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GrimlockVIII on Geralf's Budget Cuts

3 minutes ago

Eyyyy thx Balaam__

I actually might consider Spawnsire just cuz he can ramp, esp when I use High Tide.

Out of curiosity, does his second ability count Eldrazi in exile as well? Like, does he see Eldrazi creatures in exile as outside of the game like Coax from the Blind Eternities? If so, he can make for a great finisher.

itsbuzzi on The Pioneer Blues

13 minutes ago

In a vacuum being able to pose lethal damage turn 5 in Standard is very strong with a random opening hand. Pioneer Turn 4 is very fast and Modern Turn 3. I'm not trying to prove anything with the deck, just showing a Legendary deck that posed great results when it was used (if you can take my word for it) but even with posted results you would still have to trust that I was honest with my match updates. Anyway, you can't playtest with it against anything useful as is, let alone actually trying to correctly playtest, because it's an old standard deck, unless you had one from the same era. Trying a few hands would give you a feel for the deck which was the purpose of the previous comment.

Edit: there is a function that lets me know there were comments prior to posting my own comment. This feature is very useful. Also decks that preform well under gimmick building requirements are always fun to see. Even under these requirements it looks like your deck can curve out very effectively which is the makings of a decent deck; well done!

Argy on The Pioneer Blues

17 minutes ago

This is also why I write detailed match reports for my decks.

It gives the ins and outs of how a deck has performed in a tournament.

By giving you a chance to think back over how you won and lost, it becomes clearer which things aren't working in a deck.

It's surprising the amount of new things you find out your deck can do, when concentrating fully on it in a competitive space.

As far as Legendary decks, my favourite at the moment is my Alexandria: The Walking Dead

It's built entirely for flavour, and I play it casually with friends.

TriusMalarky on Azorius Testudo

18 minutes ago

I'd personally go up on Detention Spheres and then add Disallow, and then play some games with it.

zapyourtumor on Selesnya Enchantos

24 minutes ago

On Thin Ice

Hall of Heliod's Generosity

Utopia Sprawl

Privileged Position is just worse Greater Auramancy / Sterling Grove since most of your permanents are enchantments and the shroud versus hexproof is not relevant.

Glorious Anthem doesn't do anything here, and is win more. Satyr Enchanter is not needed since you already have 10 draw engines, and it isn't an enchantment itself. Mirari's Wake is too slow. Archon of Sun's Grace isn't really needed either, since it only makes 2/2s and it's a 4 drop non-enchantment. Sigil of the Empty Throne and Destiny Spinner are much better wincons.

9-lives on Azorius Testudo

31 minutes ago

So what do y'all recommend I use for the remainder 5 cards in my deck?!

Guerric on [Primer] Enchantress's Pillowfort: A Tuvasa …

32 minutes ago

Advisor I have that card in my binder and have often thought about putting it in. Do you find it slows down your opponents a lot?

Argy on The Pioneer Blues

56 minutes ago

Effective playtests depend on many things.

  1. Randomizing who goes first.

  2. Playing as though you can't see your opponent's hand.

  3. Not rectifying mistakes you make.

  4. Not allowing the opponent deck to make any mistakes.

  5. Knowing how to pilot the opponent deck as well as your own, including working out the best Sideboard.

  6. Playing two Sideboarded games after the first game.

  7. Playing around five matches, so you fully understand how the opponent deck works.

They are good to figure out if a deck works, or to test whether a different card works.

What they aren't great for is learning how well they match up against other decks. For that, I am lucky that I live with StuBi and he can pilot the other deck against mine.

We can also work out the best way to Sideboard the opponent deck.

Magic_Aids on Acererak ▷Infinite◁ COMBO!【AFR!】

1 hour ago

Let me know what you Big Boys think of the deck! Does it blow like my mama!? :D

Timmeh1020 on Mishra's Jank Machine [Primer]

1 hour ago

Hi there,

Got a quick question about Forbidden Orchard , it seems a bit risky in this deck? Why not replace with Reflecting Pool ?

Otherwise I love the interaction and Jankyness of the deck.

Keep up the good work!

WidgetMTG on IMOti

1 hour ago

Just goldfished this deck and I gotta say it’s really fun! It’s better at getting itself going then I thought with lots of ramp. Also, you can register Keruga as a companion on the list via typing CMPN (I’m pretty sure)

WidgetMTG on Carnival of Terror

1 hour ago

Commander legends are underrated aren’t they

Balaam__ on Geralf's Budget Cuts

1 hour ago

I don’t play EDH so what I’m about to suggest may not be viable. Also, it’s a vaguely pricey card so it may not fit within the budget constraints of your deck. That being said, Spawnsire of Ulamog seems like it might have value, both as a large body to be dissected by Geralf and as another way to retrieve stuff from exile. Just an idea.

