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Alex-Seven on Nekusar, the Friendship Destroyer [[PRIMER]]

12 minutes ago

Will you update the list?

What do you think of the cards: Wheel of Misfortune and Forced Fruition

AR25V on Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest, the …

1 hour ago

Vertical Starting to be my favorite one as well, also probably my strongest deck too.

osiczym on Toolbox Cult

1 hour ago

stalydan well thought. As for land, it is not really a matter of budget but paying life without a reason. Maybe something like Barren Moor then? It would unfortunately come tapped, but if you are afraid of drawing a land when you don’t need them anymore, cycling is the best option

Kenzuka on Gishath Dinos V1.4

1 hour ago

Updated my deck today to V1.4.

Nagoragama on Bant Auracrafting

1 hour ago

Major deck overhaul. Improved the mana base, added some enchantress type effects, added enchantment based acceleration like Exploration, Burgeoning, and Land Tax, added enchantment based removed like Oblivion Ring.

Removed a lot of unnecessary chaff. Focused more on getting out the commander to enchant rather than other creatures.

Defied_27 on Enlightened Equipments (Budget)

2 hours ago

[DBCooper] Thank you for the suggestion, but I think for the sake of speed I would not include a second color :)

stalydan on Toolbox Cult

2 hours ago

osiczym - Honestly the only reason they're in there is to filter out land from the deck so it's more likely to draw into the Apostles later on. For a more budget version, they're definitely not needed.

Harvester of Souls is one that I did consider but it does require a big set up and doesn't have any evasion. A potential "Pay B: Search for any demon, put it in play and draw 6" is amazing but really you end up paying 12 to 14 mana to do it. On the other hand, Griselbrand cuts that down to 7 or 8 mana and 7 life, the life being easy to regain when it's out on the field, and draw one extra card.

If this was an EDH deck, absolute auto-include because it would do extremely well. I can't say the same for this as you can't guarantee the game would go long enough to get the worth out of it.

buildingadeck on Tasigur Seasons Past / Season …

2 hours ago

There haven't been updates in a couple years

MapPsycho on Renata, called for Pizza

4 hours ago

Nice! I'm away from home right now, but I'll look through these later! Thank you! <3

Brinckenberger on Kess Consultation

4 hours ago

Dropped opt, added simian spirit guide. Dropped cursed totem, added muddle the mixture.

Foxfire_Celest on Arahbo, Xenagos... for Cats EDH

4 hours ago

Hi Spirits.

I have only been able to play it once or twice since I've added it. I don't have enough data/experience to make a judgment call yet. My preliminary impression of the card is that it's decent but not game changing. For me it was easy to include because I don't have the exact loadout that you have in term of mana and ramp (budget limits).

I'll let you know more after I've been able to play it more.

Also, the new commander legends set came out and I think this cat is worth a try too: Armored Skyhunter.

It's a little higher CMC cost then most, however if I follow correctly your guiding principles : If I can give it double strike and infect, it's a win. It searches for equipment when attacking and let's you attach them right away! If you can play with your top deck with Sylvain library or an equipment tutor, this can get interesting. Not early game tho.

Gofralighto on Ad Victoriam : A Licia …

5 hours ago

Heyyyyy, looks like we got similar minds for how to best use Licia. I dig the list - love seeing more respect on Licia's name!

tyisbetterthanu on Mono-Black Tribal Rats (Budget)

5 hours ago

So good you want to help your friend make an impulse buy for it! 10/10

TwoTrueAggies on Rograkh Esior Voltron

5 hours ago

I love this idea! One suggestion would be to look at cards like Fierce Guardianship, Mox Amber, and Jeska's Will. Rograkh turns each of those on immediately, which can protect your commanders.

thenewlollipopjam on Opus Thief

5 hours ago

Speaking of Commander Legends, do you think that Opposition Agent will find its way into Opus Thief?

