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Drellino on 57: Orzhov Afterlife

6 minutes ago

Ok i understand. I was having the same thoughts about Dramatic Finale. However what about Lingering Souls? And Sorin, Lord of Innistrad? Sorry for so many questions but i'm really curious about

blarghboy on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and …

7 minutes ago

Sorry, not very experienced on tappedout so I'm not sure how to actually reply to you.

From all of the changes I was seeing to the deck over time, I guess I thought that, at some point, it had the Dark Depths shell in the deck. I was thinking that, with it no longer in the deck, maybe it was leftover from the shell. Wasn't super sure how it fit with the deck now. But your explanation makes perfect sense!

psionictemplar on Turn one modern deck, don't …

15 minutes ago

I've looked at this some more and there isn't a t1 win currently. The mana from gemstone is used with pull or haggle and can't help to pay the 2nd mana needed for Goryo's vengeance. You are looking at t2 earliest unless you get Chancellor of the Tangle helping you out here. If you wanted to try that, I would trim a couple lands for it.

Geiger85 on This is Mono Red

39 minutes ago

This is MONO RED, this is MONO RED. Goblins scream in the dead of night.

Balaam__ on American Pickers (Need help replacing …

47 minutes ago

Just for fun, I guess. To see what I can do with it.

ScionofChaos on Jelly Time

54 minutes ago

What would you say to replace Nissa's Pilgrimage and Overrun with?

IMMG54 on American Pickers (Need help replacing …

1 hour ago

Why do Improvise? It's a strictly worse affinity

Wayward823 on Kozilek's Mineral collection

1 hour ago

I'd suggest pulling Semblance Anvil since it has few targets and replacing with Urza's Incubator or another rock maybe

multimedia on Hello Beastie

1 hour ago

Hey, you've made some big changes here. You need to add four cards to make 100 consider these?

  • Frantic Search: loot a 6 CMC plus creature and then use the untap lands to cast Runo.
  • Vile Entomber: potentially repeatable Entomb.
  • Lim-Dul's Vault arrange 5 cards deep and you have many chances to choose the 5 cards you want to keep.
  • Diabolic Vision: arrange 5 cards deep and you get to put a card of them into your hand.

These all help to setup Runo to transform. Vile Entomber has deathtouch to help it to attack/copied or simply be a deadly blocker afterwards. Having a potentially repeatable Entomb is good for reanimation and Wonder. The first time it attacks/copied get Wonder while in combat.

Both the creature looters here die to Heartless Summoning, but Obsessive Stitcher is a looter who doesn't and can also be an instant reanimation source.

zapyourtumor on Jelly Time

1 hour ago

Also since you added better ramp I'd cut Nissa's Pilgrimage (kind of slow and you'll never trigger spell mastery), and Overrun feels like win more. You shouldn't need to pump your team because at this point you can probably just beat face with enough oozes to win the game anyways.

r1cke7s on Grixis Dreadnought

1 hour ago

Going to try and fix mana base so it doesn't cost a few mortgage payments to build the deck.

ZHamburglar on If I can't Have It, …

1 hour ago

You should switch out Torch Fiend for Embereth Shieldbreaker. It's sort of a reversal in terms of artifact destruction, but in the end you have a creature on the field rather than no creature and a destroyed artifact.

Balaam__ on American Pickers (Need help replacing …

2 hours ago

I suppose Myr Enforcer is the closest, but as was mentioned above it loses the artifact land tutoring. Maybe I should try one of the improvise enabled creatures and change things up a bit. Thanks sergiodelrio for the suggestions.

thatkuhlkid on UW Kaheera Control

2 hours ago

Went 3-2 in my first store championship. 2-0 vs Jund Shadow 2-0 vs Living End 2-0 vs Amulet Titan 1-2 vs Jund Goblins 1-2 vs Obosh Prowess

Goblins feels like a really bad matchup and I played against Carolyn Kavanagh in the finals on Obosh Prowess.