TriusMalarky on Azorius Testudo

1 hour ago

The corner case where Whirlwind Denial is better than Disallow is so rare, I don't think I've seen it more than once or twice in almost five years of playing magic. See, the only times there's lots of things on the stack is when

  • Your opponent is doing weird things and abusing rules to create a cool combo, in which case you can counter one specific spell on the stack to fizzle the whole thing. See Violent Outburst into Crashing Footfalls (modern, not pioneer) -- just counter the footfalls.

  • There's a counter war. In this case, all you need to do is counter one specific spell, namely one of your opponent's counterspells, and it doesn't entirely matter what counterspell you use, especially because your opponent is likely to counter it.

Other than that, if your opponent knows what they're doing(and if they understand the stack, they probably do), they shouldn't have more than one thing on the stack at a time. 99.999% of the time, Disallow is better than Whirlwind Denial.

Goose_ on Rionya, Fire Dancer

1 hour ago

I've got a Rionya deck and Terror of the Peaks is such a gross card. I usually just win on the spot if I ever get one out. Sweet deck!

Goose_ on Marisi Superfriends

1 hour ago

I recommend replacing those 6 mana planeswalker deck planeswalkers. Yes, they are good once you get them out, but that 6 mana restriction makes it harder to get your engine going during the midgame. I think a couple of cards that you should look into are Oath of Ajani , Ajani, Mentor of Heroes and Evolution Sage . If you'd like me to help you out some more to flesh out the deck a bit, I absolutely LOVE building decks, so id be super happy to!

itsbuzzi on The Pioneer Blues

2 hours ago

Back to the legendary sub conversation I ran a deck in Dominaria standard (with guilds and such) that was basically all legendries: Legendary Soup. Once again no win/loss record recorded on Tappedout but I won so much with it at my LGS the deck has become...legendary. I un-privatized the deck so you can play through it but if not I'll give you a run down of what just accomplished in my playtest:

Turn 1 Stomping Ground

Turn 2 Sunpetal Grove , Emmara, Soul of the Accord

Turn 3 Clifftop Retreat , Tajic, Legion's Edge Combat mentor Emmara make a 1/1 hit for 6.

Turn 4 Sunpetal Grove , Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice Combat Aurelia trigger on Tajic mentor Emmara make a 1/1 hit for 10

Turn 5 Rootbound Crag , Trostani Discordant make 2 1/1's Combat Aurelia trigger on herself she mentors Tajic Tajic mentors a 1/1 Emmara makes a 1/1 hit for very much lethal.

Left with a land or 2 in hand, Lyra Dawnbringer , Deafening Clarion . Check it out it was really fun and worked surprisingly well.

Gleeock on Enchantment Marisi

2 hours ago
  • Sweet! It begins!!
  • First add I'd consider is Shiny Impetus .. sure it has a floor, but the ceiling is so darned high. I've had games where it takes the place of removal, redistributes a bunch of dmg, & pseudoramps me
  • None of the Purphori? :)
  • unsure about Smothering Tithe it's not very aggressive but I do have 2 of them somewhere.
  • All the Naya courts are pretty good with Marisi, particularly Court of Grace

mindfulvet on Causing a Table Flip during …

2 hours ago

Thanks jamochawoke, it started out as a meme/challenge but turned into a fairly competitive deck.

multimedia on Zur Enchantments

2 hours ago

Hey, nice budget version of Zur. There's 2x Dispel here. It could be one of the four cards you can cut to get to 100 cards. The others could be Starfield of Nyx , Dark Ritual and Gift of Orzhova .

Rule of Law can be powerful to cheat onto the battlefield with Zur. It will slow down your opponents more than you because you have a repeatable source of tutoring for enchantments. Vanishing can repeatedly protect Zur from anything and all auras/equipment that's with him. When he phase out all cards that are with him also phase out and all don't return until your next untap step.

Profane Tutor can tutor for any card, just have to wait two turns with suspend. Moon-Blessed Cleric can tutor for any enchantment and Heliod's Pilgrim can tutor for an any aura. Archon of Sun's Grace is an upgrade for Ajani's Chosen . Sovereigns of Lost Alara is another way to tutor for and cheat Eldrazi Conscription onto the battlefield.

Some budget land upgrades to consider:

Good luck with your deck.

Silmeon on Ranar the Ever-watchful by Silmeon

2 hours ago

multimedia thanks a lot for your advices ! You're Amazing ! :)

9-lives on Azorius Testudo

2 hours ago

RaidenShogun69 Whirlwind Denial is just as high in MV as Disallow and Sinister Sabotage but does far better in countering practically everything on the stack.