ZomBMO on Fork over your dinglehoppers

6 hours ago

Not many people i have met know about Rishadan Brigand. It seems on brand for the deck you are building. Love the deck+1 from me.

Joker4242 on Counter Burn

6 hours ago

Nice choices. I especially like Narset for control. Works well against other control. Day's Undoing has great synergy with Narset. Thing in the Ice  Flip is a great finisher for control. I love control decks. Honestly your deck is pretty similar to one of my own, Island Secrets.

Vertical on Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest, the …

6 hours ago

This looks like a pretty solid deck, I built a Mazirek deck and so far I think it's my strongest. There are a few things Your deck didn't have that mine does, but your deck seems to be built for the long game, while mine is built to have one explosive turn and pretty much win then and there.

This commander loves to sacrifice things, but he shouldn't be the only one in this deck. Effects like Zulaport Cutthroat are very powerful in aristocrat style decks, and Moldervine Reclamation can be good for drawing.

One of my favorite sacrifice outlets that I didn't see on your board was Altar of Dementia which lets you mill your opponents potentially out of the game, and provides you with a free place to sacrifice your vast army! And if any of your opponents like to use a lot of graveyard recursion, throw in a Tormod's Crypt for a free sacrifice trigger and some graveyard hate. There's also Priest of Forgotten Gods which forces opponents to sacrifice, lets you draw and gives you mana!

If you want to go down the path of forcing opponents to sacrifice their creatures, effects like Grave Pact and Dictate of Erebos are fantastic. If you want something that can attack, Butcher of Malakir will be your new best friend. another card that can easily shrink an opponent's army is Archfiend of Depravity. If you do go down this path, throwing in things like Kothophed, Soul Hoarder will let you draw tons of cards off of opponents sacrifices.

If you're consistently having trouble finding creatures that generate tokens, I'd suggest throwing in a Fiend Artisan who has a sacrifice and tutor effect in one. If you're running some recursion, Jarad's Orders is a fantastic way to grab the creatures you need.

Well now you've sacrificed a bunch of things and your creatures are huge but you have nothing to do with them, so what now? One of the simplest ways to win is by using Rogue's Passage or something similar to make your commander unblockable and swing for lethal damage. If you want to stay on theme, Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord lets you drain your opponents fo ra ton of health with your creatures for a fairly small amount of mana as well.

If you want any infinite combos, throw in any creature with persist along with a free sac outlet. Probably the one that would be the most devastating to your opponents would be Woodfall Primus, as it can even destroy lands. When you sacrifice a creature with persist, two abilities go onto the stack, Mazirek's counter ability and the Persist ability. Since they are both your effects, you can choose what order they happen in, and you can choose to have the creature reenter the battlefield with a -1/-1 counter, and then remove that counter, and then you can sacrifice it again to repeat the loop. Check with your playgroup before you use this, as some people don't like having infinite combos in their games.

I know that was a lot and I'm sorry, but this deck was super fun and I love talking about it!

Outerlimtz on Thundering Herd

6 hours ago

Seems Arena allows for the Volcanic Dragon standard play but it's flagged here. Going to have to find a suitable replacement.

ghostfire86 on Tuvasa, War’s Attrition

7 hours ago

Aurification is great, but the prospect of taking damage to gain benefit isn’t what I want. It’s a temporary deterrent for most decks.

Court of Grace is nice for the monarch. My only reason for not running it is that it’s just one token on each of my upkeeps. If it were on each upkeep, then itd be a different story, but doesn’t off 20K tokens in a turn to swing with

November 27, 2020 4:15 p.m.

kingtuf on Obeka: Time Split

7 hours ago

I might consider swapping out Perplex for Swan Song or something of it's ilk. Cheaper interaction is better. On that note, maybe add one to three more counterspells. Obeka paints a pretty large target on her own back when your opponents know the gist of the deck, she will draw removal spells.

MrFuzzykenz on Angels Brought The Apocalypse

7 hours ago

Thanks LunoStarlyght! Thanks for checking out my deck I feel like not many people are willing to use Angels in their decks which is a shame. BUT! Those of us that do make make bangers!

