Boros equipment deck where the weapon of choice is a bunch of rocks from Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith. Toggo makes the rocks and Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist puts them to use, equipping them all to one lucky creature. With cards like Kemba, Kha Regent and Valduk, Keeper of the Flame you can go for a token approach or with Champion of the Flame or Loxodon Punisher you can go for the one shot kill David vs Goliath style.

Gameplay of the deck is simply getting Toggo out as soon as you can and then with things like Solemn Simulacrum or Keeper of the Accord you can hopefully make a couple rocks. Once you have a small rock collection you just lay down a key creature and have Ardenn attach all the rocks, and hopefully some other weapons, to the creature and swing in. Tried to include equipment that gave haste or trample but also just wanted to include some of my favourites.

Captain's Hook is sweet for your own creature to help them get through with the menace but with Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist it can also be attached to opponents creatures and detached as removal. Helm of the Host is another favourite as it helps create MORE ROCKS! if attached to Toggo making more Toggos but can also be attached to opponents creatures to create copies of their stuff that you will get with haste. I want to try and make a clone army of my friends' commanders and attach them each with a rock... that's the dream.

Anywho, so far it's a fun play but like any Boros deck it can hit a wall and just fall over after a couple turns. Hopefully you're able to feel alive for those few moments and most importantly just have some fun at the table.

If you have any recommendations or ideas for fun equipment that can be useful on your own creature or attached to an opponents with Ardenn let me know! Thanks.


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