B0NGUS on Marisi Superfriends

3 hours ago

Absolutely! I was looking into it the other week and there are only 18 cards that goad creatures, and only 12 that do so in Naya colors! So I'm considering all of those 12 and going to make replacements as I receive them in the mail. Especially repeatable goading! Thanks for the great suggestion!

multimedia on Ranar the Ever-watchful by Silmeon

3 hours ago

Hey, good budget upgrade of the precon.

You're best line of play here is Ranar + Felidar Guardian + Restoration Angel which equals infinite 1/1 Spirits. Guardian and Restoration infinite blink each other and each time one of them blinks it's one instance of exile to trigger Ranar. Because Restoration has flash then you can do this combo at instant speed on your last opponent's turn to create infinite Spirits to then attack with them on your next turn as a win condition.

Flickerwisp also combos with Restoration Angel and this combo is different since it's delayed. At each player's end step Ranar + Flickerwisp + Restoration creates two Spirits. With Flickerwisp in your control blink it with Restoration; Flickerwisp ETB and blinks Restoration. Restoration doesn't return to the battlefield from exile until the next player's end step. At the end step Restoration ETB to blink Flickerwisp, Flickerwisp ETB to blink Restoration and repeat on the next player's end step. At each end step you get two separate exiles for two triggers of Ranar.

Reconnaissance Mission is good repeatable draw with 1/1 flying Spirits since each one that does combat damage to an opponent you draw a card. Mentor of the Meek can trigger to draw for one mana each time a 1/1 Spirit or 2/2 Spirit is created.

Palace Jailer is powerful repeatable opponent creature exile with blink especially with Soulherder . When Jailer ETB you become the monarch which is at your end step you draw a card. Only one player can be the monarch at one time and how a player becomes the monarch is they do combat damage to the player who's the monarch or they play a card that makes them the monarch.

What makes Jailer powerful with blink is that creatures he exiles don't return to their owners unless you lose the monarch to an opponent. When Jailer leaves the battlefield from being blinked all the creatures he has exiled stay exiled. Then when Jailer ETB you become the monarch which makes it difficult to lose the monarch. 1/1 Spirits are also good flying blockers to help you to keep the monarch as well as Ghostly Prison and other cards like it make it more difficult for an opponent to attack you to do combat damage to you.

Nimbus Maze , Port Town , Prairie Stream , Skycloud Expanse , Temple of Enlightenment , Irrigated Farmland , Ash Barrens are some budget land upgrades that could replace some basic lands, Azorius Guildgate and Meandering River .

Good luck with your deck.

Ravenrose on Norse Mythology

3 hours ago

TheMeadiator Narfi as the betrayer king is a product of Wizards but there are two characters in the mythology with the same name: one is a son of Loki and Sigyn and the other is a Jötunn. And I have not had time to see if it works, due to the pandemic

zapyourtumor on Nahiri Prison

7 hours ago

Have you found that you have enough multicolored spells to get payoff from GFR?

Leo_LordOfThePit on Winota Aristocrats Non-Budget

7 hours ago

My list is posted. Just played two rounds. Before bed. Beat a similarly janky Reanimator deck due to Leyline of the Voids, and lost a match against Mill, mostly because it's 3am and I've been drinking.

More practice needed, but seems like it works.

Last_Laugh on Animar Commander (Big Eldrazi)

9 hours ago

Trying to keep your budget in mind I have several suggestions. I'll try to break it down by category. My main advice is if an effect is available on a creature, use it over other versions (i.e. Stratus Dancer over Negate).

Turn 2 Animar: Birds of Paradise , Wild Cantor , and Utopia Sprawl are all options.

Ramp: Lose your artifacts and look into several options like Rattleclaw Mystic (doubles as a combo piece with bounce enablers), Cloud of Faeries , and Peregrine Drake .

Bounce Enablers: Equilibrium and Temur Sabertooth for repeatable bounce. Shrieking Drake , Dream Stalker , and Man-o'-War for single target (including self).

Feel free to check out my list for inspiration. It's not cheap overall but Animar has several good options for reasonable prices. Upvotes on any of my decks are appreciated. Animar, Gaea's Hemorrhoid

Brightwrath on Necronomicon | Teysa Karlov | …

10 hours ago

Hey Masterful, love the build! I have a card I keep thinking about I'm curious what you think. How do you think Carnival of Souls in Teysa? If it's a good fit what would you cut?

Named_Tawyny on Amy's Tiamat | Game Knights …

10 hours ago

Loved watching this deck play on GK. I was a bit surprised with the decklist to not see Utvara Hellkite , especially as it can affect the board the turn it drops. Was it just too much of a win more to include?

