Tower Defense


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Tower Defense


Creatures you control get +0/+5 and gain reach until end of turn.

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Tower Defense Discussion

NyanNijet on Collected Spiders.

1 week ago

add Tower Defense as that final push with Assault Formation

pfeffer94 on Butts

2 weeks ago

Tower Defense

Thorbogl on Climb the Vines to Victory (Wall Ramp)

3 weeks ago

If you got ether Overgrown Battlement or Axebane Guardian on the field producing at least 5 Mana, you can use the untap ability for 3 from Staff of Domination and untap the staff, Tap the dork again and get unlimited mana.

Now you can Draw and Play your whole Deck and Go Infinite on Assault Formation.Tower Defense might Work pretty Well aswell

zephyr_chang on The Best Offense...

1 month ago

No problem, you go with what works for you. More importantly, test the deck as much as you can. There are many ways the deck can go, from being a Doran/Abzan good stuff deck to an aggro deck all-in on the toughness plan (, if you haven't seen it already) to all the different splashes.

Lingering Souls is one of the most powerful cards in Modern right now so I'll try to jam some copies of it in the deck. Spirit tokens also work very well with Tower Defense. Then, in G2, side out all the Tower Defense and make the opponent still play around them. =)

Also, yes Forbidding Watchtower is definitely fun. I've had opponents not leave up blockers because they literally forget it is a manland.

I'd go with a full playset of Doran only because he gets killed on sight, plus you don't have Spellskite to protect him. (Also, be wary of random Thought Scour targeting you after you tutor up Doran)

To make space for the above, maybe Nyx-Fleece Ram doesn't need to be in the main, and can come out from the sideboard in more aggro matchups?

Good luck and have fun with the deck! Let us know the results of your testing. I played this deck at last year's WMCQ and am still playing it every now and then - it definitely packs a punch

cmsrDPM on The Best Offense...

1 month ago

zephyr_chang I do agree with Tower Defense like the idea of Forbidding Watchtower. I play 3 Doran because Treefolk Harbingers get me 7 chances to see the card. However I cannot disagree more on Assault Formation: that card wins games.

It is a more aggressive than Doran and is one sided. I have to worry about my opponents running Tarmogoyf and the one problem with Doran, the Siege Tower is he buffs their Goyfs.

The last ability on Assault Formation is a relative high cost. However wary opponents have to block or you buff for lethal (this has happened in several games I've played).

If I dump the Formations I go from 7 butt to 5 butt: that feels kinda risky.

Still thank you for the ideas.

zephyr_chang on The Best Offense...

1 month ago

I've played a version of this deck for a while, and found that Lingering Souls and Tower Defense is quite good in the meta right now. You should also play at least 1-2 Forbidding Watchtower too. Agree that Spellskite is really important in this deck. Tarmogoyf can be good too. I'd play 4 copies of Doran, the Siege Tower and go down 1 copy of Assault Formation.

If you can splash red, Mardu Ascendancy is a crazy card that can enable Turn 3 or 4 kills. Or, if you can splash blue, Zur the Enchanter can tutor up enchantments so you can play more 1-ofs in the deck.

landofMordor on getting around removal

1 month ago

For spot removal, give it hexproof (green is great at that, often for 2 mana or less). For mass toughness, Tower Defense or Spirit of the Hunt effects. For mass exile...there's pretty much nothing except flickers, counters, and "leaves the battlefield" triggered abilities to gain card advantage when your stuff dies, like Thragtusk.

Emzed on Turn 4 Win! The Abzan Switcheroo!

1 month ago

Reclaim is quite a bad card, and you certainly don't want 4 of this kind of effect. I would play Renegade Rallier instead, the card is way better and also helps with recursion (not Doran, but everthing else). Unfortunately, it doesn't work well without fetchlands. Also, Noxious Revival is strictly better than Reclaim, but still not a card that i would want in my deck.
Further, 17 creatures seems like a low number. Sure, Lingering Souls and Commune with the Gods kind of count, but with cards like Tower Defense you really want multiple creatures on the board at all times. I would absolutely play 2-3 more Yoked Ox / Tasseled Dromedary, and probably 1-2 Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim. If your budget allows it, Spellskite would be another great addition, since it's 0/4 without defender, protects your important synergy cards, and disrupts several decks like Bogles and Infect. My preferred creature count would be 20-25.
Your current list is extremely light on disruption, and the only effect you have, Languish, hurts yourself quite a bit (only 6 of your creatures survive without help). It would be much better to have an effect that leaves your 4 toughness creatures alive (Drown in Sorrow?), or just play spot removal like Fatal Push, Path to Exile or Abrupt Decay. A flexible card like Collective Brutality would also be great, and escalate gives you a nice way to make use of redundant copies of Doran and Assault Formation.
For your sideboard i recommend Eidolon of Rhetoric, Duress, Lost Legacy, Fragmentize, Night of Souls' Betrayal and Rest in Peace (or some other graveyard hate).

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