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haydensmith423 on Galea, Voltron

4 minutes ago

This honestly looks pretty good, im going to take some of your ideas from here and maybe re build my Galea with them haha. I'll just suggest some things i personally like. Shield of the Oversoul will hook it up with +2 +2, indestructible, and flying. Steel of the Godhead will give +2 +2, lifelink, and unblockable. The two I would replace would be Holy Avenger, i only count 10 out of 99 cards that this could would benefit unless its in for the double strike. Belt of Giant Strength or Colossus Hammer because the equip cost on them is a lot, i see just 3 ways to cheat equip cost in general here and i do understand an argument can be made for the belt but yea, just my opinion. A creature i would consider is Armored Skyhunter, in voltron decks he is a good value piece in my opinion. But yea, your Galea is good and would probably beat mine haha. I like it.

NTakamura on Consistent card draw in izzet

16 minutes ago

I am looking to improve my card draw for my flash/Flicker Dragon deck using Renari, Merchant of Marvels and Dragon Cultist I feel like I have a good amount of ramp but I struggle with consistent card draw. The only ones that I have that can really help that I have so far are Icon of Ancestry Iymrith, Desert Doom Kindred Discovery Loch Dragon Rhystic Study Vanquisher's Banner If there are more cards that can help with some good card draw I am love the suggestions. The deck list is below

Renari Flicker Dragons

Metroid_Hybrid on Old School '99 EDH | …

20 minutes ago

One more set suggestion for the pre-y2k format...

What about 'Starter 1999'?

Also, would it be a little problematic to have the "Power 9" as legal? Or is it just the case of "None of us are ever going to own any of them, so who cares"?

Rhadamanthus on isochron scepter and revel in …

39 minutes ago

Delphen7 you're right, I wasn't thinking carefully enough. The copy of the imprinted card won't be double-faced. I was thinking of a case where the card itself is getting played. Apologies for the confusion.

xram666 on Yeva's Surge to Victory

55 minutes ago

For redundancy I would add Concordant Crossroads as another haste enabler for the whole team.

Niko9 on 【Emotional】▷ RANT ◁ WOTC's GREED …

1 hour ago

I agree with pretty much all points here, and just wanted to add that speculation also had a big part to play in MH2. As much as a lot of these cards need a reprint for modern to be healthy, healthy being a format that's both fun to play for the people here and will also attract new players, but at the same time they need to not be sitting in boxes that will never get opened. MH2 was the perfect storm for people to want to sit on crates of boxes, and players have to pay for a market that legitimately has nothing to do with the game.

But yep, at the same time it's all very pushed gameplay wise. As a casual player who really enjoys the game, I'm starting to look at modern the same way that I do legacy, just a, nope, not getting too far into this. And the sad thing is that it wasn't always like that. I've built janky modern decks before and had fun playing them against my more competitive friends, but that game now, that game is too much of an uphill climb.

And the worst problem though, they actually made a card that's a monkey pirate that I don't want to play. How? Just how : ) ? I'd be hard pressed to think of a creature type that makes me smile more, and yet, any card that makes me sigh harder.

griffstick on How can I make creatues …

1 hour ago

Mycosynth Lattice, that's the closest you'll get

Coward_Token on The Noble Baeloth, Bard of …

1 hour ago

Hello fellow Noble!Baeloth aficionado, just wanted to pop in to suggest Harmonic Prodigy since it works with both Baeloth's Treasure triggers and Noble Heritage's counter triggers (because it actually gives the ability to Baeloth, who is a Shaman).

Unlife on Whither Blooms the Darkness? pEDH

2 hours ago

I like it, very nice use of magecraft triggers. I'm not sure what it would be, but look for a backup wincon. My own experience with pEDH is that you tend to end up with larger board states for longer, which on one of the reason I think being able to sit behind a mass of tokens and ping opponents with your commander is great, but there is still a lot of targeted removal. Having a secondary wincon means you don't have to rely on having to cast your commander for the 10th time. You could also probably cut a land, your curve is pretty low. All in all, great deck.

