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Jaroc249 on Kadena’s Morph’s ‘n’ Mill

1 minute ago

I’ve looked at the cards you’ve advised and their costs, these are the ones that do interest me:

CREATURES - Primal Whisperer SORCERY - Flood Of Tears, Diabolic Tutor, Rhystic Tutor ARTIFACT - Crystal Shard (maybe), Altar of the Brood (maybe) ENCHANTMENT - Beastmaster Ascension (maybe), Muraganda Petroglyphs (maybe) LAND - Alchemist’s Refuge, Rogue’s Passage

The maybes is either I might have it but need to check but also cost. If I do use these which cards need to be replaced. As for the lands should I put more basic lands than etb tapped lands

zAzen7977 on THE NIGHT KING COMETH (Dimir …

9 minutes ago

Thank you for the suggestions King_marchesa, I had forgotten about those cards! I wish Liliana's Devotee was a zombie himself...I can see the Devotee in a different zombie deck which focuses on sacrifice effects. But Tymaret Calls the Dead seems like a great way to mill myself, and the eventual lifegain may come in handy. Maybe I can squeeze a couple in.

samuelianstorm on Commander Resource (Kaldheim Updated)

19 minutes ago

Wowzers thanks for your hard work! This is an amazing resource. Cheers!

MapPsycho on Masochistic Furry

24 minutes ago


Excellent suggestion! I'll add that in!

Shaith86 on Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath …

27 minutes ago

So, maybe I'm missing a step or three but Risen Reef + Blade of Selves + Panharmonicon looks like it should only net you 12 cards in a four player pod. Swing with original, get two copies. Original sees copies enter, 4 cards. Each copy sees itself and the other enter, 4 cards each. What am I missing to go from 12 to 60?

Apothesis on Yawg Daddy **PRIMER** [Heavily Play …

42 minutes ago

The List has had a pretty big overhaul with the release of Commander Legends. I've also focused it in and removed combo lines that were rarely to never used. This deck still is quick like before but has become more reactive in handling threats.

Nathan862 on Asking for Help: A Quick …

51 minutes ago

I understand I'm sorry for the trouble honestly didnt mean to cause I'm still new to the app and the reason for no deck lists is that I just recently found this my cards are in another state right now I was looking for good ideas to put in the deck honestly the question I stated definitely was in the wrong spot at this point I do understand that I'll try better in the future and I'll add my deck lists when I'm able to in about another month after I move honestly have about 18 decks to poste gonna take me some time but after this message I'll stop sending here sorry for the inconvenience

Dannym42 on Anti-Vampire Deck

59 minutes ago

HarleyP pretty much I have a friend that brags about his vampire deck so I found this one as a counter to use on him lol

Mcat1999 on Card creation challenge

1 hour ago

My understanding is that Angels can not be Planeswalkers as apparently they are not living beings, rather compressed mana into a physical form. Would a new Serra suffice in place?

Serra, Mother of Angels

Legendary Planeswalker - Serra

Serra, Mother of Angels costs less for each Angel you control.

+2 You gain 3 life and draw a card.

-4 Create a 4/4 white Angel creature token with flying and vigilance.

-9 Search your library for any number of Angel cards and put them onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library.


Make a new Ikoria-based Planeswalker who handles Mutate. Maybe 3 or 4 colors to span broader Mutate abilities and costs?

Tommyboy007 on UW Control Planeswalker

1 hour ago

A deck I have built from standard to modern, the transition has been tough on what to cut and not.

RazortoothMtg on The Jotunn Rain Fire and …

1 hour ago

Also, I know it isn't really on theme flavorfully but Forbidden Orchard seems like a good fit here. Makes sure your Lightning Bolts and such always have something they can hit for more than lethal to draw a card.

Eldergod3 on List of Bugs and Feature …

1 hour ago

Starnheim Courser is not available in Deck builder. I see the above post about Cosima but want to mention just in case it's something different going on.


RazortoothMtg on The Jotunn Rain Fire and …

1 hour ago

If looking for cuts, definitely Frostpyre Arcanist, no? As it does quite literally nothing in the deck.

Now that I've seen this deck though, I really wish Kaldheim had had a masterpiece-series type thing and given us Inferno Titan in the norse border.