So many big beautiful swings that game!

drivingtexter on Captain Sisay (cEDH)

11 hours ago

This deck is so much fun! I run Weathered Wayfarer instead of Boreal Druid since we’re pretty land-light. Makes it easy to get Cradle/Nykthos. Other than that I’ve added in Esper Sentinel in place of Stonecloaker, Jeweled Lotus instead of Mox Chrome, and Instill Energy instead of the Sensei’s Top.

I’m curious why you run Inventor’s Fair? I never seem to have 3 artifacts out at a time. Would you run the new Urza’s Saga from MH2 in it’s place?

Phule451 on Mathas-matical

11 hours ago

Love the deck, curses are one of my favorite card types. Curse of Wizardry is worth considering, it can really be a roadblock for your opponents, especially if you play in a meta with a lot of green and blue decks…

Valkyrie_Moon777 on Dragon Commander Deck UBR

11 hours ago

Hey guys so this is a prototype deck. I'm still in the process of building it but I would love to hear what you guys think so far! I'm always open to criticism and any helpful information you can provide to make this deck as spiteful and toxic as possible lol

Phule451 on Heaven & Hell

11 hours ago

Surprised not to see Archfiend of Depravity isn’t here, one of the most annoying demons to have to deal with. Darksteel Mutation is also a good way to deal with problematic commanders. Love the deck and design here, looks like a lot of fun to play…

TriusMalarky on Azorius Testudo

11 hours ago

RaidenShogun69 burn decks rely heavily on resolving an early aggressive creature to deal a good amount of early damage before finishing the fight with the burn spells. As such, being are to block the early aggressive creatures saves you a good 5-10 life in the first couple turns. Also, they need to two-for-one themselves typically to kill one of these big butt dudes.

Aegis Turtle is actually a good card for the sideboard of control lists entirely because of that -- it makes aggro a lot slower. Wall of Omens in modern has a similar Role, but it's maindeck.

Xalor90 on BUG Mill

11 hours ago

zapyourtumor, thanks for the feedback, but I have a Dimir Mill deck on here that does what you’re asking already. The primary reason for this deck was because I was looking to capitalize on the landfall by adding more fetch lands and by adding Azusa, Lost but Seeking , both of which have been really helpful in the few matches I’ve tried them in so far. Growth Spiral has also been fairly powerful, further increasing my ability to play lands down and mill my opponent faster.

whomikehidden on Pir & Toothy, Wheel & …

11 hours ago

You may want to reconsider Mystic Remora in this deck. Cumulative upkeep uses age counters. Pir adds extra counters and it’s not a “may” thing.

whomikehidden on Pir and Toothy Control

11 hours ago

You may want to reconsider Mystic Remora in this deck. Cumulative upkeep uses age counters. Pir adds extra counters and it’s not a “may” thing.

Greecenrome on Windgrace Real Estate

11 hours ago

I’ve seen other people play Army Ants in their Windgrace decks and be very happy with it! I’ve intentionally tried to keep my land destruction tools as minimal but efficient as possible, but if resource denial is a thing someone else were trying to lean into, it would be right at home.

GrimlockVIII on Windgrace Real Estate

12 hours ago

Yo since Windgrace is all about land recovery, you think something Army Ants would be a neat inclusion?

AttackDude on Big Stompy

12 hours ago


I feel especially during grindy games (mass removal) that lair of the hydra is better, its simply more versatile. Ideally during the first few turns your most likely focusing on casting creatures and not using treetop... By the time you are not casting creatures you probably have a decent amount of land. I will have to play test more...

Also I am not completely sold on oath, for example I could be using 3 x dungroove elder instead. Especially since we have so many 1 drops.

Your thoughts on Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig ?

NinjaKitty778 on Michael's Yarok Deck

12 hours ago

Another deck eh buddy? :)

GrimlockVIII on Horobi and the Wailers

12 hours ago

Not sure if this is how the interaction specifically works, but you can use something like Xenic Poltergeist to target a non-creature artifact and then instantly destroy it if Horobi is on the field because it was targeted.

If that's not how that works, then turning noncreature artifacts into creatures is still very useful in a Horobi deck since that effectively becomes black artifact hate.

Grave Betrayal is also neat cuz you get to take control of the creatures you instantly destroy. At around 2 or 3 bucks it's still semi-budget friendly

bradtheimpaler13 on ping home the bacon (Zagras …

12 hours ago

I really like this decklist. Looks like a blast to play.

Saiyamax on Simic Roid Rage

13 hours ago

Marang River Prowler would be nice for a recurrable unblockable dude