This is a gimmicky wheel combo deck for the most part that relies on the commander quite a bit for the main wincon. It's not very diverse but relies on having lots of access to counter spells and control to brute force the plan through.

  1. Hunker down, your commander costs 6 and the deck is not full of ramp, so early on the goalie is to lay low, or just take the hits until you can control the board.
  2. Cast your commander.
  3. Cast the best spell in your hand for the circumstances and wheel each time until you see either Teferi's Ageless Insight , Thought Reflection , or Teferi's Tutelage
  4. Cast the best spell in your hand for the circumstances and wheel growing your hand until you find and can cast Laboratory Maniac

Most times you can win a counter spell war, but the danger is that you cast too many spells in a row before lab man hits the board, or you can't counter and they get rid of him. Teferi's tutelage may save you from that by killing your opponent(s), even if you don't have the card draw doublers out. If labman or the draw doublers get torched, you can try to get them back with Conjurer's Bauble or Underworld Breach . If all else fails, there are numerous token generators and wizard pump spells based on casting sorceries and instants and drawing cards.

I originally built this as a budget deck where I tried to hit a CMC of 2.0 or under, but added a few more expensive things ($$ and CMC). There are some obvious missing cards like the other lab man effects, and some of the mass bounce effects and maybe Experimental Frenzy or similar. Still, it's actually pretty successful.


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