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athurdent on Bubble Double Toil And Trouble

1 minute ago

I love the theme!

Razaketh, the Foulblooded probably has too high a converted mana cost (CMC) for modern, if you want to keep it, i would make it a 1of.

You will also need a way to draw cards, looks like you will run out of steam. Because you have high CMC Dark Confidant i think maybe too painful to you and Phyrexian Arena does not really fit the theme, so perhaps Dark Prophecy is more on theme. alternately try Sign in Blood, Night's Whisper and Read the Bones.

Your sideboard should be how to deal with other decks, for example graveyard decks, storm decks, combo decks etc. Where do you plan to play this deck and what do people normally play? The answers to those questions will tell you what cards should be in your sideboard.

Witch's Cottage should go in your main deck, you should also consider some different lands, maybe Ghost Quarter or Field of Ruin for any deck that needs specific lands (eg tron)

This is all I can think of at the moment, great theme idea!

higuy9677 on Kess Consutation

3 minutes ago

New mtg player first attempt at a CEDH deck. Need reccomendations for a good land base. Any good tips would be appreciated.

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

5 minutes ago

Searing Memories


Target opponent reveals X cards from their hand to you at random unless they have Searing Memories deal X damage to them.

"You don't want to talk? Fine, I'll rip the memories out of you."

Turn any of the five God weapons from original Theros into an Equipment. For example, the Hammer of Purphoros into a usable equipment.

JqlGirl on Unesh's Sphinx Storm

8 minutes ago

IDKinc It's in there! It's the only changeling I run, but it's there.

MikuHatsune on Turbo Atraxa

13 minutes ago


There are a few ways I like to evaluate the starting hand of this. The main thing is early mana. You want at least 3 mana worth of lands + manadorks + artifacts first and foremost. If you have something to get extra mana early that's just fantastic. Next most important is having a good 2-, 3-, and/or 5-drop, and the most of those turns you have something good to play on, the better. Lastly, I would give a small bonus for having a counterspell, for having at least one planeswalker, and/or for having at least one card draw spell or ability, but only count these if you can't decide if you should mulligan or not from the earlier points.

Short version: If you have at least 3 mana worth of mana-producing cards, keep unless it has like 0 playables.

Liquidbeaver on Liquidbeaver's Liquimetal Prison

15 minutes ago

Gonna test a Goblin Charbelcher in the side for another finisher. Haven't had good luck with a Ballista, but if the Belcher doesn't pan out I might try that again.

Also, going to find a Chalice and test that out in the side. Not sure how often I would wish for it but it definitely would have helped me in my last couple matches against Prowess and Humans.

Liquidbeaver on Liquidbeaver's Liquimetal Prison

17 minutes ago

MagiclayWiz: This deck started on a whim because of how rare the effect of Liquimetal is in Magic, and has gone from really bad and durdly to an actual deck that can hard control a game, and Liquimetal is still a keystone to it! I will definitely keep it updated, I play it at least once a week and it is still my favorite modern deck. Keep checking back in for my new ideas!

trew3579 on Krrik

20 minutes ago


R3YNO on Zedruu's Used Goat Emporium

24 minutes ago

Considering adding Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre and or Kozilek, Butcher of Truth as big final beaters.

Darkewarrior on Zada Land engyne (not kidding)

32 minutes ago

Maybe you don’t want to take this route but about Silverfur Partisan? Every time you target Zada you literally double the number of wolves you had

WtFjDk on WtFjDk

39 minutes ago

Heya I'm tango 1990 will give you my age and I'm a classic player using modern and standard usually building weird build making themed decks with solid builds make up most of the fun. Hmu if u like my ideas and if u seen em before I'd love to meet like minded builders

R3YNO on kaalia of the vast deck

57 minutes ago

Rogue's Passage can help make your stuff un-blockable. Maybe swap Despark with Path to Exile, its one white and cheap with the recent reprint. I think if you want grave recursion, Reanimate (kinda pricey I know) is pretty solid for this. You might like Magmaquake, with all your fliers its a one-sided board wipe.

fadelightningmm on Infinite Loops

1 hour ago

I started playing magic a long time ago (about 16 years ago), and in the beginning I was your typical Timmy and loved swinging in with big creatures. Insane combat math was always my favorite thing to puzzle out.

A few years ago when dominaria released a friend suggested that I try storm because my favorite part was the math in combat. I took him up on the offer and built Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain and loved it. Since then a lot of the decks I have built have been combo decks. There is something vastly different about playing combo versus playing against combo. A seasoned combo player will almost make combos look effortless, but in reality it is much more demanding to find opportunities to do things(assuming it’s not a boring oops I win combo). There are a ton of combo decks out there but they aren’t as bad as people say. As Yisan (great name btw) mentioned it’s cool to pull off the unexpected combo win, but afterwards shuffle up a different deck. Sometimes when you run combo you don’t pull off your combo for a long time ex. I have a Yennet, Cryptic Sovereign deck that tries to win with Fractured Identity and Phage the Untouchable. I’ve had the deck since C18 released and finally pulled off the combo this past Saturday. Combo feels like a really cool achievement and once you pull it off you move on to check off another thing on the list.

