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I_Want_To_PlayAllTheDecks on EDH commanders

17 minutes ago

Unlife, Thada Adel, Acquisitor looks super fun especially if I use her to play a mono play sea monsters deck. Ezuri is fine but not really what I'm looking for.

VampDemigod YEah Jhoria is fun- I used to have her, but the deck got boring so i scraped it. I might have to take you up on your offer as I am not the best deck builder. If it's not to much of a problem A Thada build would be nice to see.


SimicVisionRy on Card creation challenge

21 minutes ago

LunchBox1211 similar in vein to Ghired, Conclave Exile? (Went from Selesnya to Gruul.)

Ok, Game on!

Filia, Justicar Adjunct

Legendary Creature - Angel Advisor


Battalion: Whenever ~ and at least two other creatures attack, choose one:

-Target creature gains Vigilance until the end of turn. If that creature is Blue, it gains Unblockable. If it is Red, it gains Double Strike.

-Detain each creature your opponents control. If 4 or more creatures are Detained this way, Investigate.

Sacrifice 3 Clues: For each creature your opponents control, you may draw a card.

_"My appreciation of Law and Order are completely derived from the faults of the system that enforce it." - Filia

Basically a Boros Angel that was kinda tired of all the Red Tape that the Azorius wade through. So, why not enforce it herself?

For the next challenge, I would like to see a Demon that converted Liesa, Shroud of Dusk. (Innistrad lore lol)

Murphy77 on Kroxa Repeater

40 minutes ago

I like your idea, but have been day-dreaming of a low cmc version of this deck for some time. You motivated me to put my ideas down on tapped out Deck Builder and I came up with Kroxa Weenie Repeater M. See what you think - maybe there is a better deck somewhere between our 2 decks.

plakjekaas on Infinite Combo Help

41 minutes ago

Zephyr Scribe + Retraction Helix/Banishing Knack to infinitely bounce the Darksteel Relic will get you there

Stardragon on Walls need mortar

56 minutes ago

RNR_Gaming 1. thxs for your help and 2. The reason i didn't put a link in the description was because i had my creatures, walkers and utility instants, sorceries, artifacts and lands done with. I just needed some cards that increased toughness than fill in my mana base. But here's a link now The Best Offense is a Wall

Unlife on EDH commanders

1 hour ago

Thada Adel, Acquisitor is a fun build, fairly affordable and because you tend to use other peoples ramp, you can usually drop some big beaters early like Stormtide Leviathan

Ezuri, Claw of Progress itself is on the pricier side, but the rest of the deck can be built with lots of affordable efficient creatures that tend to be unblockable and grow quickly such as Invisible Stalker

unwucht on Insert Coin To Play - …

1 hour ago

Krark, the Thumbless(https://scryfall.com/card/cmr/189/krark-the-thumbless) seems to be an interesting insert, if you are willing to go all-or-nothing and take some chaos approach.

Kurppa on Staxos the Returned

1 hour ago

cool deck! i kinda wanna build a stax deck myself (a cheaper and of lower power i might add) but not sure how many times my playgroup would let me play it....

but have you considered Polluted Bonds? it falls more on the groupslug side of things but since you have painful quandary you might be open to including it. it's a disgusting-ly effective card, and really buffers your life total in the long run. though it most likely will annoy your opponents even more! but i guess that's part of the enjoyment?

Drcfan on Broken White

1 hour ago

I suggest to stick to a prison shell for the Brisela wincon. Look at death and taxes

Destroyerbirb on A good deck for Klothys, …

2 hours ago

Which format?

For Standard, there are many options. Maybe Gruul Adventures? If that doesn't catch you eye, there's Naya Zoo, Gruul Aggro or Temur Elementals.

For Pioneer, there's Niv-to-light and Gruul Collected Company.

Modern is pretty good for Klothys. There's Jund, Gruul Midrange and Niv-to-light.

Klothys is also a good cube card.

Argy on Vampire Horde

2 hours ago

I've expanded and updated them.

Does that help?

Feel free to ask any questions.

Destroyerbirb on Flash Gordon

3 hours ago

I like the deck.

+1 from me.