ThatGrimGuy on Pauper Cycling Storm

1 hour ago

Purework5 thanks for the praise! I built this deck a while ago and decided this week to give it a major update with the Ikoria cycling cards. This version is much more consistent than the older version I had built. Anyway, thanks for checking out the deck!

metalrayn on Pauper EDH Deck Compendium

1 hour ago

Jhessian Balmgiver

been wanting to make an infect deck for a while

rylei on NO STEP ON SNEK: Koma …

1 hour ago

Daedalus19876 i think he has a lot of value, you can flash back a Counterspell or play more ramp, Green Sun's Zenith or even get another Crop Rotation in to fix your Field of the Dead, but budget is definitely a factor, and he isn't necessary.

plakjekaas on How Good is Tamiyo, Field …

1 hour ago

Combine her with Vigilance creatures and the +1 might draw you multiple cards per turncycle, because people will have to try and attack Tamiyo to keep her from ulting.

Joetroller on Myojin tribal?

2 hours ago

What a nerrrddd

enpc on Asking for Help: A Quick …

2 hours ago

Nathan862: I appreciate that you're looking for help with a deck, however the purpose of this thread is to help people when they create their own thread to ask for help (since I have seen a lot of really poor requests for help in the past).

There are two things going on here: 1) you want help to know if an ETB works the way you think it does, and 2) you are asking for help building your Yarok deck.

Looking at your user account however, you don't have any decklists, which would make me think that you primarily want to know about the rules interaction so that you can make the decisison about adding the card or not yourself, rahter than asking for general help on the deck (since you should post a decklist if you want help on a deck).

This is why I was redirecting you to the Rules Q&A page, where your question actually belongs. And it's a perfectly fine question to ask, however as pointed out, you should be asking the question in the correct forum. Grammar issues aside (and I'm not faulting you on that - I understand that there are many different reasons that people can struggle with grammar) though, if you're asking about a specific rules interaction on hte wrong thread and somebody (especially in this case the thread creator) redirects you to the correct place to ask the question, then continuing to push the issue seems a bit silly.

The point of this thread is not some magical catch all for every question that every user has - the point of this thread is to help equip people who might otherwise struggle to ask a question with some tools so that they can feel more confident in asking. We already have a bunch of differnt forums where poeple can (and do) ask for all kinds of help with their decks. For example, the commander deck help section is right here.

I understand that you have grammar and literacy issues, however it is important that you who are asking the question are still putting in the leg work.

HarleyP on Anti-Vampire Deck

2 hours ago

Truly the most middle fingers to a very specific deck.

Abzkaban on You Just Activated My Trap …

2 hours ago


I have a few thoughts about the Foretell mechanic. First please pardon my venting here, but everyone is comparing it to trap cards when morph was already a thing. It has begun to rub me the wrong way. Lol

I'd also say that morph is more like trap cards for these reasons:

  1. Both morph and foretell are face down, but only morph actually enter the battlefield. Trap cards aren't activated from a "removed from the game" state.
  2. Because morphs exist on the battlefield, they actually flip face-up like trap cards. Foretell is like playing it from your hand since you actually cast it for its foretell cost.
  3. Only instants can be cast at any time from exile. All other foretell cards must obey casting timing rules. Morphs can be flipped up any time you could cast an instant. Most foretell cards won't behave like trap cards.

That being said, I doubt I'll add any foretell cards to the list since slots have already become rather tight. None of the foretell cards will provide a card draw cantrip like morphs will. I think they'd be a better fit in their own deck.

DemonDragonJ on Kaldheim official spoilers

3 hours ago

Coward_Token, that makes sense, but I find it interesting that WotC had the foresight to avoid that, but could not find a way to prevent Oko, Thief of Crowns from being overpowered.

DemonDragonJ on Elemental Storm

3 hours ago

JeanYass, that is very true, but I have decided that Surrak's benefits to other creatures in my deck are highly situational, so I would rather have a creature with more universal appeal, but I certainly do appreciate your feedback.

Purework5 on Pauper Cycling Storm

3 hours ago

I just want to say this deck is awesome the first time I playtested the deck I won on turn one

Nathan862 on Asking for Help: A Quick …

3 hours ago

Besides I thought this was asking about deck help....I needed to know for my yarok deck honestly I needed to know if it was worth putting it in

DemonDragonJ on How Good is Tamiyo, Field …

3 hours ago

smackjack, I do have that card in my Atraxa deck.

King_marchesa, MagicMarc, yes, that is very true; my Atraxa deck is built specifically to synergize with planeswalkers, but my other deck is not, so I do not feel that Tamiyo is a good match for it.

Nathan862 on Asking for Help: A Quick …

3 hours ago

I honestly cant get passed the tutorial....I did explain how bad I was with grammer,honestly I'm not lying and not trying to step on anyone's toes with that just I am illiterate

enpc on Asking for Help: A Quick …

3 hours ago

Nathan862: This is not a place to randomly post Rules Q&A stuff. If you have a rules question, please post it there.

