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abbatromebone on Temur midrange ramp

a few seconds ago
  • Its not bad to have extra red sources, Im just pointing out that its a spot to make cuts if you need to for budget reasons.
  • Whispersilk Cloak is unneeded you have flying which is enough evasion to get past a lot of creatures, plus they are big so they eat blockers fast. The 2nd part gives it makes it so not even you can interact with the creature. It pretty much unneed being your pay offs already have regenerate, or hexproof, or a form of protection. It can also just be a 3 mana do nothing. You can do bigger and better things with that mana. ( samething basically with Veil of Secrecy ).
  • Atarka's Command is a sweet card i use to play it in my competitive burn deck. You dont really need it. You are only ever really swinging with 1 or 2 creatures so the buff doesnt help, and dont need reach. The land drop isnt that amazing. Which means skull crack is probably a better card if you really want anti-life gain. Which also isnt really a probelm. If they just sit there and gain life you just cast more threats.
  • Ulvenwald Tracker and Domri, Anarch of Bolas are simular cards. They both offer the same amount kind of removal, but dom ramps you and buffs your creatures. As well as protects against counterspells. His abilites also dont tie up mana.
  • As for sideboarding: what enchantment ruins your deck. You already have 2 main board options why have 3 more? Sideboard cards offer a solution to a problem. I dont know what probelm you are trying to fix. What matchup do you need Heartless Hidetsugu for?

CaveBoy on And All The World A ...

8 minutes ago

Scheming Symmetry, because it activates Archive Trap, and you can also just milk whatever they put on top with Thought Scour and get the card you fetched

LittleCaguama on Baral for the Win

13 minutes ago

It is really good if you’re the one playing it

algoazul on Golos, Spell Spam

16 minutes ago

Consider using something like Leyline of Anticipation (Vedalken Orrery if within your budget). For a budget 1-use you have Emergence Zone. This will allow you to activate Golos during your opponent's turns.

Aldel on Mardu Death Triggers

16 minutes ago

kenvan19 that's awesome to hear! I haven't touched this deck in a while but I'll probably add the moth and keep it as a Pioneer deck going forward. I'm glad it worked out for you!

LeaPlath on Walking the Eternities

20 minutes ago

So the issue here is all bar 5 of your walkers are low impact. They do very little when they hit the board or are outclassed by similar mana costs.

First up I would look at the deck not as a deploy the gatewatch one but rather as a tap out planeswalker midrange deck. With the most impactful walkers you can play. Using interplanar beacon as fixing and life and powerful removal to keep you going turn 1-4

Necro on The King want you

20 minutes ago

DemMeowsephs thanks for advice. You miss too Mana Confluence. Its there from the beginning.

Ancient Ziggurat is for creatures. But now i have 19 noncreature spells. Thats alot for this land.

As good advice is Tarnished Citadel. But only for situation, when i need more mana stabilisation.

Reflecting Pool and Meteor Crater aare useless when i havent split multicolored permanent or triple lands, as Triome-lands.

Gaea's Cradle is ...OP :) , but i dont need too much green mana and when i lay 32 lands, i cant have this land in first 3 turns.

Fektoer on [Primer]Teysa, Orzhov Scion

29 minutes ago

Thanks for the compliments, means a lot. In regards to your question, I don’t remember the exact quote but I can tell you my thoughts on it. As soon as a card grows too powerful or leads to boring play patterns, I tend to remove it. For example, Rise of the Dark Realms. You draw it, you play it, they either sweep or you win. Barely any thought behind it. Not saying Rise is too powerful, it’s just boring.

Necropotence however is too powerful. If it’s in the deck, your main goal should always be to get in play asap. If you have a tutor, you get Necro. The card is busted. Without Necro, you suddenly have choices again.

