Hey Guys...

This is my final build of my elven commander deck.Yes is mono green and its elves, but i just love tribal and elves.. and slivers;).

(Check out my commander deck ''It's Ok,They're just slivers'' )

As a tribal elven deck the concept is verry simple: overrun youre opponent.

I choose Ezuri, Renegade Leader because in my oppinion he is the go to commander for this deck.He's cheap, can regenerate my elfes and buff them up and give them trample..

If played this deck against multiple decks in chaos and 1v1 and it realy stands it ground.i will write an entire discription of this deck later on. this deck has multiple win conditions and some nice ''combo'' cards in it..

If you like this deck dont forget to UPVOTE ;) it would be verry much appriciated:)

I would like to thank all the people who gave my some great tips and suggestion:) tnx guys



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