Definitely dig Avacyn's Angelic Justice ,you did a really good job of balancing ramp and damage red and white have some awesome angels that I wish I could use but I decide to bring the wraith of white's Angels down upon everyone!

Also thanks for those suggestions! I don't know if I updated this deck in time but I definitely have those cards and they absolutely destroy people!

psionictemplar on Trash Portal Reanimator

7 hours ago

Something I am experimenting with in my build of p. portal is 3 copies of Ox of Agonas to refill my hand after a portal lockdown. It works better from the grave obviously. Might be worth a look. I'll link my decklist in case you might be looking for other ideas as well.

portable squee

SlangNTrees13 on Vish Kal, The Sword in …

8 hours ago

Would be awesome to see the combo and synergy section for this deck added. Enjoying the build, but would love to steer it a bit more focused.

ConsumingKiribo on Mindwrack harpy's wrath

8 hours ago

inker6405 Great! Well, I have a couple of suggestions if you want a mill deck:

Mindwrack Harpy isn't the best. Reducing it to 2 or 3 copies is a bit better as you want it later in the game but you'll still be happy getting it when you need it. Instead, Ruin Crab or Hedron Crab is a much better idea as you can trigger it multiple times through fetchlands, such as Bad River, Evolving Wilds, Fabled Passage, or Polluted Delta if you got the money.

Glimpse the Unthinkable. 10 cards for 2 mana is a great deal. You can't get that kind of value anywhere else.

Maddening Cacophony adds flexibility. Add Fraying Sanity to increase effectiveness, though if games are going a bit faster than you think, Traumatize.

Next, some cards that fit your description found on gatherer. For a full comprehensive list, here's a large link: gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?action=advanced&text=|[%22mill%20one%20or%20more%20cards%22]|[%22card%20is%20put%20into%20an%20opponent%27s%20graveyard%20from%20anywhere%22] But here are my (budget) recommendations:

Duskmantle Guildmage is good in a mill deck as it helps your opponent lose life more and more easily as an alternate win condition.

Profane Memento is worth sideboarding if you absolutely eat it in the 4rth turn because your opponent was playing burn.

Finally, the best non-budget recommendation that pulls everything together would be a great addition to the deck (the deck is 15 bucks, you can relatively keep this deck at like 30, 40 bucks by adding 1 or 2 of this card)

Bloodchief Ascension. This can be your win con. This deck isn't getting anywhere however unless you'll drop 80 bucks on this card. But the number of cards that are unblockable pull this card together, this entire deck together, yeah you'll stall for 2 or 3 turns, and the deck will only work if this is your first card, but if you are going to break the restrictions and make your budget go wack, this is the card that pulls everything together. All you have to do is drop Swimmer in Nightmares and a Sol Ring since you have no Ashiok, and Sol Ring is restricted in every format it isn't banned in.

Sorry, but you're going to have to drop the Sol Ring.

Next, some useless cards in the deck are:

Boot Nipper, it doesn't do anything except being defensive. You aren't going to need it. You have Murder if the opponent has a really big and intimidating creature well, you can just kill it.

Departed Deckhand, Farbog Revenant it does nothing in this deck. You're attacking your opponent's deck, not their life, so focusing on that contributes nothing and wastes resources for precious deck space for better cards.

Filigree Familiar. Honestly, Divination is better. ANYTHING is better. Visions of Beyond is also a suggestion for mill decks.

Kjeldoran Dead. This does nothing. You'll pass someone's attacks anyway because the average game plays out for 6.5 turns. You'll have enough time to play out your strategy. No one is getting out Emrakul, the Promised End. In fact, not many will actually win by getting out some really big creature. Some will create a value engine, others will spam tokens, or just put pressure on you, in which they've already won once they got their win-con out. A chump blocker isn't going to do anything in this format, but it can do something in commander. This isn't commander.