Attrition games are fun, but they can take forever. If you’re behind in a game of attrition it can be no fun. At least combo allows for less of the extended I’m behind feel bads. Also you can make some really good attrition based combo decks. Look at any stax based deck for that matter.

I think too many people in the magic community like to complain about things. It’s fine to not like something, but it doesn’t make others wrong for wanting to play that style of game. Pre-game communication can help lessen the feel bads of losing to combo, infect, or voltron. Talk to the group if you want a combo free game discuss that with them.

In the end I guess what I’m trying to say is combo is a legitimate play style. Things change over time. Some things like Channel enable a combo far too easily (something like Flash could also be in this category too) should be banned. Starting a game and immediately ending it isn’t fun (sorry cEDH community).

seshiro_of_the_orochi on GHALTA FUCKIN DIES

1 hour ago

You're welcome.

I was talking about both. Noxious revival isn't necessary, as is the biggest part of your recursion package. Three or four pieces should be enough. In my stompy list centered around Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma, I only run two: Paleoloth and Eternal Witness, and these actually interact quite nicely.

Fasrielyn on Hogaak, Infectious Necroplis

1 hour ago

Commander_Me this is my brothers deck. http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/25-02-20-izzet-over-yet/

TheAlteredMind on Blue Fish Urza - cEDH ...

1 hour ago

For people who don't want to run timetwister what do you recommend as an alternative?

SuperiorMagicMilk on Optimized Xenagos

1 hour ago

I agree with BlarghBoy, having extra land drop utility creatures in a deck with 32 lands seems useless.

thomasswayne on C'mon... Do it... You know ...

1 hour ago

How much work does the Raging River put in for the average game? I love the concept of it in this deck! Also have you considered putting in Imperial Recruiter?

Daemonslayer on Gotta get dem gains

1 hour ago

Can I get some help lowering my 3 drops?

Cloudius on Advertise your deck!

1 hour ago

My Sevinne, the Chronoclasm deck which revolves around his 1st ability rather than building around his Flashback ability.

Upvotes and constructive feedback are welcomed!

Watch the World Burn!

Commander / EDH Cloudius


Thanks in advance!

Podkomorka on Rasaru

1 hour ago

Hey Rasaru, thanks for reaching out! If possible you should come join the PDH Discord server (here is the invite link https://discord.gg/AUUBCku). This can make for much quicker communication!

To see which commanders are the most powerful I'd point you to the Tier List. At the moment only Tier 1 is accurate. You can find good deck examples for them in the Compendium.

Obviously fun is subjective so all I can do is list some of the decks I've enjoyed playing. You can find my lists for these here.

DSalCoda on Manifest Destiny

1 hour ago

Oh America the beautiful burn those who are different and counter those that stand in our way.

Podkomorka on Podkomorka

1 hour ago

Hey Rasaru, thanks for reaching out! If possible you should come join the PDH Discord server (here is the invite link https://discord.gg/AUUBCku). This can make for much quicker communication!

To see which commanders are the most powerful I'd point you to the Tier List. At the moment only Tier 1 is accurate. You can find good deck examples for them in the Compendium.

Obviously fun is subjective so all I can do is list some of the decks I've enjoyed playing. You can find my lists for these here.

jrbeast73 on Punish me Daddy

2 hours ago

please change the name

enpc on Defender of the Heart, revised

2 hours ago

DemonDragonJ: Yes it does, very much so. Not to mention, all of those creatures have a persisent effect. The card you designed requires you to sacrifice the creature to get a one off (abelit very powerful) effect.

I kind of want to say 5 mana for a 2/2 with trample sounds like the right balance here. It's basically a tooth and nail if you can connect it, so making it small but cheap to cast would be the go.

But the problem is that you've changed the fundamental parameters. The whole point of Defense of the Heart was that you could play around it by not playing creatures. But this one here is designed so that to play around it, you have to play creatures of your own to hold up as blockers. Yes, I'm aware that reomval is a thing but it's the same for the OG card too, so I'm moving past that fact.

Personally I would say thath you should either try to stick to the card more closely or not try to make a creature version. But what you have here is more akin to Tooth and Nail than it is DotH.

jrc1123 on Punish me Daddy

2 hours ago

Please change the name

RedShirtComics on The Pantheon - Theros Gods ...

2 hours ago

Child of Alara isn’t from Theros. Golos, on the other hand fits the theme and despite being from a core set appears to be from Theros with his Greek sounding name, clothing and religious theme.

Mechanically Golos is also better because card draw is definitely weak because of how many permanents devotion requires.

TWCE on Oracle Core

2 hours ago

spuiopq Meme Journey seems better as a defensive option in the deck (with the breakfast pile) to shuffle Chain of Vapor back in and attempt to win again the following turn if the first one failed. With all of the Hulk piles there will be at least 3 devotion on board (Thassa's Oracle + Spellseeker/Cephalid Illusionist), and likely higher if the game lasts longer (Rhystic Study, Thrasios, etc.). Thus Meme Journey as a tech card really doesn't do much unless you have other removal on top of it. Since that's the case it's basically just better to run better interaction and have higher card quality than a card that isn't even guaranteed to stop the combo.

