A "creatureless" lifegain EDH deck with a few tricks and twists to make it very lethal. Featuring finishers like Test of Endurance, Felidar Sovereign, and Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond.

BIG DISCLAIMER If you love going tall with big creatures, or swinging wide with an army of tokens, this is not the deck for you. This is a creatureless deck; relying on combos, mass removal, lifegain, and card draw to get into a late game position where you cannot lose. If your meta is big ramp decks and go wide aggro nonsense, then you've found the perfect deck.

This deck runs 38 lands with enough mana rocks early on to ensure no severe mana problems, and the lands are relatively cheap so it's very reasonable.

The deck runs multiple pillow fort type cards to keep you alive, I.E. Propaganda / Ghostly Prison / Sphere of Safety, Authority of the Consuls, and other cards that replenish your life total over time.

The deck has a nice counterspell package and tons of single target removal to prevent anything nasty from interfering with your plans, and runs Leyline of Anticipation to allow you to totally control the game! Doing everything you want in response, with no risks whatsoever! True beauty.

It wouldn't be a control deck that doesn't rely on creatures without approximately 1 billion boardwipes. Supreme Verdict, Decree of Pain, Toxic Deluge, Fumigate, Cyclonic Rift, Merciless Eviction. Terminus off of Mystical Tutor. Imagine those with that Leyline of Anticipation. 'nuff said.

Finally, we obviously need ample card draw for a combo deck like this. We run Phyrexian Arena and Rhystic Study, probably the best turn 3 plays in the deck to help get us the cards we need. We also have Erebos, God of the Dead and Sphinx's Revelation. Well of Lost Dreams is also an absolute powerhouse in this deck. Combo any lifegain source with it and you'll experience true nirvana. Done yet? Nah b, if you're a clever little mouse you'll notice that a lot of this card draw occurs during your upkeep. Toss a Paradox Haze into this mess, and you won't even have enough mana to draw all the cards you could each turn. Holy card draw! Surely we don't need any more right? WRONG! You always need more card draw. We play Necropotence, which is totally busted for this deck in specific. It allows us to turn all that lifegain you forgot about from Oloro, Ageless Ascetic into card draw at a beautiful 1:1 ratio. Done yet? Nope. Because hey, bad things happen, and what if we don't draw any of those cards? Well, then it's time for Oloro to get out of his chair and give us card draw straight from the command zone.

The power of this deck is quite clearly its abundance of infinite and instant kill combos and how reliably it can put one on the table. You use the lifegain and card draw elements of the deck to stay alive long enough to find your combo pieces and win the game. Cards like Lim-Dul's Vault, Enlightened Tutor, and Diabolic Tutor are the main tutors for this deck.

A very fun deck for very horrible people. This deck features quite a few cards from the Oloro Precon deck, making it a relatively simple and very powerful upgrade from the original deck. I absolutely love playing with it and would love other people to enjoy it as well, if anyone has any ideas to upgrade the deck further I would very much like to hear them. The number of times you'll just draw a Lim-Dul's Vault or something to win the game out of nowhere will surprise you, I promise.



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