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Gidgetimer on Are the 30th anniversary cards …

5 minutes ago

They are not tournament legal magic cards, so whatever rules are in place for CE are in place for them.

I'm not sure I would say that people play CE now with no issue, people have some issue but I find that a bit of a good thing. It makes it easy to tell the people who are unskilled and just want to win off of bankroll. It is best to avoid them. Personally I'd rather play against a player and their deck than their wallet. I have decks that could easily pay some of my acquaintances' bills for 3 months. I still want to play against them, despite being in vastly different financial situations.

LovelyUnicorn123 on Big Painbow 2.0

6 minutes ago

Awesome deck! May I recommend that you use Yoshimaru, Ever Faithful in your deck? It could be pretty helpful!

Icbrgr on Are the 30th anniversary cards …

10 minutes ago

there isn't a need to worry about the affect of prices of reserved list cards due to this product... its a collectors thing.

They are not tournament legal cards

Proxies have been a bane and boon to Magic players for a long time now... personally I don't have issues with proxies being used in a casual setting... and if someone wanted to have a print a high quality proxy Savannah in there EDH deck I wouldn't be mad about it... But at the end of the day I think its up to the individual playgroup and Local Game Store as to whether or not it would be allowed/tolerated.

Abaques on Are the 30th anniversary cards …

10 minutes ago

With a different back they are absolutely proxies. The game wasn't designed around sleeves and there is a reason that the back of the cards hasn't changed at all since Alpha. There's no need for the rules committee to make a statement on them.

That being said, talk to your group and if everyone is fine with them, play them. Just like you would with any other proxy.

My problem with the 30th anniversary cards isn't that Wizards printed proxies, it's that they are the most money-grubbing move Wizards has ever made. $1000 for 60 random proxies, the vast majority of which are for cards with printings that have essentially no value? Even with a limited print-run Wizards is going to be making $900+ profit on every sale. I just don't support that kind of gouging.

Caerwyn on Are the 30th anniversary cards …

11 minutes ago

They have the same legality as existing gold-bordered cards - the default rule is that they are not legal, but individual groups might permit their play regardless. The rules for card legality include having a regular Magic card back. It is not so much they are “banned” as they never were going to be permitted in the first place.

That should answer your question, but I also am going to go ahead and lock this thread. There already is a discussion thread for these cards - linked here - and having multiple threads on the same topic is rather redundant. If you want to discuss further, please post on that thread instead.

Pedrodamus on Are the 30th anniversary cards …

15 minutes ago

For all intents and purposes these cards are CE 2.0. People play CE now with no issues. This will be no different.

lcarl3035 on Laurence Fishburne

30 minutes ago

You have a Spell Crumple in here, so if you add Tunnel Vision it's instantly milling out either you with Thassa's Oracle or your opponent in two turns time.

vasarto77 on Are the 30th anniversary cards …

41 minutes ago

Question says it all. If they fit in a normal sleeve, can we insist they still count as proxies if people try using the dual lands and just have them banned outright so it doesn't affect the market? These should count as gold border despite having a black border because of their back, right? I think it would be important that the rules committee were to declare outright that they really DO indeed count as proxies and must be approved by your playgroup beforehand.

Icbrgr on MTG 30th anniversary $1K Proxies

43 minutes ago


these are not tournament legal cards... they are like official WOTC proxies/tokens.... I imagine LGS or friends would decide for themselves if they would be allowed to be used for EDH and things like that.

vasarto77 on MTG 30th anniversary $1K Proxies

50 minutes ago

Can we get these cards from the 30th anniversary set banned?

Delphen7 on Land Prison

58 minutes ago

nbarry223 Glad you liked it :D

Yasharn is a neat idea, but he seems a turn too slow if we're running him specifically for fetches. The fastest we can cast him is turn 3, and most decks are fetching turns 1-2 to fix mana. However, Yasharn does hate on Yawgmoth in a way they can't really interact with, which is attractive.

I think for now I'll put it in the maybeboard with the intent of seeing how it does in games, but if Yawgmoth ever becomes more prevalent I'll definitely keep Yasharn in mind.

TheOfficialCreator on Pattern Recognition #257 - Player …

1 hour ago

All good! I'm actually going to try and write an article this week anyway, so I've got ya covered ;)

EscapingBurger on You Dropped This

1 hour ago

Thanks! These look fun. I do like that Fumble fits the theme, and it looks like a good way to add more removal and maybe steal an artifact or two as well.

dragonstryke58 on Opponent Asks About Half of …

2 hours ago

According to the Comprehensive Rules:

712.5. Players who are allowed to look at a meld card may look at its half of the combined back face. Players may access Oracle text for the other member of the meld pair and the combined face at any time (see rule 108.1).