I used to deliberately not play Darkest Hour because it made it too easy to go infinite, which I hate. However, the decks I play against grew more powerful (or should I say, I see Cyclonic Rift too often). So I looked to up the power of the deck. I still avoid to go infinite, but it gives me a lot of extra fodder for stuff like Ayara, Elenda, etc

Cathars’ Crusade also became a boring card. It’s by far the best enchantment to deploy. Making every sac-for-value sequence a hurr-durr I buff my army for +X/+X

Tylord2894 on Najeela with amulet of vigor

36 minutes ago

Gidgetimer, good catch. I wrote it correctly in the second half but not the former. Thanks!

Tylord2894 on Does World Slayer destroy Ensoul ...

37 minutes ago

Ensoul Artifact would be destroyed which will cause Worldslayer to "fall off".

In your scenario, the only thing that has Indestructible is Darksteel Citadel. The Citadel doesn't not grant Indestructible to Ensoul, so Ensoul will be destroyed. Immediately thereafter, the Citadel will no longer be a creature, so Worldslayer will fall off if the Citadel when SBAs are checked after the resolution of the Worldslayer trigger.

Hope this helps!!

GoblinElectromancer on Azorius Army

42 minutes ago

I think it's better to keep the deck size to 60 because it will be a lot more consistent and you probably won't mill yourself.

To cut: 2 Opt or Serum Visions, Feat of Resistance, Frantic Inventory, Dovin, Hand of Control, Spear of Heliod, Daxos of Meletis, Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, Citadel Siege, Teferi's Ageless Insight, Jace, Memory Adept, and Teferi, Timeless Voyager.

I don't know about the rest of the deck and playing a couple extra cards can't hurt as long as you play extra lands. If you do play extra cards play Yorion, Sky Nomad as your companion so that you can get a free card every game.

Good Luck on the deck!

zaerox12345 on Radha, The Lands Matter To ...

45 minutes ago

I haven't had a chance to do any changes atm. Work has been killing me lol.

I almost won one game, but I think I need more ways to get trample an such to Radha and just get more big threats out there with my mana.

I'll keep up to date once I get a chance.

Bazzul on One card combo Demonlord Belzenlok

45 minutes ago

CyborgAeon you are indeed correct about the "go off in response" mechanic provided you have enough non-land non-creature cards in your hand (which is always true for the first go-off in response). However, there is small window where removal could be used if Skirge Familiar and Bone Miser enter the battlefield at different times (this happens in the first attempt). At this stage you must kill your own Skirge Familiar with Soul Spike (if the interruption exiles). In response, you can get enough mana to cast graveyard recursion: Ever After, Living Death

I do think Dread is still needed. Mainly because you are very often interrupted mid combo (by countermagic for example). You need a way to attempt to survive and combo off in the following turns. To do this you must have Skirge Familiar and Bone Miser in the graveyard/battlefield and have a card on top of your library. The eldrazi only help with the latter.

I would swap the following cards for your combo:

OUT (7 cards):

1x Cinderhaze Wretch 1x Endling 1x Lotus Guardian 1x Makeshift Mannequin 1x Necrotic Ooze 1x Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon 1x Syr Konrad, the Grim

IN (5 cards):

1x Bone Miser 1x Nightmare Void 1x Extra Shuffler 1x Ever After (extra attempt) 1x Living Death (extra attempt)

I really like your combo and definitely choosing it over the ooze combo is a matter of preference. I have to say that in my meta having a creature based win (second attempt) is very valuable because of the decks I'm used to play against. Also the instant speed win through Makeshift Mannequin has been handy at times.

Anyways I'm for sure gonna buy the extra cards and give it a try in my play group. I do think your combo deserves a mention in the description (or even another decklist). I'm a bit busy these days so it might take a while for me to add it. However, if you have time to make a playlist I could also mention it and link it in the description!

Thanks for the innovative approach!