Super disappointing to go 3-0 and lose 2 win-and-ins, but that's life.

zapyourtumor on Skred prison

2 hours ago

Back when I used to play some modern mono-red prison (rip best monke) Chandra TOD carried me so hard.

I'm not sure whether Goblin Rabblemaster is good enough anymore (I used to play it but that was when I ran 4x bridge mainboard and it could get under bridge). I agree with Onyx77, Seasoned Pyromancer is a very strong card in the 3 drop slot which lets you bin dead cards for new cards, makes some tokens, and also just straight up lets you draw two if you have no cards in hand.

Fury is another very strong card for mono-red prison. Basically a pseudo-sweeper, it's a free spell that can knock out multiple of your opponents creatures/walkers making it usually a 2 for 2 or even 2 for 3, and lets you exile dead cards from your hand like Blood Moon.

zapyourtumor on Jelly Time

2 hours ago

You have a lot of token support in Parallel Lives and Growing Ranks and Second Harvest. I think you should trim some of that and add more actual ooze creatures. Another reason I think you should trim the tokens theme is because there just aren't many oozes that make tokens.

Splitting Slime isn't legal, but the card isn't that good anyways. Consuming Blob is another fun ooze that makes copies of itself. You could also add Inexorable Blob, but this would require more of a graveyard build around. Some good oozes that aren't token themed are Predator Ooze (3-drop indestructible threat??) and Scavenging Ooze (grave hate on a stick that grows).

For the ramp package, Wild Growth isn't legal. I recommend adding 4x Utopia Sprawl and 4x Arbor Elf. I'd cut Llanowar Tribe. It isn't really helping much if you drop it on t3, and then use it on t4 to play a 5 drop. Might as well just run 1-drop mana dorks instead.

Control_Train on Feather Redeems Boros in EDH …

3 hours ago

Voitagi - Welcoming Vampire definitely seems like it could have some utility, especially in a more blink/ETB focused build; for me personally though, I don't think it's doing quite enough because without a token generator, it isn't doing anything for my 99, but if you have more ways to trigger it, by all means test it out. Thanks for the comment!

TeyoSelflessProtector - Phalanx Tactics is definitely insane with Zada, but it's one of those cards that's pretty underwhelming without Zada or Mirrorwing, and even though I have a fair amount of token generation, I doubt this card would pull it's weight without Zada

In terms of Dreadhorde, I just generally never find myself needing to cast out of the graveyard that much, because you can cast your spells in response to a wheel to store them in exile, and I think Mavinda plays a better recursive role for my build, since I can't buff Dreadhorde that much. For a more voltron centric build though, Dreadhorde probably has more utility especially for flashing back non-targeted spells and spells that cost more than 1. Thanks for the comment!

jacobpmesser on $25 Quicken the Kraken

4 hours ago

I'd probably play Chasm Skulker over Nadir Kraken.

The tokens are free.

Ziabo on So Many Spiders

5 hours ago

You can't run any red since your commander doesn't have red in their identity

RogerScroll on No Remorse

6 hours ago

Hello Kazierts. I'll keep it in mind! Thanks!

Normandino on Latrhil Voltron's deck ♥

6 hours ago

TypicalTimmy : I just use 'Alt + 3' for ♥.

Hercules23 on Prepare Your Anus, Here Comes …

7 hours ago

I guess an echo of eons could replace timetwister for those who dont own it?

Necrosis24 on Zabaz EDH

7 hours ago

Nothing stands out much beyond what has already been said, I built a fairly similar deck. Only two cards I might suggest are Scourglass and Starnheim Courser but neither are necessary just something to think about. Keep in mind Scourglass acts like a Nevinyrral's Disk and will put a target on your back until you crack it and it doesn't help that it has a timing restriction.

For fun you can always throw in a Phyrexian Triniform or Triplicate Titan. You would get more value out of them with cards like Grinding Station and Blasting Station. But they can pair with Cathars' Crusade which if they die you get a net of three 6/6 creatures. You could also pair them with Arcbound Crusher + Animation Module.

SirHerpaderp on Rolling in the Deep

7 hours ago

Hey multimedia!

Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it! So far I like the seamonsters a lot although they are kinda on the more casual side of decks due to their high cmc. They surely can pack a punch, but some of them are just mediocre for sure.

I totally agree on the Kederekt Leviathan. It first it looked cool due to his ability to reanimate himself but he's kind of a nonbo with Krothuss and felt awkward when in hand nearly every time. I wanted to switch him vor Deep-Sea Kraken, which I unfortunately didn't have at the time I started building. Nadir Kraken was mainly included because of flavor reasons I have to admit and is one of the first things I consider for further cuts! Who knows, if I feel the deck lacks power, I might drop the bigger part of the seamonstres and try some goodstuff instead, which is the stronger route imho but feels way less cool :D

The Vile Entomber is a pretty neat suggestion! I will definitely give him a shot.

sergiodelrio on American Pickers (Need help replacing …

7 hours ago

Only Frogmite and Myr Enforcer would be legal in your colors. The next best thing to affinity is improvise.

Foundry Assembler

Sweatworks Brawler

Fen Hauler

are the possible options in your colors

Sc1enc3 on The wealth of a Pirate

7 hours ago

Tinnuki how did I miss treasure vault?? That's a must include indeed! The other creatures are definitely in synergy and look stronger than many of the pirates, but fluff.. aye

EvilSushi on Undead Unleashed

9 hours ago
  1. Top priority is drawing or tutoring Phyrexian alter, entomb, Gravecrawler, and or Metathran Zombie.
  2. Cast Wilhelt
  3. Cast Entomb for Gravecrawler or Metathran Zombie
  4. Sacrifice Gravecrawler/ Metathran Zombie to Phyrexian Altar which adds 1 black mana and activates Wilhelt's power, this then summons 1 zombie token, use the one black mana to then cast Gravecrawler or Metathran Zombie which you can sacrifice again and again for an infinite zombie tokens.

  5. +Wilhelt + Phyrexian Altar + Gravecrawler/ Metathran Zombie = Infinite Zombie tokens

  6. +Diregraf Colossus = infinite zombie tokens x2
  7. +Plague belcher = infinite damage each player
  8. +Diregraf Captain = infinite damage selected player
  9. +Noxious Ghoul = infinite all non zombie -1/-1
  10. +Blasting station = infinite damage player/creature
  11. +Bastion of Remembrance = infinite opponent loses 1HP and 1HP gained
  12. +Champion of the Perished = infinite +1/+1 self
  13. +Carrion Feeder = infinite +1/+1 self
  14. +Stronghold Assassin = infinite destroy target non black

Nacht on "Unless" (A Deck for Sadists)

9 hours ago

What a cool deck idea, nicely done!

Pikkzel on Cards with moons in them

9 hours ago

Most if not all of original Inistrad has moons in the art.. it was part of the design process. Also, the art is meant to be mostly in a 1st person pov.

HarleythePanther on Zabaz EDH

10 hours ago

@Omniscience_is_life Thank you for the suggestions! What would you suggest I cut in order to add card draw, more lands, etc?

Omniscience_is_life on Zabaz EDH

10 hours ago

34 lands seem WAAAYYY too low for a mana curve of almost 3, you'd probably be more comfortable with closer to 37.

The metrics I use to keep my EDH decks clean and crisp are as follows:

10+ ramp--all less than 3 cmc stuff like Wayfarer's Bauble and Fellwar Stone

10+ card draw--the more synergistic, the better!

10+ interaction spells--as little mana to answer a threat as possible, ideally; Swords to Plowshares, Chaos Warp and Tragic Arrogance are your friends.

37+ lands--hard to play without lands! Only drop below this number if you have close to twenty low-cost draw spells, or your average mana cost drops to 2 or below.

The rest is synergy pieces, though hopefully there's already some overlap with the rest of the categories!

ZHamburglar on Forged Execution (Gruul Land-Hate)

10 hours ago

Based on the current Modern Meta being fairly discard heavy, I would switch out something like your Manglehorn for something like Embereth Shieldbreaker. That way you get a cheaper artifact destruction spell, while also keeping it safe in exile.

