my current Nekusar build. Made for a casually competitive environment.

What i wanted to achieve with this deck is to create a polished Nekusar deck with a set budget, but im always looking for chances to improve it.




chaosumbreon87 says... #1

I'd say nice job on the compeditive deck. To me it seems like an 85% competitive brew to me but it could be attributed to lack of funds. Things like fetches, dual lands, imperial seal and fast mana is what I'm referencing btw. I guess all I could offer as advice is other win con routes.

Lab man is usually an easy enough win condition to pull off in nekusar. I would also suggest cutting the niv mizzet package due to mana concerns. Lastly, nekusar itself tends to become expensive as it gets removed constantly so I would suggest notion thief for stealing drawpower from opponents.

May 17, 2017 1:59 a.m.

PureSteel says... #2

Hmmm, swapping niv mizzet for lab maniac seems like a great idea, especially since I tried to limit the graveyard being shuffled back in (for mizzix's mastery). Although, I think I'd keep curiosity for nekusar. It's still really good on him.

My issue with notion thief is that he doesn't play well with forced fruition. And I'm a bit hesitant to play a card that I can't manage if its ability were to be used aginst me in some extreme cases.

May 17, 2017 4:47 a.m.

Winterblast says... #3

I would not rely so much on permanents in general, not even on Nekusar himself. From my experience I can tell tat you probably have only one chance with him, maybe a second if the game goes very long. This means you should be able to play one wheel followed by another and yet another without having to pass the turn once nekusar hits the board...I'd suggest Dark Ritual, Cabal Ritual, Seething Song, Desperate Ritual, Pyretic Ritual, Chrome Mox, Mox Diamond, Mana Crypt, Lion's Eye Diamond, Mana Vault, Grim Monolith, Mox Opal and even Simian Spirit Guide for that purpose. With every new Hand you draw there should be enough mana sources (not lands though) that you can cast the next draw spell. Waste Not does a great job, but it shouldn't be the only way to generate mana for multiple wheels in one turn.

Maybe you can find some useful ideas in my Nekusar list: Jesus, take the wheel!

I think two or three cards are wrong (meaning not as they are in my real deck, but I can't figure out what is different at the moment) in my list, but it has played very well until now. Having basically no permanents results in an interesting play style and it's hard to disrupt, unless you play against stax with a lot of taxing stuff.

May 17, 2017 4:52 a.m.

GobboE says... #4

Nekusar is often regarded as a hated commander, because he can win almost instantly. So, if you aim for a competitive play, prepare to receive some hate. I also think you need cards like Anvil of Bogardan and Thran Dynamo in this type of play.

If you go for a more casual type of play (say a - so called - 75% deck) : I think you don't need many expensive cards, since it is more centered around fun and social interaction, though I would take out Sangromancer for Font of Mythos.

This is my build, for referential purposes: Turn Loose the Geese (no creature destruction)

May 17, 2017 6:22 a.m.

yungxak says... #5

I currently play a T5 Storm Nekusar in a competitive meta, but I played a similar deck to yours a short time ago. How fast is your meta? I can give suggestions, but dialing in the power level of the deck is strongly dependant on what you deal with and how fast you are aiming to go off. This reads like a tempo build to me.

Suggested Cuts: Fevered Visions (Doesn't net you much in terms of damage), Day's Undoing (No damage from any of your permanents, as this effect pushes the turn to the cleanup step), Archfiend of Ifnir (An interesting option, but is highly dependant on your opponent being creature heavy), Nin, the Pain Artist (Same reasoning as Archfiend of Ifnir), Sangromancer (Life gain delays game loss, but does not further your goals), Propaganda (Sideboard for dealing with faster token decks), Dack Fayden (If he isn't here to steal known artifact threats, he's not much better than Fevered Visions.

Suggested Replacements: Elder Mastery (2-card softlock with Nekusar), Cabal Coffers (You're running Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, so why not take advantage of it?), Expedition Map (When you need a specific land), Temporal Mastery (Fun combo with Mystical Tutor), Rhystic Study (Most players will let you have at least three off of this before they remove it), Chaos Warp (Spot removal), and Hero's Downfall (Spot removal).

Manabase: Cut the lands that always enter tapped. I kid you not, basics are better than drawing into a tapland/Scryland/karoo/etc when you need the mana. Lands like City of Brass, Mana Confluence, Crosis's Catacombs, Reflecting Pool, Exotic Orchard, and Reliquary Tower are all better options.

May 17, 2017 12:55 p.m.

Podma101 says... #6

Given that you normally only have Nekusar around for a single turn on a good day, I have always stayed away from too many permanent that without him or similar effect, they turn against you. Forced Fruition is one of the worst offenders in my opinion. Without pain, you are allowing people to see their entire deck, when you are already wheeling them too. It does enable mill victory, but I'd be afraid of them getting more cards for free.

A few suggestions I can make:

Library of Leng - makes all wheels optional for you, plus incite hand size for one mana? Too good.

Sigil of Sleep - on Nekusar it turns him into Cyclonic Rift with a wheel.

Helm of the Ghastlord - this is a less popular card due to being an aura at 4 that won't win the game. However, this transforms Nekusar into Leovold, Emissary of Trest. You get to play a banned card, more or less.

Get rid of Day's Undoing. Unless you can cast it NOT on your turn, that last phrase will remove Nekusar's damage from the stack. Trade it for a Time Reversal or one of its more expensive cousins.

That's what I got for now! Super hard to critique on a small phone

May 17, 2017 12:59 p.m.

PureSteel says... #7

I had no idea that Day's Undoing worked like that, foolish me. I've seen Elder Mastery and Helm of the Ghastlord in many lists but my brain read those cards as being "combat damage". I see after reading these comments where i can focus and improve the deck. thank you to all those who have so far commented to help me. I REALLY hate Day's Undoing now.

May 17, 2017 11:33 p.m.

JaysomeDecks says... #8

I would suggest Infect. Nekusar specifies that he deals the damage, so if you give him infect, you now win after doing 10 damage instead of 40. (And yes, it is still 10 damage in commander) That's one good when to victory.

  • Glistening Oil is the best bet for this. Yes, after a few turns it will weaken and kill your commander, but if it stays on Nekusar that long, you've likely already won. The benefit is that you regain the enchantment if your opponents manage to remove your commander.

  • Phyresis, Tainted Strike, and possibly Grafted Exoskeleton are the other options for infect. I would use at least two of you want to go this rout. (And don't underestimate Tainted Strike just because it is single use only. You can cast it with a wheel on the stack and take everyone by surprise)

May 23, 2017 10:49 a.m.

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