Nathan862 on Asking for Help: A Quick …

3 hours ago

an etb effect creates tokens....with the triggered off yarok, the desecrated it doubles then with doubling season does it double again? Or rather I hope it's ok if I ponder another thought on this like if I choose to even trigger the ability again a few time I'm pretty sure i have to add it to the stack before doubling season triggers right?( sorry i really am bad at grammar and I do apologies if it hurts)

LunchBox1211 on Card creation challenge

3 hours ago

Gaze of Avarice

Enchantment - Aura

Enchant player.

Whenever a non-token, non-land permanent enters the battlefield under enchanted player's control, the owner of ~ may pay life equal to it's CMC. If they do, they gain control of it. If they do, enchanted player gains control of a permanent that shares a type with that permanent. You choose the permanent you give.

Hopefully that should work. Make an Angel planeswalker.

Daedalus19876 on NO STEP ON SNEK: Koma …

3 hours ago

tom.maxwellmans: Say you cast Avenger of Zendikar with six lands. A trigger goes on the stack to make six 0/1 Plant tokens. You hold priority and cast Mystic Reflection, targeting Avenger of Zendikar. Your six plant tokens come in as copies of Avenger of Zendikar. Each of them triggers again, making another six Plant tokens each (which come in normally). By the end, you get 36 plant tokens, and every time you play a land you place seven +1/+1 counters!

DeinoReborn: I definitely considered it! But it got pushed into the Maybeboard because in at least 50% of games I never end up casting my commander, haha. And beyond my commander, I don't have many tribal synergies...

rylei: Hm, why Snapcaster Mage? He doesn't seem to do TOO much for this deck, though he's a great (and expensive) card in general. Rite of Replication is definitely an option, yeah, and synergizes with the same cards as Mystic Reflection -- I'll try to find a home for it, thanks! It is less tutorable, though, and doesn't also function as a powerful removal piece. I'm not TOO concerned about Blood Moon and friends: I usually end up tutoring enough basics not to care too much, and this is actively meant for lower power metas which run less hate of that type :)

RedCloakedCrow on Omnath

3 hours ago

Cut: - Jace, Wielder of Mysteries - Thassa's Oracle - Growth Spiral (second copy) - Prismatic Vista - Forest - Island - Rampant Growth - Kodama's Reach - Cultivate

Add: - Gaea's Cradle - Time Spiral - Roil Elemental - Rampaging Baloths - Snow-Covered Forest - Snow-Covered Island - Three Visits - Nature's Lore - Wood Elves

hannibal6 on Card creation challenge

3 hours ago

Mirage Portal


: Exile a creature from your hand. Create a token that is a copy of it except is a blue Illusion in addition to its other colors and types and it has "If this creature becomes the target of a spell or ability, sacrifice it."

Create a card that exchanges control of permanents

Profet93 on The Xenagos Stomp

3 hours ago

I'll try and give you some more comments, later, budget per card?

Omniscience_is_life on Card creation challenge

4 hours ago

The Apparent Lack of a Leader


, sacrifice ~: you may cast your commander without paying its mana cost. If it would leave the battlefield this turn, put it into the Command Zone instead. At the beginning of the next end step, sacrifice it.

Make another Sneak Attack variant

MagicMarc on How Good is Tamiyo, Field …

4 hours ago

You can go infinite spellslinging with her ultimate. So she is great in a deck built around her and abusing her ultimate. I agree she's a good include for superfriends and/or proliferate decks.

DragonOfTheWest on Card creation challenge

4 hours ago

JeanYass, you're right that this isn't specifically a commander thread, although we do make a lot of commander cards here and frequently conflate color with color identity. If we're being technical, "Jund" could also refer to a native of the shard itself, but in this thread it's usually used to refer to color or color identity. I did misinterpret the intent of your challenge, but Mcat1999 fulfilled your challenge-as-intended.

Anyway, here's a snow hate card:

Molten Surge 


Choose one—

  • Molten Surge deals 3 damage to any target.
  • Destroy target snow permanent.


EsperFox on Dimir Artifacts

4 hours ago

very nice deck! i like it. have u considered adding another tezzeret ( Tezzeret the Schemer )? it never hurts to make urself some lotus petals ;) also with such artifact heavy deck u could easly run Thopter Assembly + Time Sieve for infinite turns. besides this "add" suggestions - im definietly gonna test it myself ;) good job!