DadHumanPraetor on Lathliss, Queen of Dragons

47 minutes ago

I came here to snipe dragons lol. But since I stopped by I may as well impose my own thoughts lol. Endless Atlas and Mask of Memory and Stolen Strategy are among the first cards I slot in big red decks. Thrill of Possibility is trading 2 cards for 2 cards (the spell itself amd the additional discard) and it is not castable if you are Hellbent, maybe find a spell that offers real, unconditional card advantage? Reforge the Soul and Magus of the Wheel are pretty good options in red. Those X spells like Magmaquake Earthquake are rather mana intensive, you could cut them for Nevinyrral's Disk and All Is Dust or just skip wrath altogether and slot Sarkhan's Unsealing and Chandra's Ignition instead since theyre almost wrath, but theyre nore reliable to actually clear the board, and they are not dead draws, they are still playable even when you have a solid board state you want to keep. My meta is removal heavy so I run Darksteel Plate in addition to the boots and greaves for added Lathliss protection. Nice brew!

Battlehax on Does World Slayer destroy Ensoul ...

57 minutes ago

If you have your cookie cutter Darksteel Citadel + Ensoul Artifact on the board and equip a World Slayer and hit your opponent, does the Ensoul Artifact get destroyed?

And if so, would the World Slayer then be unequipped and the Darksteel Citadel become simply an Indestructible land?

I just want to play the interaction correctly, so thank you all in advance for the rules breakdown.

Cmi1103 on One Mana Drop deck

1 hour ago

Awesome Idea! Burgeoning could help out in here as well!

LordsofChaos115 on Azorius Army

1 hour ago

Thanks for those ideas for those cards! i never heard of most them and they will go well with the deck. since this deck will be draw heavy i think the ideal deck size might be 70-80 cards to make still efficient and consistent without me milling myself. any recommendations to get rid of certain cards i have?

Suns_Champion on Kick Start My Heart | ...

1 hour ago

DeadRanger4Life thanks for the comment!

Creature count can be deceptive: take a look at the other sections (especially sorceries) and you will see 10+ token makers, mainly Dragon Fodder effects. This is because I want to get 2 creatures out of one card for as little mana as possible. Thus my creature count is in actuality more like 35.

Silverwing Squadron is just okay. You have to wait a turn to start churning out tokens, so it seems slow even in Winota. I didn't pickup Dockside because of the price, but I also don't feel like this deck needs him. Chandra, Acolyte of Flame is a cool card that is still begging for a spot. Might find its way it.

I've really only stuck with this version, but see my comments above featuring other ways to build Winota. There are some interesting angles out there.

As for upgrades... besides fast mana, any upgrades are based on your personal budget and playgroup. This deck is an easy 8-9 power level and something I'd be comfortable bringing to cEDH games for the underdog strategy. It's really in a perfect place for me, and if I had a bigger budget I probably wouldn't change anything.

Thanks again!

wallisface on GB Modular

1 hour ago

Not letting me edit the above comment, but as discussed, better to use 2x Ancient Stirrings instead of my suggestion of 2x Lands. I’ll bring these on Friday also.

So hopefully if the others can wrangle the 2x Geths between them, we’ll be sorted to ruin lives!

Gidgetimer on Najeela with amulet of vigor

1 hour ago

Tylord seems to have made a typo. They will enter tapped and then be untapped when the trigger resolves.

Balaam__ on Hyper Budget Dredge

1 hour ago

Quite nice! Very interesting take on Dredge; i might cobble this one together and give it a try. Thanks for posting this. +1

wallisface on GB Modular

1 hour ago

Cards to remove:

  • 1x Panharmonicon. It’s slow to get out, and doesn’t do enough for you (most of your creatures won’t trigger it)

  • 4x Titan Forge. Getting a 9/9 out on turn 7, after spending 12 mana, is a rip off. Even speeding this up a little, doesn’t make it great.

  • 1x Foundry Hornet. In our playgroup the only relevant hit will be Blood Artist, and that’s gunna hurt you more than the creature.

  • 2x Chief of the Foundry. This guy just doesn’t help the gameplan enough. His +1 boost will quickly become irrelevant compared to the counters on everything

Things to add:

  • 2x Throne of Geth. This will give you more sac outlets as well as more ways to get counters

  • 2x Lands. 20 seems really low, i think you want 22. If you add 2 of something like Buried Ruin, then you can always get your guys back if you’re getting land flooded.