Destroyerbirb on Yes

3 hours ago


Prixx on Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath …

3 hours ago

Changes - IN: Frilled Mystic, Brazen Borrower, Venser, Shaper Savant, Mystic snake and True-Name Nemesis. OUT: Thragtusk, Song of the Dryads, Stifle, Tireless Tracker and Titania, Protector of Argoth.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Who Needs Craterhoof?

3 hours ago

I'm not saying you should play Garruk's Horde and/or Vizier of the Menagerie. But I'm neither saying you shouldn't.

Seriously though, you should definitely try them out.

Glutenshpeal on +1 Lock Up

3 hours ago

Thank you for those suggestions. Is there any cards you would take out of this deck?

Zaina on Burning lifegain - Boros spell …

3 hours ago

vic I had it in there once upon a time, but found that a general board hit did more work in general. Helix does 9 damage after triggers but I still felt like it didn't do enough to warrant it.

Murphy77 on Mono White Devotion

4 hours ago

A simple change that should give your creatures more attack power would be to drop 1 each of Giant Killer, Linden, the Steadfast Queen and Selfless Savior to bring in Felidar Retreat and have your creatures gaining +1/+1 counters with every landfall.

I would at least build a side-board around Basri's Acolyte, Basri's Solidarity, Griffin Aerie and Speaker of the Heavens with life-gain instants like Light of Hope and Revitalize. Yes, I know that you have run out of card slots and you might have to drop 2 creatures to enable the major change that can get you generating a range of useful token creatures.

Argy on Jumpstart Tokens idea

4 hours ago

shadow63 you only need to wipe the texta off with something like a tissue, or a paper towel.

We've used these over and over, and had no problems wiping them clean.

Caerwyn yes, we are using dry erase.

In an earlier version of this topic I said that people needed to be aware that, if their hand comes into contact with the writing, it is quite easy for it to rub off.

I will amend the OP.

I went back and forth about what type of texta to use.

Using permanent texta means that you then also need to carry around some type of cleaning fluid, or wait until you get home to clean them.

We go through quite a few Tokens in my Jumpstart playgroup, making it so that ones we can erase straight away is important.

I can also say, from experience, that you really don't accidentally rub your hands along Tokens on the field.

It's more when you move them to somewhere else.

We make a place to pile Tokens no longer in use, and no one has ended up with ink on their hands yet.

Of course people can decide to use permanent texta if they want. That's the beauty of the system - adapt it to suit your own style.

FormOverFunction I thought about making some cards out of white cardboard that had been laminated.

As I thought more about it I went with sleeves because:

  1. It was much easier to set up. Grab some sleeves and a non-permanent texta and bang, you are set.

  2. Using sleeves means they don't take up much space in your Jumpstart kit. I have one and a half boxes full of cards, and like to be able to just grab them whenever I'm on the move. You can see my setup in the second photo.

If people have more storage room than me in their Jumpstart kit, they might prefer Tokens that feel a bit more like cards.

ryanwb2 on Abzan Pioneer DX

4 hours ago

Idyllic Grange has got to go. Maaaaybe with a full playset of temple gardens, godless shrines, and Indatha Triomes...

Argy on Pioneer Lands Data Base w/Zendikar …

4 hours ago

What's the feeling about the latest flip dual lands?

Essential, or overrated?

I haven't played with them yet.

Argy on Pioneer Lands Data Base w/Zendikar …

4 hours ago

Cheers for this.

tacolover25 on Simic Madness

4 hours ago

You're welcome!

Epicurus on The Twice-Favored

4 hours ago

Hello there!

I'm just going to drop a "maybe" list here for you.

I'm going to think on it, and maybe come back for more. Cheers!

Gingervitis on Advertise your deck!

4 hours ago

Here is my escape themed deck.

Escape Monsters

Standard* Gingervitis


Profet93 on Get Dong'd

5 hours ago

Endless Atlas and Tome of Legends are good card draw needed in red.

Deflecting Swat - Utility, counter counterspells, redirect targetted remova/draw/extra turns and more!


Gingervitis on A good deck for Klothys, …

5 hours ago

Hello all!

I recently pulled 3 copies of Klothys, God of Destiny and have no clue what would be a good deck to slot her into.

Currently, I have a private, work-in-progress deck that contains cards that work either with or inside graveyards, such as Scavenging Ooze , Phoenix of Ash, and cards that mill like The Binding of the Titans and would like to build something that works with mine and my opponent's graveyards.