Petamine666 on Lovely

2 hours ago

Okay dann hier erstmal alle Karten die ich gefunden habe, die was sein könnten:

Jukai Naturalist ist geil, wenn möglichst alle Entchantsments mindestens 1 farbloses kosten. Turn 1 könnte man dann theorethisch noch für taplands nutzen.

Kami of Transience wird genau wie Jukai Visionary und Generous Visitor momentan im Standard in Runes gespielt. wächst schnell und ist super nervig, weil er immer wieder aus dem Graveyard zurück kommt. Allerdings wären mit Ihm, Generous Visitor und Archin of Sun's Grace schon 12 Karten drin, die selber keine Entchantments sind, aber nur durch Entchantments triggern, das würde das Deck deutlich unkonsistenter machen..

God-Favored General zwar selber auch kein Entchantment, aber produziert immerhin welche und könnte so im lategame weiter trigger auslösen. Allerdings musst du ihn erstmal getappt bekommen und mit 1/1 ist er ziemlich mickrig und stirbt quasi an allem, also vermutlich eher Nichts :/

Setessan Champion Der ist dafür Bombe! Gibt es auch auf Arena, soweit ich weiß. Gleichzeitig Drawengine und wachsende Kreatur in einem. Leider leider selber kein Entchantment.

Season of Growth wäre nett, wenn du mehr Auren spielen würdest, aber ich glaube in die Richtung soll das Deck nicht gehen, oder? Falls doch ist Sentinel's Eyes ne Aura, die du wieder verwerten kannst. Manakosten beißen sich aber mit Jukai Naturalist.

Was auch noch sehr viel versprechend aussieht, ist Kruphix's Insight. Mit genug Entchantments einfach ein 3-Mana Draw three. Aber natürlich auch ab und zu weniger, vorallem wenn du viele Archons, Visitors, Kamis und Champions spielst.

Wie wäre es mit Sigil of the Empty Throne? Ist nur 1 Mana teurer als der Archon, schwerer zu removen, macht dickere Tokens und ist selbst ein Entchantment. Gibt es übrigens auch auf Arena.

Mana Bloom sieht auch interessant aus. Du brauchst den Ramp zwar nicht, aber du könntest es theorethisch jeden Turn auf 0 spielen, einfach nur um jeden Turn nen Entchantment zu casten. Allerdings wären 2 auf der Starthand tendenziell schon game over, also am besten nur 1 mal rein, wenn überhaupt.

Dann noch banishing light tauschen gegen Touch the Spirit Realm macht das gleiche, für das gleiche Mana, hat aber noch ne andere Option, mit der du deine eigene Kreatur beschützen oder nen Token günstiger killen kannst.

Cuts: Shapers Santuary ab ins Sideboard, ist zu oft ne tote Karte. Destiny Spinner auch ins Sideboard, der Effekt ist auch zu selten gut fürs Maindeck.

First Iroan Games auch raus, viel zu langsam für dein Deck, das kann deutlich explosiver sein.

All that Glitters würde ich tatsächlich auch cutten. Es kann zwar ne sehr gefährliche Karte sein, aber wie fast alle Auren hat die Karte das Problem, dass wenn dein Gegner in Reaktion darauf nen Removal für die entsprechende Kreatur hat, du einfach 2v1 getauscht hast, ohne dass die Karte was getan hat. Außerdem bietet dir Michikos Reign of Truth den gleichen Effekt (wenn auch nur 2 Turns) ohne die gleichen Risiken zu haben und macht sogar am Ende noch ne Kreatur.

Länder: Könntest Scattered Groves als tapland spielen, das kannst du im Lategame immerhin noch cyclen, wenn du keine Länder mehr brauchst. Wenn dir das die 1,50 wert ist, dann go. Fortified Village kommt potenziell untapped, vorallem mit scattered groves als anderes dualland, da es auch die subtypes hat, und kostet quasi nichts, also aufjedenfall mit bestellen.