  • 2x Solidarity of Heroes. I can bring these on Friday. A good way to become even bigger quickly.

  • 2x Abrupt Decay. I can also bring these on Friday. It feels like they might be useful for dealing with problematic cards other people play.

I think also try to even out you mana colours. You want about half-half black and green - for your winding constrictor on T2. Everything else of colour gets played later anyway when you’ll have ample of both colour. So maybe swap 2 swamps for 2 forests

Balaam__ on Sea World

1 hour ago

This needs to be reformatted as Commander/EDH

tiagompm on Muldrotha "Super Budget" The Gravetide

1 hour ago

Hello King_marchesa!

Thanks for the comment and suggestion!

Scribe of the Mindful is a budget card that I really appreciate, especially in the sacrifice theme. But I think that in this deck doesn't have much advantage due to the reduced number of insta / sorcery cards ... and I would still have to wait for the summon sickness effect ... I already have Tamiyo, Collector of Tales and Skullwinder and I am seriously thinking about Codex Shredder option for MurderForBrunch... Archaeomancer is another way but like your idea, won't have many targets on this deck ...

TriusMalarky on Walking the Eternities

1 hour ago

Ooooh a couple copies of Deploy the Gatewatch should be a viable top end. Syncopate is okay, but Quench is probably better. You'll also want Absorb.

BodhiQL on Cards that hold a special ...

1 hour ago

My first ever MTG tournament was a Theros draft. I had played kitchen table type Magic with my dad and friends but this was the first time I had ever gone into a local game store to play. My pack one pick one was Purphoros, God of the Forge, and I still have that copy today, and I’ve even gotten it signed.

The first time I got 1st place in a tournament was at a Return to Ravnica block draft. I remember winning the final game with a Master of Cruelties to get my opponent to 1 life, then finishing him next turn with a hasty Rakdos Shred-Freak.

xweto on Breaking the Ice - Izzet

1 hour ago

Hey man, check out stormwing entity and sprite dragon

Flooremoji on Walking the Eternities

2 hours ago

Looking at your deck, there are some cards I would cut:

  1. All the creatures. While fun, none of them are very powerful or relevant to your gameplan. (I'm not against creatures, but these aren't the right ones)

  2. Your Banners and Crystals. Paying three mana isn't where you want to be if you're getting only one back in the exchange, and the card drawing isn't relevant either. I want you to look at the number of three drops in your deck, you have to play one of these instead of a planeswalker and you can't cast two three drops using the extra mana from a turn three crystal until turn 5. If you use ramp, it should be 1 mana.

  3. Call the Gatewatch. A fun card, but it's not great. It costs the same as most of your planeswalkers and I can't think of many scenarios you would rather have this than more copys of your best 3 drops. If you want a similarly fun card, Deploy the Gatewatch is a much more powerful card.

  4. Is Syncopate worth it? I'm not sure not having played pioneer, but I wouldsugest looking for other options just in case.

Finally, I would reccomend investing in good removal spells, your planeswalkers are useless if they just die. Good luck!

Peoyogon on Furry, with claws

2 hours ago

Gotta love cat tribal!

How are you on pump spells? If you feel like you need a little more power to close out games, Alpha Status and Stoneforge Masterwork are some of my favorites.

If you find that you are having difficulty connecting your damage, I really like Primal Rage and Glaring Spotlight in agressive combat strategies.

Likewise, if you have people in your play group that run a lot of sweepers, you can run Creeping Renaissance, Faith's Reward, or even Wrap in Vigor to prevent/bounce back from your creatures dying. Of course, you could also use Teferi's Protection if you have the budget for it :)

Flooremoji on Syndicates Custom Set

2 hours ago

What? Modern is the best format :)

NTakamura on Temur midrange ramp

2 hours ago

abbatromeboneI made more edits based on your advice. I was only about to get make a side board of 10. Also when you say I have too much red mana sources, are you asking me to cut back on them?

n0bunga on Commanders by Power Level [EDH ...

2 hours ago

If you wish for a non-competitive list of tiers I’d advise you, or anyone willing, to go out and create one. This was never meant for anything other than cedh.

