Prodigal Pyromancer

Prodigal Pyromancer

Creature — Human Wizard

: Prodigal Pyromancer deals 1 damage to target creature or player.

Prodigal Pyromancer Discussion

OCPunisher on Kumano, Mono-Red Control

2 months ago

Disagree on Braid of Fire's free mana every upkeep to sink into Kumano, or activate abilities. If you're looking for a cut, I would question Prodigal Pyromancer . Despite the ping theme, it's just not a very strong card, even with all of the ways to add/multiply the one damage. I'm also not a huge fan of the Kaldra pieces. They're fine for flavor purposes, but they just aren't very efficient cards to play with.

Purphoros doesn't belong because this deck doesn't appear to make a lot of bodies, so it won't trigger much.

This seems like a really solid deck and I'd love to play with it or against it!

Baxdar on (Budget EDH) Rakdos, Lord of Battlecruisers!

1 year ago

Like the above comment said, your mana and ramp is probably fine. With Ravnica: Allegiances coming out, you'll soon have access to Rakdos locket and a cheaper Blood Crypt which could be nice for you. Commander's Sphere is an auto include in most decks. Building a good land base can get expensive quick, but Graven Cairns is my go to budget "dual" land.

I also agree with the comment above, burn is not particularly good in commander. Using this logic, most of your instants, and creatures that tap for damage like Prodigal Pyromancer or Thermo-Alchemist. Effects that say Destroy are normally much better, like Terminate, which you have, or Dreadbore which you don't. Additionally, you'll need answers to artifacts, and boardwipes. Blasphemous Act is one of my personal favorite, but many of them can get fairly expensive.

There are two types of effects that excel in commander. Effects that affect all players, and effects that generate continuous value. Consider Palace Siege. Either mode is relevant and can either accelerate the game while keeping you safe, or bring your creatures back when they inevitably get destroyed.

Tl;DR burn is not good. You need board wipes, and more direct removal for both creatures and artifacts/enchantments.

As a final note, I would check out The Commander's Quarters on Youtube. The decks he builds are more budget than yours, but you could find some great inspiration there.

RoarMaster on Niv-mizzet turn and burn

1 year ago

Thought Vessel over vensers journal.

Cast Through Time

Mizzix's Mastery

Guttersnipe possibly.

Sphinx-Bone Wand is a great win-con.

Condescend , Discombobulate because have blue, will counter

Swarm Intelligence

Gitaxian Probe

Bloodwater Entity because putting stuff on top is clutch

Epic Experiment

Baral, Chief of Compliance

Aetherflux Reservoir

Riverwise Augur , Conch Horn getting stuff from hand to top is a must

Sol Ring auto include

Goblinslide , Prodigal Pyromancer

Rapid Hybridization , Pongify blue removal

Riddle of Lightning , Fated Conflagration scry removal

Bosium Strip weird tech, basically gives flashback to all spells in a turn

Telling Time instant speed, gets something in hand, and on top

Preordain because

Mystic Speculation

Spy Network

potential further topdeck manipuation if you wanted, in the form of Portent , Index , Trickery Charm .

hecklefeckle on i didn't want a teferi.....what ...

2 years ago

Make a pingers deck! Prodigal Sorcerer, Prodigal Pyromancer etc! I suggest Temur or whiteless.

EventuallyClassy on It's Riot Time

2 years ago

Ill definitely let yah know how Memory Jar works out.

Have yah thought about Thermo-Alchemist, in your deck? He costs 1 less than Prodigal Pyromancer, he does more damage, and he has a little more toughness.

ARealDracula on Niv-Mizzet (EDH) COMBOS

2 years ago

I would replace Prodigal Pyromancer with Goblin Sharpshooter. Which the deathtouch artifacts he's a powerhouse.

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