Dragaan on Naya Mid-range

3 hours ago

Yea, the lack of fetchlands hurts, as I would love to play more naya midrange/bigZoo/CoCo but feel like that deck will never again be a worthy deck in modern from what I've seen since I came back. Just sad to not be able to play Knight of the Reliquary or Goyf (or even the exalted creatures). I will personally probably try and fit a Dromoka's command in the main over one of the other spells as it always did well for me in modern and the lack of cheap interaction like bolt and path kinda sucks. I also like Heroic Intervention, so I may consider one of those in the board. Still need to really take a look at pioneer sideboard options and what's been banned, etc. I thought I remembered Veil had been banned, or otherwise I assume you'd have it in the 75, heh.

And, yeah, I had just learned scooze was back in standard which is kinda cool, as I've never had a chance to play it in standard (probably not a huge powerhouse there, but I don't know many of the newest cards yet). Anyway, thx for gettin me hyped to mess around with my fav pet deck again. Hope it can put up a decent fight in Pioneer. GL to u

lukas96 on Proper Pauper Prowess

4 hours ago

holy shit I had no idea that Swiftspear was going to become pauper legal. Pauper burn here I come

lightgate on Old School 93 94 Discard

5 hours ago

What would you suggest running if you are not allowed to run with FE cards?

Cloudius on Burn the World

5 hours ago

A few key recommendations:

Blasphemous Act : Good removal which can be casted at a reduced cost most of the time.

Repercussion : This card won me games in the most epic manner when combined with Blasphemous Act. Earthquake or the likes.

Brash Taunter : Opponents will think twice before attacking you if Taunter is untapped. You can also repeatedly ping an opponent. So much value. Oh wait, I did mention Blasphemous Act?

Pyrohemia : Repeatedly punish your opponents and keep the board clear of mana dorks. Works especially well when you've an indestructible creature in play to keep the enchantment around. Or you can always cast a creature after the wipe.

dragonstryke58 on Is the Adventure half of …

5 hours ago

In all zones except for the stack when cast as an adventure, it will only be a Bonecrusher Giant. Adventures will only have the adventure characteristics when cast as an adventure spell on the stack.

Relevant Rules:

716.2. The text that appears in the inset frame on the left defines alternative characteristics that the object may have while it’s a spell. The card’s normal characteristics appear as usual, although with a smaller text box on the right.

716.4. In every zone except the stack, and while on the stack not as an Adventure, an adventurer card has only its normal characteristics.

DrunkMonkey on Henzie and the boys

5 hours ago

Hello! I am also trying to figure out a CEDH Henzie. But more like a low CEDH.

Is murderous cap any good? I hadn't considered it. Also, from experiences with Meren, Apprentice Necromancer comes short because it needs to tap to do its effect.

I hadn't realized that I could have the Kiki-Zealous combo along with my Protean-Mikhaeus-Ballista combo lol. Thanks for that.

carpecanum on Shorikai - Vehicles

6 hours ago

More ramp? Cultivator's Caravan is obviously absent, maybe Aerial Surveyor.

Unlicensed Hearse is amazing vs decks that use the graveyard.

Some of the creatures with "Inspired" produce tokens as they untap, that might fit your theme

BulletBombFTW on How can I make creatues …

7 hours ago

I posted this question in the modern forum since that's my primary format, but I quickly realized how strong this could be as a commander deck if it were possible.

I ran across Mishra, Artificer Prodigy and came up with the idea to create a Persistent Petitioners deck with Mishra as the commander. It would be cool to have a Thrumming Stone effect from the command zone for such a strong card. The only issue being that the petitioners need to be artifacts on cast to trigger Mishra. The hope was a card similar to Maskwood Nexus but artifact instead of changeling. That or something to combo with a Liquimetal Coating effect. I've tried scryfall searches with no luck so far. Perhaps there is a super old card that everyone forgot about...?

Thanks in advance to anyone with ideas!!

n8lm on Burn the World

7 hours ago

Cloudius definitely, your list has a few cards that would definitely be better in the deck than some of what I have. Thanks!

