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Malsorn on Roses of May -- (Marchesa …

18 minutes ago

I'd recommend Path of Ancestry over the Crumbling Necropolis, it's a marginal upgrade, but a few extra scries throughout the game can prove helpful!

LS-Metr0 on Azorius Flicker Modern

22 minutes ago

Not enough flicker effects imho

LS-Metr0 on $10 UW Blink

34 minutes ago

I like it very much, but I think there are only a few ways of flickering your creatures (you’re running just 8). I’m currently looking for some powerful (and possibly budget) flicker effect to include. Anyway, +1!

Azeworai on Illuna, Apex of Blue Shenanigans …

59 minutes ago

Glad I could help! :)

But I do want to note that my list is not Mutate-focused. I would recommend delving deep into Gatherer or Scryfall when seeking inclusions, or try perusing Otrimi lists. I typically go through around 4000 different cards when building a deck, but that is a little extreme. Just try broad search terms and go from there.

Lastly, if you want, I could help you with some of the other cards in this list, but that is not my place to impose.

Best of luck to you!

john_95 on Orvar's Office Copier Broke

1 hour ago

This could be a really cool and unique commander for a mill deck. All those cantrips draw you cards and trigger Teferi's Tutelage, Sphinx's Tutelage, Psychic Corrosion plus you can copy those enchantments. Throw in Ruin crab, hedron crab etc and some good etb creatures and I think it could be a cool casual deck.


Degaine on Tier 1 Pauper Elvish Insanity

1 hour ago

Feels really slow. 14 lands but 10x 3mana and 20x 2mana cards. Birchlore Rangers? It is literally basic card in every elf pauper deck.

esparta15 on Rakdos Surprise, Lurrus Modern

1 hour ago

sir SynergyBuild i think that the deck don't need that card bc it's not grixis, but i have in mind your request

AkaAkuma on Reyhan&Ishai | Where Unstoppable Meets …

1 hour ago

Hey SokoS, Monitor,

Followed Footsteps is a really good suggestion I am going to consider! Because it certainly is a real bummer to grab a blade of selves on a 1v1. Mirror Mockery is another good alternative to blade of selves.

If only we could access to cards like Molten Echoes..

Monitor as usual explains before I can get to haha, thanks for always having my back man! I usually clean the comments up after a while to avoid enormous logs. My primer is quite a log already...

Jarebear97 on Big Unblockable Boi!

1 hour ago

Those are very smart tools for this deck! Thanks!

ASwampWolf on Critical Goblin Mass

1 hour ago

comment tutorial complete

innocentorphans on The Prismatic Bridge Upkeep Tribal

2 hours ago

Link to the actual commander: https://scryfall.com/card/khm/168/esika-god-of-the-tree-the-prismatic-bridge

MapPsycho on Eligeth Scrys to Help Kydele …

2 hours ago

I really like the idea of how this plays! I know it's not much, but might I suggest Opt?

...It's a good thing this site lets us preview comments because I accidentally wrote 'pot' the first time. XD

Shadowsyl on Teshar the Artifact Bearer

3 hours ago

Unlike the standard cedh version this highly tuned and focused deck focus' on more than a few infinite combos and leans away from stax and control and into combo/tool box. This deck "stumbles" onto so many combos due to board state and repairs itself from interaction and board wipes. This is an enjoyable value engine that newby combo players and veterans alike will enjoy.

mahdik on Modern: "Versace Summer"

3 hours ago

Metropolis39 I tried Dismember and to be honest, it is indeed better but as a kinda meme-ish deck I just prefer playing Thrash over it. Horizon lands are on my radar to be honest, I just need to get hold of 2 of them; they aren't forest but the draw has great potential. In my playtesting, Steelleaf champs werent that impressive, so I need to test way more. Thanks for the commentary :)

But I should get some Dismember to be honest.

Daedalus19876 on NO STEP ON SNEK: Koma …

3 hours ago

vasarto77: I can't afford Allosaurus Shepherd, haha, or it would be in here. And on the topic of removal, I'll be adding more soon, but I've had such difficulties cutting already... What would you remove to add removal?

1empyrean: It's a LOT of mana, but that's not a terrible idea. Onto the maybeboard it goes!

Metropolis39 on Modern: "Versace Summer"

4 hours ago

Thrash seems pretty bad and Dismember would prob work better. The mana base might need some horizon lands like peatland. More steelleaf champs might be neat

mahdik on Modern: "Versace Summer"

4 hours ago

PhyrexianPreator, I LOVE green stompy decks xD

Yz250f921 on Malcolm and his little pet …

4 hours ago

Sigil of Sleep is a fantastic card for the deck. Each attack, bounce one creature each player controls.

Cloudius on The Infinity Machine

5 hours ago

Daedalus19876 The exclusion of Deadeye Navigator was due to the following reasons:

a) The CMC is much higher than Emiel's

b) Emiel has the ability to give +1/+1 counters to creatures he blinked, which fits the deck's subtheme better

c) As Blink theme is not the core mechanic for this deck, I felt there was no need to include too many redundancies for Emiel, especially since Kenrith has the ability to reanimate creatures from graveyard at instant speed.

Am open to suggestions and comments so I may not have covered all aspects! Cheers.

HarleyP on Super Friends Budget »(Only Basic …

5 hours ago

Dude this deck RIPS. I've been contemplating for months a fun way to do Narset, and still have people to play with afterwards, and I think you've done it. Gonna swap some walkers out with what I have laying around, but this is fuckin beautiful

PhyrexianPreator on Modern: "Versace Summer"

5 hours ago

Love the deck. Always like green stompy.

