A short little introduction for CEDH Marwyn Elfball this deck is very similar to the CEDH Marwyn deck that uses pump spells as sudo rituals for massive amounts of mana and fast wins playing very closely to Selvala Brostorm. But instead of pump spells we use a critical mass of Elves slowing down our combo turns to an average of turn 3-5 but allows us to fully be able to go with the beatdown plan if for some reason our main combos are somehow taken off line.
The main game plan of the deck is to use the Temur Sabertooth Combo using either a five power Marwyn, the Nurturer or any elf that taps to produce 6 mana using Wirewood Symbiote, Elvish Visionary,or Multani's Acolyte to loop Wirewood Symbiote with Temur Sabertooth drawing your deck, generating infinite mana and then machine gunning the table down with Walking Ballista or pumping the team and giving them haste with Finale of Devastation. Our secondary combo is using Staff of Domination or Umbral Mantle with marywn, the nurturer or any elf that can tap for more then 4 such as Elvish Archdruid, Priest of Titania, Wirewood Channeler or Selvala, Heart of the Wilds to generate infinite mana to win with Walking Ballista or Finale of Devastation


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