Lurking Deadeye. How are you going to deal damage in the first place? 2 murders are more mana efficient.

Wall of Frost. A better option for this is Wall of Lost Thoughts.

Swimmer in Nightmares, you need an Ashiok Planeswalker. You have more than enough space for Ashiok, Dream Render as some decks focus on resurrecting the dead. However, this might conflict with what you're going for, but it's a recommendation. (Cling to Dust can do it as well if you come across Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath, which hasn't eaten a ban in ANY eternal formats. Not even in Brawl).

tl;dr Again, a lot of cards in here either do nothing or almost do nothing, and without Bloodchief Ascension this deck isn't going to be good. It's a mill deck, but a mill deck isn't good without mill cards. And when only a sixth of the deck is mill cards, that isn't good.

If you're ever confused about deck building, Here's a tip: 25 lands, 20 synergistic (cards that count towards winning) cards, 15 cards that let you do things, draw more cards, destroy inconvenient creatures, or counter Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath. Or Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre, and/or the rest of the Eldrazi titans that haven't eaten a ban.

And also ditch one of your Sol Rings, again they are restricted in vintage and banned in every format that isn't commander.

Heliogabale on Markov Estate

8 hours ago

Some good suggestions already in the previous comments.

I would definitely lose all the lands that enter the battlefield tapped, that is most likely slowing you down. Use Filter lands or Bond Lands, both are affordable right now.

You can easily lose Arguel's Blood Fast, Goblin Bombardment and Impact Tremors. In my build I use Cover of Darkness, Stensia Masquerade and Berserkers' Onslaught.

Here is my list for inspiration

The Partnership | Edgar Markov

Commander / EDH* Heliogabale


Grumbles on , the bros

8 hours ago

This deck is terrifying

rickie_g on Thassa Blinks the Best

9 hours ago

how are you not running nykthos in here

LastEdegy on Jarad vod Savo

10 hours ago

wow! thanks guys for all the suggestions! I have been so busy, and haven't update much of this deck since early this year.. I will update this deck this weekend, with all the good suggestions you have given..

@king-saproling - thanks for the suggestions! I will consider those..

@casual_competitive - I'm not much of a 2 card auto win combo kind of player, especially since i already have Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord + Phyrexian Devourer in the deck.. but thanks for the suggestion!

@VEILofAUTUMN - thanks! I might add one of them, it depends on playtesting, since either of them are creatures.. maybe Deadly Rollick..

@vileplume23 - hmm.. these are good on indestructible creatures, but i can't target threats like Ravenous Chupacabra.. i'll consider those.. thanks!

@backdoorbonus - that's a cool new card! affect other players too.. i might add that! thanks for the suggestion!

@cakes25 - it's an instant graveyard fill, but it might be too slow and too random of a card recursion.. but thanks!

@TRANSFORMERS159 - thanks for the suggestions.. however, i have considered those before and it's just to slow for me since those are sorceries compared to Grapple with the Past & Grisly Salvage..

@Cloud777 - Lotleth Giant only affects one opponent, and it's hard to cast or cost higher life to Reanimate, but i might consider Doomgape.. it can be lifegain on a stick.. thanks!

@masayoshishido - Doomed Necromancer can be a cheap creature recursion, Keeper of the Dead will depend on the consistency of creatures on my graveyard, Gemrazer is good on certain situations bu can be vulnerable to single target removals that can kill gemrazer and the mutated creature, Altar of Dementia might be reconsidered.. thanks for all the suggestions!

@antlers12 - Gamekeeper might be a dud, since it needs to die then it needs to have enough noncreature cards to fill a bit of the graveyard and i don't have a lot of sac outlets.. also, creatures in the graveyard is needed for the gameplan of the deck, it might be counterintuitive to mill noncreature cards with Gamekeeper.. but Skull Prophet is a definite inclusion! thanks!

@sigiledwatch - ohh.. true, however putting things in my graveyard can be card draw in a way that's why i don't put a lot of card draws.. but i get what you mean, i might consider some of those cards.. thanks!

