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Rashmi [Value Control]

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The aim of this Rashmi deck is to know what cards you have on top of your deck using cards like Mirri's Guile or Scroll Rack , using fetch lands to shuffle away cards that you don't need.


Mind's Dilation - Gives you the opportunity to get a free Rashmi trigger on each opponent's turn.

Strionic Resonator - Synergistic with Rashmi and Mind's Dilation

Seedborn Muse - Will allow you to act more freely, especially when combined with Vedalken Orrery or Leyline of Anticipation . Also allows you to get draw power with Arch of Orazca if you have nothing to cast. Wilderness Reclamation is the worse version of Seedborn Muse, but still provides you with countermagic mana each turn.

GSZ Targets

X=1 - Birds of Paradise

X=2 - Kiora's Follower , Lotus Cobra

X=5 - Seedborn Muse , Tatyova, Benthic Druid

Green Sun's Zenith is either early ramp or the ability to get Seedborn Muse onto the battlefield without casting it, possibly at instant speed depending on your board state. Also a shuffle if one is really needed.

(Still working on deck description)


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