HUGS 1001 - Introduction to Studies in Group Hug Play in Magic the Gathering

Professor: wbroomhead

Office Hours: TBA

TappedOut, room 237

[email protected]

3.5 Credit course


HUGS 1001 is a course designed for Magic players looking to “place second” in a multiplayer game. The whole idea is to help everybody out, and “play politics” in order to not be killed off. This syllabus outlines the techniques this course uses in order to stay alive, and make the game fun.

If you are not taking this course to make friends, please drop out and seek courses in the COMP (competitive Magic Playing) course area.

Selvala, Explorer Returned provides a core aspect of group hug, and in turn allows the structure of this course to revolve around this Commander.

This is not a pure group hug deck, just an intro-level group hug. In later courses, card combinations such as the Stations combo will not be used, however to provide a smooth transition from other, competitive Magic playing, they are kept in.

If you desire to experience a fully integrated HUGS course, use the cards available in the Sideboard to remove all four COMP pieces.


You are responsible for understanding card interactions, as posted in the course schedule below:

Course Schedule

Closing Comments

This course aims to get you familiar with HUGS, and the concept of group hug in multiplayer Commander/EDH games.

If you have any course feedback, please leave it below, and upvote if you enjoyed this course!


Updates Add

Current and future students,

Edits to the transition into the HUGS program have been implemented - the new win condition is the combination of any 1 mana artifact (like a Sol Ring ) and the following cards: Blasting Station , Summoning Station , Grinding Station , and Salvaging Station to win the game with infinite direct damage. The previous win conditions ( Spawnsire of Ulamog , Felidar Sovereign , and Test of Endurance ) have been removed.

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