@mylene800 - i have considered Ghoultree before, though i'm not sure how it would be good.. i would playtest it again with the changes i would make, and check if it's worth as an inclusion.. however, Hydra Omnivore might be meh in the deck.. 6 mana, 8/8 creature that needs to connect for the best results might be hard in turns 4-6 earliest.. not having trample is not good.. but thanks for the suggestions!

@megantrongriffin13 - both Fiend Artisan and Necrotic Wound are great new changes in the deck! I'll check about Sheoldred, Whispering One.. It might not be a salty preator card, on my playgroup.. thanks!

@lola82600 - yeah! i was excited on adding some of those to my edh decks as well! I will definitely include Bala Ged Recovery  Flip and Tangled Florahedron  Flip! not sure about Agadeem's Awakening  Flip, depends on playtesting if the price of the card versus being useful game ender or just a land most of the time.. I'll consider Nissa of Shadowed Boughs too! Thanks for the suggestions!


10 hours ago

Amazing title!

Poppyjr on Whatever I can do I …

10 hours ago

stitch togethor cyc rift muddle the mix phyrexian delver

Simerix on W/U Bunny Boi

11 hours ago

Also aim for 36-37 lands

Simerix on W/U Bunny Boi

11 hours ago

Meh cards: Retreat to Coralhelm

Cards to consider adding: Aven Mindcensor, Jace's Erasure, Propaganda , Ghostly Prison, Windborn Muse, Solemn Simulacrum, Frantic Search, Ponder, The Magic Mirror, Psychic Corrosion, Jace Beleren, Reliquary Tower

Remember than milling people out is likely how you will win.

Definitely make sure to add more than just basic lands, otherwise, it'll be hard to cast things. Go to https://www.managathering.com/duallands/Azorius.html for other of the choices. Clicking the lands will take you to the TCG player page for the land

Joshmann22 on Muldrotha, Grave Shepherd

11 hours ago

Thanks for the comment Last_Laugh! I do realize both Fastbond and Leovold are banned. I have a playgroup that is comfortable kitchen table rules. I have not considered Recurring Nightmare! Great recommendation and a worthy consideration. Cheers!

psionictemplar on GR Reveler Loam

11 hours ago

That is true, but it can work towards field of the dead needing lands. Not to mention that there may be turns where you want to cycle/dredge muliple times a turn.

Last_Laugh on Muldrotha, Grave Shepherd

11 hours ago

Fastbond is banned in Commander. Now assuming you knew that and your playgroup allows banned cards... consider Recurring Nightmare which would be bonkers here.

phsycord on Teysa Karlov's Citadel

11 hours ago

Hi valentin74, sorry for the late reply. I moved my deck to moxfield [(https://www.moxfield.com/decks/RGKGxJ83YEOEaD8rYhNBBw)] and rarely check tappedout nowadays. Academy Rector is a nice card, but it's too expensive for me so I didn't want to buy it, but if I had one I would for sure play it like you suggested. Ophiomancer is cool, but Field of Souls is a combo piece and has more potential on those turns helping you go off and deal a ton of damage to your opponents with the drain effects. Expedition Map I would only add if you also play the Urborg+Coffers combo. Ancient Tomb and Caverns are budget excludes for my deck. Play them if you own them, same goes for Agadeem's Awakening  Flip

SimplyG on Birdtron

12 hours ago

Mandicino Funnily, I actually started this out as a Ishai/Sakashima clone deck planning on making as many Ishais as possible, but I couldn't quite get it to work.

abiblestudent on Sexy Tribal

12 hours ago

Thanks DaddyO for the framework! Wife asked for a female tribal deck for Christmas, and I tweaked what you had here a bit but it's looking good!

Turtlemaster on What are Slivers?

12 hours ago

No problem mate! I like the deck, the synergy, and slivers as a general concept! Deserves some cred ;)