Any suggestions?

YodaVoda on Simic Madness

5 hours ago

tacolover25 Thanks for the feedback it really means a lot. This

carpecanum on It just a nerf gun …

5 hours ago

Forcing people to attack means no blockers pretty frequently. You have the colors for Virtus the Veiled, Raving Dead or Quietus Spike. Master of Cruelties is less useful because if you can't attack with all creatures you have to attack with the most possible.

The same idea works with Varchild, Betrayer of Kjeldor or Tilonalli's Summoner.

Bedlam = chaos ensues

tacolover25 on For Assholes Only 3: THE …

5 hours ago

I'm surprised to not see Blightning in here. Not sure about Lightning Skelemental as this deck does seem more instant/sorcery focused. What do you think?

tacolover25 on Simic Madness

5 hours ago

I like your substitute for Intuition. Very nice. Personally, I would cut one Careful Study since you aren't playing Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath, and in it's place I'd play an additional Just the Wind or a Savage Swipe for removal.

For budget land upgrades I would suggest running 4 Hinterland Harbor and removing 2 Simic Guildgates and 2 Woodland Stream.

Your sideboard is going to need a way to deal with other decks that toolbox the graveyard. If you cannot afford Echo of Eons I would recommend just playing a few copies of Tormod's Crypt. The burn matchup can be tough without Uro. For this reason, I recommend you also side two copies of Golgari Brownscale as well.

Job well done on making the deck more budget. I look forward to watching the deck's progress. Cheers!

Epicurus on 1001 Biting Insects [Primer Included?]

5 hours ago

Have you considered Culling the Weak, Infernal Plunge, Burnt Offering, Phyrexian Tower and/or Priest of Forgotten Gods? Mana producers that also play the sac theme. You're already running Phyrexian Altar, these would be an extension of that.

tacolover25 on It's a Mad World (U/G …

5 hours ago

YodaVoda, thanks for the upvote! I'd be happy to have a look at your take on the deck.

Viera on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

5 hours ago

The Twice-Favored

Commander / EDH* Viera


Hello there, my sweets! Tonight I want some held on optimizing my Eutrophia Bogles deck. Low to the curve, hexproof and unblockable creatures, and auras of plenty.

Caran_Lyg on Wizards Unite

6 hours ago

Narset Transcendent if you’re not worried about spending a bit for a planeswalker. Her -2 gives your instants and sorcerers rebound. Her ultimate makes it so your opponent will not be able to use any non creature spells.

sub780lime on Necronomicon | Teysa Karlov | …

6 hours ago

Any place for Agadeem's Awakening  Flip? Taborax, Hope's Demise could also get real big, real quick, but it moves away from our general game plan. I actually think I want to make a straight Taborax, Hope's Demise EDH deck.

YodaVoda on It's a Mad World (U/G …

6 hours ago

tacolover25 I already +1. I don't know if you saw but i made a budget deck based on yours so i wolud like to know what you think of it.

Zachadoodles on Cube

6 hours ago

I love this more than my mom

jakalova on Blood Artist Sacrifice Deck (Turn …

6 hours ago

You need more zombies for Gravecrawler. Sarcomancy and putrid imp are good inclusions. I came up with a similar deck more than a few years ago but I went more on the storm combo side than aristocrats.

Pheardemons on Pattern Recognition #172 - Moving …

6 hours ago

berryjon - First of all, I've been following this since article one and will continue to read these as long as you are putting them out! Hopefully you never stop haha.

Secondly, I'm sorry if you have already written on this topic (or something similar), but would an article about the power creep in magic be something that could be explored? For example, the volume of standard bannings in just the past couple of years and printings of cards like Oko, Thief of Crowns that needed to be banned in almost every format he is legal in. These are but two examples, but I'm sure an Old Fogey like you sees a lot more than a mere newcomer (in comparison) would even recognize.

Have you written about secret lairs at all? Not sure, but that could be apart of the topic. Plus, the whole Walking Dead Secret Lair controversy. Directional changes that Wizards (or maybe Hasbro?) is taking that many are complaining are stilting the game. Curious about your thoughts.

Would you say these changes (be it directional changes, power creep, or something else) are still apart of the NWO? Has the NWO itself changed since Wizards implemented it way back when? Is that even possible?