BulletBombFTW on How can I make Creatures …

7 hours ago

Thanks for the help, it seems like there isn't anything printed that will achieve exactly what I'm looking for. Perhaps its a good thing, this seems like a strong game plan, especially if you could ramp into the combo pieces. Thrumming Stone seems like the closest thing to achieve this game plan, unless there is a way to work off of Liquimetal Coating and similar effects.

macheesmo on i 1 v 7'd my …

7 hours ago

I run a black red version that wins consistently on turn 3-4 in modern. You just play waste not into burning inquiry. You draw ways to create red mana with your waste not triggers and combo into a reforge the soul or a dark deal with lilianas caress. Table is dead. it runs an alternate win con of 1 burst of speed for and past in flames to attack with the bunch of zombies you create. Im considering adding the 3 cost discard 3 card you use for instances where the combo ends and I need to pass my turn. It definitely is busted with 3 or more opponents.

carpecanum on Token Life

7 hours ago

I'd trade out maybe 5 lands for 5 land tutoring sorceries if you want lands faster. Skyshroud Claim, Rampant Growth, Nissa's Pilgrimage, Cultivate, Kodama's Reach etc.

Andramalech on Titan-Post

8 hours ago

Balinor5 I did my best with your deck notes on Gaia-post and ended up splitting focus from what 12-post is supposed to do with things like Karn, the Great Creator. So instead this is what I've hypothesized could succeed. I have most of this laying around, minus Glimpse of Nature and Cultivator Colossus. I was hoping you could provide some feedback? You quite literally inspired this rabbit-hole build, but it's become a passion project. I'd really like to see it through to completion, like my last build.

legendofa on Is the Adventure half of …

8 hours ago

The rules text of Stomp isn't part of the rules text for Bonecrusher Giant.

legendofa on Is the Adventure half of …

8 hours ago

I believe not. I'm sure one of the more experienced rules-ologists can provide a more technical answer, but basically, Bonecrusher Giant is an instant, Bonecrusher Giant is a creature separate from that instant, and Clone only copies creatures. Similarly, Clone can't copy Flamethrower Sonata  Flip, only Torrent Sculptor  Flip.

Cloudius on Burn the World

9 hours ago

I've a 4C group slug deck and it's loads of fun to pilot.

Watch the World Burn Rebooted!

Commander / EDH Cloudius


Hopefully you can draw some ideas and inspirations from it. Cheers!

Cloudius on Ghave That Bitch an Infinite …

9 hours ago

+1 for the awesome primer and beautiful page.

I have a Reyhan Yoshimaru partners deck that runs many similar lines as yours.

Man's Best Friend

Commander / EDH Cloudius


This is one of my new ventures and am still play testing the deck and making tweaks to it. Definitely keeping this page in view as I evolve Reyhan and his faithful friend! Feel free to drop by, suggestions are welcome!

Delphen7 on Is the Adventure half of …

9 hours ago

Just curious, can't think of somewhere it'd be relevant.

If I cast Clone, and it entered as Bonecrusher Giant, would it have the Stomp section of text in addition to Bonecrusher's?

RobRog11 on Boros Battlefield Control

9 hours ago

NVM i figured it out

DemonDragonJ on Rhystic Study or Smothering Tithe?

9 hours ago

lukas96, that is now three votes in favor of Rhystic Study, so, unless more users vote for Smothering Tithe by this upcoming Saturday, I shall put RS into my deck.

Tinmonkey on Tinmonkey

10 hours ago

Abres_Tenelles thanks! everytime i think i have all the cards i would consider i learn about more delicious cards like this. Makes cutting the deck down to 100 cards all the more difficult :/

ValkiGodofLies on Welcome Aboard!

11 hours ago

Nautiloid Ship is has been confirmed to be a pirate ship belonging to Captain N'ghathrod and does synergize well with the theft theme, I recommend adding.

babymetal on ddddddd

11 hours ago


ktiagot on Teste

11 hours ago


lhetrick13 on Vampire Deatheaters

11 hours ago

I am a sucker for tribal builds :) After vampires and angels, dragons are another tribe I have on my list to explore...

I only play MTGO due to my fairly isolated location and other hobbies/responsabilities. So budget is pretty high usually! Just spend like 20 bucks a month and building up the mana base so now I can run some decent decks. Although I hate how MTGO does not have a proper chat function. MTG is a game better shared with people and not being able to talk besides a text chat is pretty sad.

