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Karona, The Pillow Enchantress

Commander / EDH


My Karona, False God Enchantress Pillow fort.

V1.1.0: Complete Revamp.

V1.0.5: Pulled Finest Hour, put in Femeref Enchantress.

V1.0.4: Current version, Utilizing Pillows and Enchantments and tron based creatures, for enchantments. Protection for enchantments.

V1.0.3: Was god based and used counters and board wipes, devotion didn't work well in WUBRG.

V1.0.2: Was Tribal token generation, didn't work well. Managed to locate all 5 vows, started to use Karona to tron and commander damage.

V1.0.1: utilized life manipulation such as reverse the sands, worship, dawn elemental, pariah and angelic gift. Used budget pillows, fetches and enchantments. Also used Quicksilver amulet, fling and Flesh // blood. Have managed a 3 person kill on turn 4 with this set up.

V1.0.0: As seen on my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSf5oXDDSpvOKhRcevjbxpw?sub_confirmation=1


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