So it seems that if a player has access to information of one half of the melded pair, they have access to the information of the other half as well.

berryjon on Pattern Recognition #257 - Player …

2 hours ago

Sorry everyone, no article tomorrow. My ability to write this week took a nosedive. See you next week!

nbarry223 on Land Prison

2 hours ago

Regarding the deck, I really think that Yasharn, Implacable Earth would be a solid include, as it finds both your basics, and hates on fetches, which most decks run.

Gidgetimer on Opponent Asks About Half of …

2 hours ago

Technically the object "Chittering Host  Meld  Meld" isn't on the battlefield, so I guess you aren't required to give any information. Though... it seems unsportsmanlike to me.

nbarry223 on Land Prison

2 hours ago

Oo I really like the relevant rulings idea. I’m definitely going to update some of my decks with something similar.

I have sections where I explain how things work (and even link to the live rules IRC) but I don’t quote specific rules, I really like that idea. Definitely going to stea… I mean acquire that concept.

herb on Elvish Dinomancy

2 hours ago

I'm thinking that the current iteration of the deck is the final version, with possibly a couple Castle Garenbrigs in the mix of lands. Thanks for the input, everyone, and I'll post when the physical deck is finished and how it plays!

Gleeock on MTG 30th anniversary $1K Proxies

2 hours ago

Haha, that's some spendy proxies there. I keep wondering when the bubble will burst on this product line, I'm already down to buying <$5 singles. The priceline keeps getting more nutty & now we get a cowardly half-done whale product. Oh well, I will keep printing off high quality proxies for <15 cents apiece that look as good as the originals because MtG had low-res imaging back then anyway.

TypicalTimmy on How in the heck is …

2 hours ago

Sarevok, Deathbringer + Clan Crafter + Gyruda, Doom of Depths

Clan Crafter allows you to keep Sarevok from harming yourself due to his own trigger. This is because you always have an outlet to sacrifice toward. It'll also grow Sarevok's power, making him more brutal toward your opponents.

As for Gyruda, taking their stuff is always very nice. Clan Crafter also can put +1/+1 counters on Gyruda, since she is a Commander as well.

Recognize something unique with Sarevok, though. It draws attention to each player's end step, but does not stipulate in any way that the controlling player must have sacrificed something. For example, suppose there is a 4-player game between Bryan, James, Sarah and Anthony. Perhaps, for argument's sake, it is Sarah's turn. She moves to her end step, and this will put Sarevok's ability on the stack. During her turn, Sarah did not have a permanent leave the battlefield. You'd assume Sarevok would have her lose 3 life, since his power is 3. However, as par with EDH players, Anthony's turn is up next so he cracks his fetchland in response to Sarevok's ability.

Anthony searches for his Temple Garden and puts it onto the battlefield tapped.

Now Sarevok's ability moves to resolve. But what's this? It checks and sees that Anthony did in fact have a permanent leave the battlefield. Therefore, Sarah does NOT lose her 3 life.

  • Just something to keep an eye out for.

Grind on Dragon Breeding

2 hours ago

Cool deck!!!
Trepanation blade seems really out of place here.
Alternatively, would you consider Infiltration Lens, Lizard Blades, Rancor, or maybe Two-Handed Axe?

Grind on What it be

2 hours ago

Cool deck!!
Have you considered running Gauntlet of Power? . It would be great with your mana base.
I also like War Room as it can sometimes draw a card.

Grind on False Gods

2 hours ago

cool deck!!!
have you considered Kuldotha Forgemaster? maybe over blight herder
or what about Unstable Obelisk possibly over lux cannon.
have you considered Chromatic Orrery over dreamstone hedron? ramping from 6 to 9 is good, but ramping from 7 to 12 is great!
anyway just some thoughts, cheers and have fun.

Ch4oTic.Evol on Jhoira Artifacts

3 hours ago

SweetDreamsies I've definitely seen a lot of people saying the same thing, and intended to switch over to that version of Jhoira. But with the news of two Urza's, I might end up switching commanders altogether. Iwill most certainly be trying this deck with Weatherlight Captain at least once!

