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[EDH] Bacon and Eggs - Atla Breakfast Club

Commander / EDH Eggs RGW (Naya) Sacrifice Tokens


This is my version of an Atla Palani deck, gathering different ideas and adding cards I already own and wanted to add (Eldrazi and some others). It's by far no special attempt and for sure nothing the world hasn't seen yet. I just wanted to build a deck, that's fun to play and utilizes big creatures. Goal is to get Atla turn three and cheat out big creatures as soon as possible. Straight forward! That's why I added only two mana ramp spells and only the cheap rocks.

I tried to built a mana base that is cost-effective and still reliable. Please let me know, what you think of it and what I could change.

Every creature added should also add value in addition to just being being big and I also added some playgroup specific cards protecting from removal and counterspells. Please let me know, what you think of it!

There are still too many cards. Suggestions for cutting are very much appreciated.

If you got any other ideas for exchange or anything else, please let me know :)

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