Caerwyn on If 2020 were a deck

5 hours ago
I am not overly concerned with your insults, though I will point out that I am revoking your posting privileges not because I "disagree" with you, but because reality disagrees with your misinformation. You were asked politely to stop only to doubled down on information. You were warned, and again choose misinformation over doing the right thing.

This is not a decision I make lightly--and if yeaGO disagrees, he can feel free to restore your privileges. I do not like having to do this to people, but I care very much for the safety of TappedOut's users--many of whom are young and impressionable. Keep your false narratives and conspiracies to echo chambers where you want to hear them (or, better yet, come to grip with reality)--TappedOut is not the place for them.

Cloudius on The Infinity Machine

5 hours ago

Daedalus19876 Thanks for the upvote and suggestions. You were viewing the deck using PC? If yes you can mouse over the deck list portion and the background will automatically turn to black for ease of viewing.

You're right about Arcane Denial, will replace it with Swan Song once I managed to get an extra copy of it.

Eldritch Evolution is a good redundancy and I'm trying to get a copy of it as well. What would you cut to make space for this?

Caerwyn on If 2020 were a deck

5 hours ago

I have a hard time believing someone would be so lacking in common sense as to (a) not realize that experts can make mistakes in the early days of something never-before-seen and (b) conflating mortality rates (misleading ones at that, with no mention of the much higher mortality rates in the elderly or those with comorbidities) with the completely different figure of a vaccine efficacy rate.

Still, with your confirmation this is not intended as satire, I am going to have to ask you to delete your deck description or make the deck private. Bad satire would be one thing, but the spreading of misinformation--particularly misinformation as it relates to a public health emergency--is not really permissible under TappedOut's policies. I think it would be best if you fixed this matter yourself; I do not particularly want to revoke your posting privileges, but will feel forced to do so if you continue to spread false or misleading information.

Sethtiberend on Tergrid sacrifice

6 hours ago

Pretty awesome deck considering it is not hundreds of dollars.

vasarto77 on NO STEP ON SNEK: Koma …

6 hours ago

Maybe an Allosaurus Shepherd Might be a good idea? You might also consider green staple of Beast Within

DespairFaction on It's Always Sunny in Dominaria

6 hours ago

Yes, the goal of this deck to assemble Heliod Walking Ballista as fast and consistently as possible. This would not be the right build to bring to a casual table.

SilentBladeOni on Merman pah - zoolander

6 hours ago

Been playing EDH for years. Already have all the expensive cards. Just going to buy proxies of the expensive cards I already own. This is just a rough draft.

Masterful on Necronomicon | Teysa Karlov | …

6 hours ago

cfost827 Sweet! Glad it went well. As you've noticed, the deck is quite good at the attrition game with all its drainers and fodder. Secret partner sounds interesting. I've never played it before. It's good the power level felt right. I've been able to adjust the power level when necessary by just changing a few key components (tutors, fast mana).

Caerwyn on If 2020 were a deck

7 hours ago

A lot of your commentary appears to be mocking health guidelines regarding the pandemic or pushing the false election fraud narrative that led to the recent terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol. I would hope that this is a poor showing of satire, but considering you posted links to "support" your positions, I cannot help but wonder if you are being serious.

Satire or not, TappedOut is not a place to spread false and misleading information that reduces the efficacy of public health measures or false narratives propounded for the purpose of destabilizing lawful governments. That is not to say you cannot have a politically-themed deck on TappedOut (though TappedOut really is not a great forum for politics, and 100% of political decks I have seen are just kind of dumb), but you either need to do a better job at making it seem like a joke, or remove information that is factually untrue and could be harmful.

If you are trying to utilize satire, I would recommend removing your alleged sources so you have less of an appearance of trying to legitimatize your claims. Maybe add some actually humorous and original jokes as well.

fatedkimara on [ Level Up ]

7 hours ago

One question. Why Leveler. I'm very confused by it.

Calleb on Vial Smasher The Fierce//Thrasios, Triton …

7 hours ago

oh wow that card is good ! But i wonder how much damage it would do on average. I added Etali,primal storm

kamarupa on "HELP" - All suggestions taken

7 hours ago

What insight, what brilliance. For soothe, you are wise McWumbo. My everlasting gratitude to you for all your days.

Podkomorka on Vega PDH

7 hours ago

Madness is still cast from hand

"Casting a card with madness is just like casting an instant from your hand, except you pay the spell's madness cost instead of its mana cost."


TheTurdferguson on Go big, no bigger, BIGGEST!

7 hours ago

Too funny,I have a Colossal Majesty on it's way.

MoreSizemore on esper control for nick

7 hours ago

Take Out:

Possible Includes:

Mail540 on Brokkos is Broke...os

7 hours ago

MFBOOM The mutate cards are very good. This list is actually way out of date and I need to update it. They add relevant keywords to Brokkos and trigger off each other.

OdricAllyofZendikar on Go big, no bigger, BIGGEST!

7 hours ago

I agree who spends the most mana per game will likely win! I'd suggest more card draw to play even more! Elemental Bond, and Colossal Majesty.

Baron_Pretzels on If 2020 were a deck

8 hours ago


No mention of COVID-19.

Ender666666 on Koma Koma Koma Koma, Koma …

8 hours ago

We're just mulling some ideas over with Fynn... He makes sense from a flavour text perspective.