belbe start. So this is a sort of an GB Eldrazi deck, with all the usual suspects (Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, Eye of Ugin etc.). And to go with that there's the Evil Belbe -side of the deck, with the drain and the possibility of a turn 2 six-drop or turn 3 Karn that makes you the archenemy. Once Upon a Time is often the thing that really ties an explosive hand together, either by making sure you find the appropriate lands or a real payoff. And it's a free spell, so hey.

I'm trying to keep the deck fun and casual instead of going full stax. Never go full stax.


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