Constellation - Whenever Skybind or another enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, exile target nonenchantment permanent. Return that card to the battlefield under its owner's control at the beginning of the next end step.

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Skybind Discussion

RegenaldJes on The Commander Curse

4 days ago

This looks disgusting (as per your usual, i wouldn't enjoy going up against this beast).

That being said I think though you should add some ways of getting more enchantments back such as Starfield of Nyx and some other uses for your deck rather than just curses. Id add more creatures and items that play on your enchantments such as Myth Realized,Daxos's Torment,Whitewater Naiads, Skybind, and Plea for Guidance. Also probably remove the illegal cards from the deck and add in non basics, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx.

Well have to play-test it when i get back (if you have the cards for it). -Jr

NV_1980 on Stopping Power!

3 weeks ago

You're making a lot of sense about Skybind. I'm going to find one and add it, though I'll need some time to think about what it will replace. Your suggestions to make token generation easier ... I dunno. I guess cheaper tokens would be ok, but during mid-game I can usually create 4-6 high powered tokens per turn quite easily, and that's usually enough. As for Heliod; he really is decent but I think he's not good enough to replace any of my current creatures, let alone enchantments.

Reverie42 on Stopping Power!

3 weeks ago

Sorry, I was unclear on Skybind. It's for blinking your opponent's scary stuff by creating a token with Daxos. The most common uses are:

  • Repeatable Maze of Ith. I run a bunch of lockdown effects like Cage of Hands and the like to prevent problem commanders from being able to attack. Skybind is strong encouragement for your opponents to attack each other.
  • Combo disruption. Blinking out things like Nim Deathmantle to stop a combo and bring spot removal online or blinking out Laboratory Maniac to straight up kill someone can be really good.
  • Counter resets. Skybind can basically just shut off things like Lux Cannon and Magistrate's Scepter if anyone is running that sort of thing. Also, any creatures with X costs like Hangarback Walker are really sad to get blinked.
  • Protecting Daxos. This is the use that feels the worse, but if you can blink out Daxos for 3 mana rather than having to deal with the commander tax going up, it makes it much easier for you to recover from a board wipe.

As for Heliod, I agree that his counters aren't that strong on their own (the only source of buff here would be Cathars' Crusade. But they are enchantments, so if you don't have Daxos around, it's another way to trigger your constellation effects. I've been iffy on how good he actually is. On the one hand, a 5/6 indestructible is nice to have around when he's active. Also, things like Heartstone and Celestial Dawn make getting tokens out for a reasonable cost a lot easier (and also help Daxos when he's out). On the other, unless the tax on Daxos has been driven really high, it doesn't take too many activations until you would have been happier just recasting Daxos. I could see going either way, and I can respect that he's just about pricey enough to not want to buy one to find out you're not happy wit hit.

NV_1980 on Stopping Power!

3 weeks ago

Thanks for your comments Reverie42,

Rule of Law and Eidolon of Rhetoric are fantastic for my mid-game. I don't own these cards yet but will definitely acquire at least one of them. They won't be replacing Fate Unraveler though; you wouldn't believe the dirty looks I get from players using blue when that card hits the table. And it gets even worse when it's joined by Underworld Dreams.

Heliod, God of the Sun is nice alternative to Daxos' token generation but there's just one problem; I have nothing to boost these tokens. They won't benefit from my XP counters. So in that sense, Helios' token ability is a bit underpowered; especially in this configuration.

Skybind is nice, but I don't have that much scary non-enchantment permanents to blink. That's kind of the point :)

Rootborn Defenses is very nice. I'll replace Mortify with it.

Reverie42 on Stopping Power!

3 weeks ago

You're right that Starfield of Nyx is bad in Daxos. Even setting aside the vulnerability to board wipes, if it ever goes online, all your tokens die instantly.

Have you considered Rule of Law or Eidolon of Rhetoric? Restricted your opponents to one spell a turn while you churn out tokens with your spare mana can get absurd. I think either one is probably better than Fate Unraveler.

Somewhat more situational options might be Heliod, God of the Sun (extra token producer that survives board wipes) or Skybind (lets you blink our scary stuff at instant speed with Daxos' ability).

You had also asked about anti-board wipe tech. Rootborn Defenses might be worth considering. I'll end up just burning it to protect Daxos and get a spirit more often than not. But if you can wreck a board wipe with it while you're ahead, you frequently just win.

Reverie42 on Daxos - Enchantments

3 weeks ago

I built a very different Daxos, so it was cool to see this list. I think Celestial Dawn and Archetype of Finality are pretty neat additions.

A few things that might be non-ideal:Starfield of Nyx is really risky in Daxos. If it ever activates, all of your spirit tokens die immediately. This is because they get their normal P/T as a characteristic definition ability in layer 7a, then have it modified to 0/0 as a power/toughness setting ability in layer 7b.

You might consider trimming some number of the buff auras for more utility enchantments. I've found that being a cheap source of experience counters is frequently just not good enough on an aura. I really like Rule of Law and Eidolon of Rhetoric since they give you more room to sink mana in to generating spirits without falling behind. Some combination of Cathars' Crusade, True Conviction and Intangible Virtue can also be pretty good.

I see you have Cage of Hands. In a similar vain, you might consider Flickering Ward. That combined with Doomwake Giant is really strong. Add in Celestial Dawn and it's probably going to be hard for your opponents to play creatures. It's a bit of a nonbo with Rule of Law, but in most cases, if everyone is only casting one spell a turn, you're already pretty happy.

Skybind might also be worth considering. You've got a couple flicker effects and Daxos lets get Skybind triggers at instant speed to blink out scary attackers.

I learned about a few neat cards from this list. Thanks :)

BuzzKi11 on Daxos and Elspeth Together Again!

1 month ago

I agree Serra's Sanctum would be awesome! An it's not there because, well money...

I've already got Anointed Procession which I think is a white Parallel Lives, is there another card you're thinking of?

Skybind looks like a good addition, I don't have one but I'll track one down!


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