Hexaflexagon on Ah yes, Enslaved Heaven

2 hours ago

Hey Poly_raptor,

Thanks for your comment and upvote.

You're probably right in saying that I need to cut a few lands, I have more ramp cards than usual as well as having higher lands than needed. I think I should take out all the lands you mentioned instead of adding any more, because there were some cards that I forgot to add, which were Helm of the Host, Cathars' Crusade and Regna, the Redeemer, as well as Quest for Renewal which you mentioned.

This means that I need to take out 6 more cards, which probably be The Great Henge (seems more like a win-more card), Finale of Devastation (X has to be 5 or more to make it actually worthwhile in this deck I think), Sublime Archangel (If I have enough creatures for this to be worth it, I probably should be attacking with all of them anyway), Unclaimed Territory (I'll keep Cavern of Souls, but I think I can cut this one because I only have 20 Angels, not including things that can make Angels like Decree of Justice and Serra the Benevolent, which may be a problem as well) and Farseek (I probably have enough ramp cards).

Thanks again,


PS: I also forgot to add Worldly Tutor and Enlightened Tutor, so I'll take out Savage Summoning and Scout's Warning for them.

RNR_Gaming on Defender of the Heart, revised

2 hours ago

Yes. Its usually the difference between a filler card and a bomb in limited.

Podkomorka on Pauper EDH Deck Compendium

2 hours ago

@Dete Ball is legal for sure! Nothing is getting banned though haha

newyxX on Naya aura PNR

2 hours ago

I really like this idea. :)

IDKinc on Unesh's Sphinx Storm

2 hours ago

I run a similar list and I highly recommend running universal automaton as it is a free cast with Unesh and good to storm off with

ElTacoDude on Mardu warriors

2 hours ago

I've played many a Reckless Bushwhacker in my time. It is a very strong card. To make it work best I would recommend more creatures, especially 1 drops, maybe Zurgo Bellstriker, or Grim Initiate. I don't know if spending turn 3 playing Icon of Ancestry is worth it. But hey, that's just my opinion. :) Overall kool deck

ThatGrimGuy on The Pantheon - Theros Gods ...

2 hours ago

Child of Alara may be a pretty good alternative commander.

Vaygon on Need Feed Back on Deck ...

2 hours ago

Cheers for the feedback RNR_Gaming.

I've made quite a few revisions to the deck & it seems to be working quite nicely. The deck isn't going to win a gand prix by any strtch, but it's very fun to play & can be reasonably competitive laddering on MTGArena. :D

SendMechanicalHelp on Card creation challenge

2 hours ago

Oop ninja’d, my snowman was made in response to TypicalTimmy’s challenge. Do CordellWambach’s challenge

SendMechanicalHelp on Card creation challenge

2 hours ago

Frosty, Child Eater

Legendary Snow Artifact Creature: Snowman

Other snow and artifact creatures you control get +1/+1 (if a creature is both, it gets +2/+2)

When ~ or another snow creature enters the battlefield under your control, draw a card

Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy arghhhh! -Little Billy’s last words


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wildcard or if ninja’d do above

DemonDragonJ on Defender of the Heart, revised

2 hours ago

maxon, does the addition of flying really make that much of a difference?

Snax_n_staX on Tyrant Queen

2 hours ago

Shrektheogrelord thanks for the interest in the deck and sorry for the late reply. I actually find your pile very interesting and honestly could have won me a few games in my playgroup (graveyard hate is rough lol). And definitely send me your list :) I’d love to see it!

drcatherwood on Electoral Politics

3 hours ago

hey love the flavor going on here. Thoughts on running scheming symmetry, it has some politics to it also. With revel in riches, running a few wheel cards like windfall and wheel of fortune could be real good. just some ideas for you.

drcatherwood on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

3 hours ago

Hello fellow EDH players. I am back with my Kess Deck with some new changes this month. I added back in a Doomsday pile as the new Labman fish seems to be preeety good. Feel free to give me and tips and what have you, I appreciate it.

I must confess, I do love Kess

Commander / EDH* drcatherwood


sheineken on king-saproling

3 hours ago

Hey bud, it's sheineken from Reddit

Auzzboy on Auzzboy

3 hours ago

whats up

Ohhh_my_back on phyrexian edh cmd deck ahba

3 hours ago

entomb for bolas citadel

Doomsday for diamond mare

SirriusD16 on Estrid oath

3 hours ago

Estrid is leader and mystical Tutor for signature spell

CordellWambach on Card creation challenge

3 hours ago

Cloud Elemental:

Creature - Elemental


: The next time a source would deal damage to target creature this turn, it deals 1 damage instead.


Make a card that makes sense and breaks the color pie.

maxon on Defender of the Heart, revised

3 hours ago

Yeah but those creatures have legs AND wings