I'm trying to finding the best edh deck for me, and I think, this could be the one.. Something cheaper than most EDH decks and I think it's great and can stand on its own. Plus, most players would target me the least, since I typically use a pillowfort strategy with my creatures at the start, and I'm not the immediate threat at the table. But when they least expect it, Doran, the Siege Tower and it's fellow treefolk will run over all! Defense is the best offense!

The main winning strategy of this deck is for me to put a lot high toughness creatures and aggro my opponents when Doran, the Siege Tower , Huatli, the Sun's Heart or Assault Formation is in my battlefield. Also Treefolk Umbra , if neither of those 3 are in my battlefield.

One of the alternative win conditions is with Infect. Time it when there are mostly no blockers and no possible blue mana is unused, charge with Triumph of the Hordes and finish one opponent, if not all of them at once. Should some still survive with blocking my creatures with infect, Tainted Strike can be the finishing blow, when I attack and no blockers are declared. Plus, with an attacking Zetalpa, Primal Dawn with Doran on the battlefield, and an opponent doesn't declare blocker/s, Tainted Strike will ruin his/her day.

Another win condition is thru winning the game outright with Felidar Sovereign , but this is only as a last resort for me. Either by Chord of Calling at the end of the opponents turn before my turn, Diabolic Tutor , when my Protean Hulk dies on the battlefield or even a lucky draw when Sapling of Colfenor attacks.

If you think that there's something that needs improvement, please say so.. comments and suggestions are welcome, especially to my maybeboard.. +1 Upvote if you like it.. =)


Updates Add

I have been having fun with this deck recently, but there are some players my playgroups have life gain tactics, which makes it hard to put them into kill range. Also, some players do really become salty when I play infect creatures, which makes me a target most of the time. So I decided to make my creatures win with infect, as silent and as unnoticeable as possible.

Removed: Mastermind's Acquisition , Momentous Fall , Reaper of Sheoldred & Tangle Angler .

Added: Beast Whisperer , Protean Hulk , Tree of Perdition & Tainted Strike .