I've been working on my own version of this deck if you have any feedback: Liquideath


11 hours ago

I don't understand what's going on here. All I see is combo and black cards. I like it, very much so. +1

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Zabaz EDH

11 hours ago

Kuldotha Forgemaster would be a great addition.

RNR_Gaming on Zabaz EDH

12 hours ago

My main advice is to just print off the cards and play the deck proxied against your friends/play group. Overall, this deck looks fairly standard for this commander. Also, you may want to be slightly more specific with what your goals are when it comes to this deck so we can give you better advice or you'll probably get the it looks good for a casual-low power deck.

Samothrace on Takeno Samurai Tribal

13 hours ago

Definitely Reviving Dose or one of your non-Samurai creatures. Things like reviving dose should usually only be in decks that want to cycle cards, here it is just filler, which is always good to cut as much as possible.

psionictemplar on Chandra's Domain

13 hours ago

Not sure how to help your deck but I do like the potential tribal Flames and Incinerator combo for 3 mana possibly.

Spcbazman80 on Takeno Samurai Tribal

13 hours ago

what would you take out to add oathkeeper, takeno's daisho

Desmous on Pioneer RDW Hazoret

14 hours ago

Tibalt can be replaced with Skullcrack if you want as well

Desmous on Pioneer RDW Hazoret

14 hours ago

Really cool prowess build! I think it is pretty good by itself.

Some things to maybe think about?

  • Embercleave (I know, original) It gives a prowess trigger on the cast and usually hits for 6 when it comes in.

  • If you do put 2-4 Embercleave in the mainboard, you might want to consider Kari Zev, Skyship Raider, Gets you an extra attacker to help lower the cost of the cleave, and is hard to kill being a 1/3 with First Strike. You might want to just replace Viashino Pyromancer with Kari Zev, as the extra "go wide" 2/1 Ragavan it makes helps a lot on turn 3 and 4 when you are swinging for the most damage

  • Lava Coil in the sideboard instead of Fry (if you are playing against a lot of Izzet Phoenix, if you are playing against a lot of teferi control, first off that is the best matchup so you shouldn't have to really use Fry) deals with Thing in the Ice  Flip and Arclight Phoenix, and a lot of the things Winota, Joiner of Forces deck likes to play.

  • Chandra, Torch of Defiance (for more midrange reach) also gives prowess trigger, card draw, and a little ramp / control for grindy midrange matchups. Sideboard and probably replaces the Experimental Frenzy on the games it comes in from the sideboard

  • Improve landbase, Castle Embereth is an easy add I think, it is pretty easy to come in untapped, so it is very beneficial up to 4 Ramunap Ruins as if you are the aggro deck, the 6 ish damage you probably average from tapping it for red should not matter against most control or midrange decks if you win.

  • Bomat Courier for card draw, although it will be going further away from the prowess game plan, but I'm just giving you cards and ideas you might want to try!

  • Glorybringer for midrange matchups, takes a defender out for your prowess creatures before blocks (this is sideboard ofc)

  • I would put the Goblin Chainwhirler in the sideboard and put a more versatile 3 drop in the deck. Chainwhirler could be amazing in your metagame, but in mine Ahn-Crop Crasher removing a blocker on a big attack turn is usually better for me

Again, you have to build your deck to your metagame, so just giving you some cards // ideas!

Archamadeum on Strefan, the Bloody Metal Slugger …

14 hours ago

I like the change you made for sure. I was thinking the same thing and want to do artifact matters Strefan. Could Maskwood Nexus potentially have a spot so that Stefan could use his 2nd ability?

JrSwifterz on Standard Lifegain Buff Deck

15 hours ago

I think Voice of the Blessed would make for a straight upgrade to this deck by replacing Celestial Unicorn

glhfJKiHax on Otrimi, Pinnacle of Evolution

15 hours ago

Have you considered Scute Swarm? Mutated Swarms can lead to some great boards.

Parcelbeast mutated onto Scute Swarm is fun.