Gidgetimer on If magic made a spin-off …

3 hours ago

legendofa Yes, The Imperium of Man are space Nazis and Wizards just straight up pulled the aesthetics of it without thought of if Games Workshop had kept problematic depictions in their game. Then again, some 40K fans don't seem to get that point and unironically think that the humans are the "good guys" without realizing that the whole thing is that there are no good guys, just various types of bad guys. Those people probably would have gotten mad if there hadn't been depictions of Imperial Guard. But it does seem weird that they purge offensive cards and then a few years later print new problematic art.

Delphen7 on Opponent Asks About Half of …

3 hours ago

The card in question was Phyrexian Dragon Engine, but I'll use Graf Rats  Meld because it's been released.

Say I control Graf Rats (It has the image half), and since all faces are public information, my opponent looks at the back. My opponent then asks about the other half (the half with text).

Strictly by the rules, what do I have to reveal about it? What if I control the text half and my opponent asks about the name of the back card?

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

3 hours ago

One of my favorites when I first began is / was Shaman of the Great Hunt. I've done this challenge before with him, but I think I can do it better this time.

Vretkag of the Endless Hunt

  • Hey Timmy, tell us what kind of a player you are without telling us.

Oldie but goldie challenge. Make your dream Commander.

  • !!
  • I never noticed the two mammoths in the background before! :D

BlueGriffon on Nagussy

3 hours ago

might be best or worst deck name on tappedout unsure

Faux-Foe on Legend of the Dynamo

3 hours ago

Taking the suggestions into account, I have removed Temporal Aperture, Conduit of Ruin, Grimoire of the Dead, and Lightning Greaves.

I have added Mind Stone, Worn Powerstone, Solemn Simulacrum, and Swiftfoot Boots.

Still pilots like a 4-wheeler going down a steep hill, with too many things to keep track of and holding on for dear life.

SpammyV on If magic made a spin-off …

4 hours ago

You could go play Magic Spellslingers on Steam and mobile devices right now. It's okay.

Daveslab2022 on The Pioneers Used to Ride …

4 hours ago

I don’t think Urborg Lhurgoyf fits in this deck.

First off, how can it be a 5/6 on turn 3? It only mills 3 cards and you don’t have any other ways to get creatures into your ‘yard quickly.

Secondly, it just doesn’t do enough. Even if you somehow milled 6 of your 18 creatures, you just spent 4 mana for your opponent to kill it with a Fatal Push, giving them a huge tempo swing. 4+ mana creatures need to do more than have a big body in 2022.

SufferFromEDHD on There's Treasure Everywhere

4 hours ago

Was Bootleggers' Stash what finally converted you to 5 color?

What you see is the current build. Rain of Riches and Seize the Spotlight were the most recent additions.

Daveslab2022 on Card creation challenge

4 hours ago

Mightstone, Awakened

Legendary Artifact Creature - Golem

Other creatures you control get +X/+X, where X is ~’s power


Find a way to buff it and it buffs all your creatures. Play off of Mightstone and inspired by the new set, the Brother’s War.

Pick your favorite nonlegendary creature and redesign it so that it is now a legendary creature.

legendofa on Card creation challenge

4 hours ago

Pyroclastic Gel

Creature - Ooze

, Sacrifice a land: Put a lava counter on Pyroclastic Gel. It gets +1/+0 and gains trample until end of turn.

, : Each opponent sacrifices a land for each lava counter on Pyroclastic Gel. Remove all lava counters from Pyroclastic Gel.


Repeatable mass land destruction OP? I think I gave it a high enough opportunity cost.

Create a creature that enters the battlefield as a 0/0 and doesn't have a way to increase its own stats.

legendofa on If magic made a spin-off …

4 hours ago

Caerwyn I hadn't seen those yet. I can only assume that they're directly pulled in from the Warhammer 40K aesthetic, which is problematic by itself.

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

5 hours ago

Tower Battlements of Dromoka

Legendary Creature - Wall Archer

Defender, Reach, Ward

When Tower Battlements of Dromoka enters the battlefield, distribute in any combination of X +1/+1 and / or -1/-1 counters among any number of creatures.

Creatures you control with +1/+1 counters on them gain reach and vigilance.


I feel silly making this as a Commander, but I love the idea of it.

This next challenge will be railroaded quite a bit, but I want to see what you come up with.

Make a,

  • Non-legendary
  • Mythic
  • Mono-red Ooze
  • Named "Pyroclastic Gel"

The challenge here is what are you going to do to TRULY make it feel like a non-legendary Mythic? Not a rare. A mythic.

