Scatter the Seeds


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition (MM2) Common
Ravnica: City of Guilds (RAV) Common

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Scatter the Seeds


Convoke (Each creature you tap while playing this spell reduces its cost by (1) or by one mana of that creature's color.)

Put three 1/1 green Saproling creature tokens into play.

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Scatter the Seeds Discussion

razelfark on Theory: Saporling Deck

5 days ago

Probably go 20 lands and cut a copy of Yavimaya Sapherd.

Only "maybe" cards you have listed I would use would be Garruk Wildspeaker, Overrun, Scatter the Seeds, or Overwhelming Stampede. I would probably not bother with any of the red cards you have in your maybe board with the exception of Kessig Wolf Run, but you have not brought up any strong red ideas that I think you would really want to use them at this time. If you want to include cards from your maybe board, just make sure to keep your mana curve in mind and how many token spells you are running.

Boza on Need help completing pauper deck

3 weeks ago

First, I had no idea Thrummingbird was a common. Holy smokes, that is a cool common!

Secondly, mana in Pauper is tough. Building a three color deck that functions requires a lot of commitment to fixing. But I really like the idea, so we have to make it work.

Now, lets start from the start. We need 22 lands and 38 non-lands. We want Pallid Mycoderm and Thrummingbird as creatures in the deck for sure, so 4 of each should be good. 30 to go.

We want green because fungus and saproling. 4 Thallid Shell-Dweller, 4 Thallid, 4 Vitaspore Thallid, 2 Sporoloth Ancient, get in there. 16 to go.

More sparolings are always cool. 2 Sprout Swarm and 4 Scatter the Seeds are vital. 10 to go.

From here, everything is options - I like at least 6 removal which is 4 Journey to Nowhere and 2 Oblivion Ring and you can go up to 10 if you like. But maybe you prefer more blue for things like Steady Progress or cards that buy time like Moment's Peace. Or cards that draw more cards like Shared Discovery. Or more cards that benefit from having a lot of dudes like Scion of the Wild Up to you.

For the lands, I think you need to save space in the non-land department and run things like Evolving Wilds and guildgates or ravnica bounce lands like Azorius Chancery.

I hope this helps. Build the deck in TO and goldfish a few times to see if you like the feel of it.

sylvannos on Fungus Saproling Deck

4 weeks ago

Some suggestions:
Intangible Virtue (no seriously, why are you not already playing this?)
Sporecrown Thallid (when it becomes legal)
Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII
Slimefoot, the Stowaway (when it becomes legal)
Sprout Swarm (lets you pump out saprolings at a steady pace after you've been boardwiped)
Supply/Demand (ALL THE TOKENS! Even more hilarious with Cryptolith Rite)
Thelonite Hermit (only if you have room)
Vitaspore Thallid
Necrogenesis (sideboard)
Pallid Mycoderm
Scatter the Seeds
Selesnya Guildmage
Selesnya Evangel
Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree
Gavony Township (probably your strongest option for buffing your team)
Glare of Subdual ("Hahaha fuck your attack phase!" is what you get to tell each of your opponents playing aggro or Affinity decks)

I have to agree about Paradox Haze. The card is good, but not in this deck. You aren't doing anything particularly broken with it, other than getting spore counters. It's not like you're using it to abuse Aether Hub. Playing white would be far better as you'd get access to more saproling generators, anthems, and so on.

You also need better removal. I like that you're playing Go for the Throat. Path to Exile and Fatal Push are going to be the bee's knees. Victim of Night, Abrupt Decay, and Tragic Slip are other options.

I like the idea of using the proliferate mechanic to get those spore counters going, but Grim Affliction is rather "meh." Tezzeret's Gambit is about the only other viable option, regardless of whether you decide to play blue. Contagion Clasp is also rather "meh" in Modern.

Keep in mind, you're basically a G/B/x Tokens deck that relies on creatures instead of instants/sorceries to generate tokens. You have a lot of the same weaknesses but less of the strengths of a conventional token deck. Seriously consider checking MtG Goldfish or MtG Top 8 token decks to be sure you're not just playing a worse version of those decks.

chadsansing on Slimefoot, the Stowaway

1 month ago

I'd add Paradox Engine and move Sprout Swarm (and maybe Scatter the Seeds) to the mainboard. Then, even without your doubling effects, you have another infinite saprolings/infinite mana/infinite sac/infinite damage loop to play into in the deck with Slimefoot on the battlefield.

Pernicious Deed on 0 might be a good inclusion, as well, if you can make infinite saprolings, but not infinite mana, with Slimefoot on the battlefield.

And maybe a Concordant Crossroads in case you can only make infinite saprolings without Slimefoot in play.

Happy brewing!

ellie-is on Dominaria release notes posted

1 month ago

I'm sooooooooooooo happy for the new Saproling cards. While the new Swarm of Spores is not always as strong as Scatter the Seeds, it's much nicer on an empty board.

Still, I'm upset that Saprolings need four mana to make three creatures when Spirits and Goblins can do it for three mana, and Spirits fly. Granted, those are sorceries - but I would have preferred a three mana sorcery instead of a four mana instant.

Which's not to say I won't be using the new card. It can share Scatter the Seeds' slot for a while and we can see how that goes.

All they need to do now to make me REALLY happy is print some really nice 1-drop thallid.

DrkNinja on Saproling madness

1 month ago

Look at Swarm Of Spores, Fungus Field, Sporecrown Thallid, and Song of Freyalise. They are all out of the new set and are NEEDED.

Put Arch Of Orazca, Phyrexian Plaguelord, Thelonite Hermit and Saproling Symbiosis in mainboard.

Cut Deathreap Ritual, Nettlevine Blight, verdant embrace, Diabolic Tutor, Killing Wave, Bile Blight, Trading Post, Razaketh, Pitiless Plunderer, and Meren (not because I hate her).

Where's Scatter the Seeds, Zulaport Cutthroat, & Blood Artist?

Trifas on Saprolings, Snakes, and Spores

4 months ago

Seems like a fun deck!

I'd recommend Sporesower Thallid and/or Sporoloth Ancient to speed up your Saproling production. Sporesower seems like a better option for your gameplan as it interacts well with Winding Constrictor and Spore Flower.

Psychotrope Thallid may be a good "saproling-sink", while Thallid Germinator is a potential finisher for your deck.

I just don't quite understand Obelisk Spider in this list. The only card it seems to interact with is Tezzeret's Gambit. Maybe if you had some more Proliferate cards like Contagion Clasp, Contagion Engine or Grim Affliction.

I'd also consider Scatter the Seeds or Fists of Ironwood instead of Flash Foliage, if you intent to increase your Saproling count. However, Flash Foliage may have its use if you intent to use it as a "cantrip fog".

I have a somewhat similar deck (though it is not Common/Uncommon only), in case you want to check!BG Thallids & Saprolings

Gattison on Selesnya Token Lords

4 months ago

Mutagenic Growth & Apostle's Blessing could help you get your life down to 5 quicker, if you actually want to go that route. =D

I love +1/+1 counters decks, and I've used a lot of these cards before, so it's almost like looking down memory lane here, lol.

The only thing I really want to say here is that some Flashback in the deck would be nice. something like Thrill of the Hunt or Travel Preparations would be cool, but maybe also Acorn Harvest, Battle Screech, Folk Medicine, Gaze of Justice, Sylvan Might, etc. etc. You could probably remove 2 and 2 of Scatter the Seeds and Gather the Townsfolk to make room if you wanted (or just drop Scatter altogether).

what needs improving? Speed? Protection against removal?

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