And no, smilodex not all 5c should be de facto high power because not all 5c commanders have the strengths others have. Built-in draw engines or combos in the command zone like Kenrith or Najeela wouldn’t function with the same consistency if AtogAtog or Cromat were simply swapped in their place. Similarly, Meren isn’t a replacement for the Gitrog Monster in a Gitrog Dredge deck because the combo relies on what the Gitrog Monster specifically does.

There’s a balance of what your commander does, the colour access it has, and the synergies it possesses. The Sliver Queen couldn’t possibly replace The First Sliver as The First Sliver requires it as commander to work.

As to your suggestions, with the exception of Zaxara - which actually has been recorded on the cedh database recently, all of your other suggestions are puzzling.

  1. A competitive setting would not want opponents to have a free Show and Tell for them to abuse, so Braids moving up doesn’t really work. On top of that it immediately benefits your 3 opponents before your next upkeep, so that’s not particularly good at all. “Playing sweet eldrazi” also isn’t really a cedh mindset nor is it a thing most cedh players aim to do. Rasputin, while wholly not cedh in that it’s not really played as a commander and isn’t really seen much, can at least be a decent blink target and can use its mana to cast some beefy stax artifacts in some blue white stax/control shell. Its ability only affects and benefits you, whereas you’re providing opponents the ability to play any artifact, create or land on their upkeep.

  2. As it stands, there’s not a boros commander that’s listed on the database. Be that as it may, I don’t think there’s much evidence to suggest Haktos is better than Winota. A 6/1 with randomized protection doesn’t really do what cedh sets out to do. Winota can at least amass a significant board presence and can get out of hand rather quickly if left unchecked.

  3. The ghost council fulfils the role of being a combo in the command zone; all you would need is unbounded mana from bomberman or something to repeatedly sac itself and drain the table. While Teysa is easier to cast, it also doesn’t provide that combo in the command zone and seems like it would require far more of a setup.

  4. This really is not a list based around voting for who you think deserves a spot — it’s a visual list of what some members of the cedh community perceive as the top or dominating decks in the meta, and ones high enough to compete. That’s largely based on performance, not personal opinions. If you play cedh and feel a deck you’ve made could compete or is misrepresented here, I’d suggest you join the cedh database/playedh discords, record your winrates and put it forward as a submission for review.

Pikobyte on Xyris's, fortune

2 hours ago

Spellskite, Steely Resolve, Diplomatic Immunity, Curator's Ward or Sylvan Safekeeper just to name a few. Also cards that produce mana for your creatures do well in my Xyris

jakeyuki12 on Aurelia, the warleader

2 hours ago

Your deck is a tad short on card advantage. I'd recommend upping it.

tom01 on Syr Konrad dredge

3 hours ago

The goal of this deck is to quickly secure a turn where you can ramp and cast multiple "bone harvest" effect in the late game where everyone is at a lower life total in a way where Konrad beeing on the board you get an important chunk of damage comming from all the creatures leaving your graveyard while you keep a single dredger in your graveyard to let the second part of bone harvest trigger and then you dredge instead of drawing to let another chunk of damage be dealt. There is also a good loop with Korad and mindcrank which is virtually infinite if you play with three or more oponents.

Poognaka on Nethroi Oops All Combos

3 hours ago

yeah what are the combos??

kinghoff101 on darien EDH

3 hours ago

Anointed Procession and Heliod, Sun-Crowned are easy includes in any white token/lifegain decks IMO

Crow-Umbra on Eutrippin

3 hours ago

Thanks for the suggestions DreadKhan. I haven't used AEtherspouts yet, but I have had success with Wash Out in an old Bantchantress deck I had. My meta runs enough multi-colored decks, that I can still remove some impactful stuff across the table. I wish it was an Instant, but oh well.

Ske25 on Cow deck

3 hours ago

I know nothing about this game but my friend really wants to play and I don’t like the game but I like cows and don’t know anything about the cards but I want a cow deck, if you can like premake this I’ll buy it lol