Femme_Fatale on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

5 hours ago

mrbobz, dannypamu1987: XML issues, thanks for letting us know. Tip: You can get a bit more info on the error that might be happening by by manually typing that card's individual page in the url.

SweetDreamsies on Jhoira Artifacts

5 hours ago

I built Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain. I think she is the better of the two by far. Plus it’s my favorite deck. My version is a turn 3-5 every game win and is expensive but you can build it and hve it function then 4-7 for about $300

Jhoira Storms

Caerwyn on If magic made a spin-off …

5 hours ago

Presently, no there is not--but only because the card will be released in two days. Wizards' inclusion of a card that is designed to look like an SS officer, including the use of the same hat style and a similar skull and wing emblem motif, is not part of the antiquity of the game--it is a present and new inclusion to the game itself. The fact that it is in a deck with a card whose flavour text is weirdly reminiscent of Nazi ideology certainly does not help matters.

CordellWambach on Card creation challenge

5 hours ago

Mage's Lotus


: Add 3 mana of any one color. Spend this mana only to activate abilities or to pay costs of triggered abilities.

Make a powerful combat creature with defender. Do not include on the card a way to attack as though it didn't have defender.

AceDallenbach on Sheoldred, draw Cards and be …

5 hours ago

Hey honestly this current build is pretty solid. Skullclamp came to mind and since you are running Bitterblossom and Ophiomancer there is some synergy that could argue for the extra-card draw.

I also saw you are running Dismember not a bad card by any means, but what about Tragic Slip? Personally I find it preforms better in this slot, sure it isn’t as versatile but creature deaths are very common and you have the means to force creature deaths to where the -13/-13 is most likely going to be the outcome.

Razaketh, the Foulblooded is expensive in both money and mana but it wins games. Pay two life to tutor is gross.

Harvester of Souls is a personal favorite but I don’t know if you have enough creatures to justify it.

Agadeem's Awakening  Flip there really isn’t a reason not to run this card in most black decks. Worst case its a swamp that costs you 3 life to play early game. late game it can bring back anything that was removed in the early game. It’s super-flexible strongly recommend it.

I’m going to suggest Bubbling Muck. I love Dark Ritual early game but the bubbles is so strong late game, especially if you are going to win by casting Torment of Hailfire.

Lastly Darkness. Really love a fog in a non-green color, especially with this deck. I see anyone playing this deck quickly turning into the archenemy of the table since most do not like stack effects which is what this deck is. Feign Death is a cool card since it can save a creature from a broad range of removal but I still think Reanimate or Darkness would be a better card in that slot.

Anyways hope this helped, great deck!

legendofa on If magic made a spin-off …

5 hours ago

I would play it. I would also directly incorporate it into M:tG if the rules are 100% compatible. Even if they changed the names of some of the mechanics, it's nothing the Portal sets didn't do already, and those were supposed to be beginner sets.

Even if WotC made a big blanket announcement saying that Surrounding cards aren't legal in Gathering decks and vice versa, I suspect the huge majority of players would either ignore that or simply make quasi-legal proxies.

Caerwyn If you don't mind me asking, are there any cards with Nazi imagery that haven't been ultra-banned and disowned?

TypicalTimmy on MTG 30th anniversary $1K Proxies

5 hours ago





shadow63 on If magic made a spin-off …

5 hours ago

Caerwyn theres nazi imagery on mtg cards? I know theres invoke prejudice. But that's not nazi stuff on that card. Still don't know how anyone saw that art and gave it the green to print on cards tho.

But anyways here's the Arabian nights card back

Daveslab2022 on I solved mana screw and …

6 hours ago


we should fix the problems with the rule set first

There is no problem with the rule set. You are literally trying to solve a non issue. It’s like you’re trying to figure out why 2+2=5 without realizing that it’s really 4.

You are on an entirely different wavelength than everybody else.

If you don’t like the deck building system in MTG, don’t play. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the system.

AceDallenbach on You Can't Flicker Your Friend's …

6 hours ago

Deadeye Navigator comes to mind. It isn’t cheap but it really does offer a ton of versatility with flicker and enter the battlefield effects.

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

6 hours ago

Lock, Shock & Barrel

Make a new Lotus and be clever about it. Not just "Add " a something called Fire Lotus. The more creative you are, the better.

But remember, simplicity is key ;)