Ya, I figured with the artifact/enchantments. and usually are not the best at that but there are some options...kinda...I am planning on splashing colors to help with that issue.

Glad I said something then about the Stolen Vitality! I thought that was an odd choice considering the other was in the Maybe category.

Keep me posted on your thoughts on Rakish Heir vs Stensia Masquerade. The two are very similar with Masquerade also providing a source of First-Strike which does pair well with the amount of Deathtouch you are running and mt preliminary vampire build is already facing this exact question!

AstroAA on I keep losing to Precon …

12 hours ago

Yeah, as Gidgetimer said, CMC is extremely important. Usually I try to stick to below an average CMC of ~2.5 when building my decks, or if they're based on lands, ~2.75. That's also including at least 8~15 pieces of ramp via artifacts, creatures, and land-based ramp such as Exploration. You want to win more games and overall have a smoother experience? Lower your CMC.

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

12 hours ago

Woodlouse Spider Den


Woodlouse Spider Den enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a Spider.

, : Search any non-exile zone for a Spider card you own and put it onto the battlefield. It gains haste, reach and deathtouch until end of turn. Exile it at the beginning of your next end step. Shuffle your library if you searched it in this way.

I don't struggle with arachnophobia, but God damn do Woodlouse Spiders terrify the absolute fuck out of me.


tinqle on Ur-Dragon's Multiverse Onslaught | *PRIMER*

12 hours ago

No Firkraag, Cunning Instigator ? Just curious because I didn't see an inclusion or exclusion for this one and seems like a decent fit. Although spots are tight haha

legendofa on Card creation challenge

12 hours ago

Switch Out


Return target creature you control to its owner's hand. Target teammate puts a creature with mana value equal to or less than the returned creature's mana value from their hand onto the battlefield.

Create a land based on something that scares you.

Yogei on Vampire Deatheaters

12 hours ago

lhetrick13 - I’m glad you like the deck! After my Dragons this is probably my strongest deck (at least locally).

I chose Sanguine Bond over Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose in the past due to budget reasons. When he released he got expensive fairly quickly, and then I forgot about him. Looking at him now he seems to have dropped somewhat in price and I might reconsider. Sanguine Bond’s CMC is high and that’s why I’m only playing two copies and using it as a secondary win condition. I wont bore you with my budget philosophy, but me and my friends have decided to play on a smaller budget than most.

Artifact/enchantment removal is one of the deck’s weaknesses as you say, but I haven’t found a card to fill that role yet. Protection and breaching strong defences are two others points where the deck stumbles.

I can honestly say that I’ve misread the text on Stolen Vitality xD I agree, Vampiric Fury is better.

Retribution of the Ancients is an interesting card, one that I haven’t seen before. I like that if I kill a creature, part of the counters spent could be repaid too. Like is said in another comment, this deck needs a few tweaks in my opinion and I’ll keep Retribution of the Ancients in mind as I experiment in future. Other card on my mind are Rakish Heir vs Stensia Masquerade and Gravitic Punch as an alternative to trample.

I hope your plans for a vampire deck of your own goes well! Drop me a line when you’ve made it :D

Squee_Spirit_Guide on I don't like the modern …

12 hours ago

Hey, Spell_Slam! That's a great question! For me, the old border is more about the nostalgia for the cards I used to play with back in the day. The cards in this deck actually came from my collection so there wasn't a lot of room for tweaking :)

I definitely like the retro-framed cards, but they just don't feel right in this deck. You're absolutely right though, you could make an almost competitive version of this (for FNM at least) using the retro frame cards. And if budget wasn't a concern you could add fetches to dip into other colours and make it even stronger. It's an intriguing possibility!

Magic_Aids on 【Molten】▷ 5-Color Domain ◁【Deck!】 NEW …

13 hours ago

Another UPDATE to 5-Color Domain! This time, it's Molten Rain to the rescue! As always, let me know what you Big Boys think of the deck!! <3