Really fun deck that can come outta no where. Notion Thief is crazy good in here with Anvil of Bogardan and especially my wheels. I run lots of draw/burn cards alongside discard/lose life cards which equals lots of value with my wheels. The cards all synergize really well with each other and this is one of my favorite decks to play.

I worry about discarding to much and bringing to much hate my way so it’s better to just have ONE of my five permanents that cause discards during upkeeps and/or playing spells out at a time. Always be able to have a hand if possible so you don’t cripple yourself. Geth's Grimoire and Waste Not will draw more cards for discards while Consecrated Sphinx and Rhystic Study will help even more.

Any suggestions are appreciated! They are what helped me fine tune the way the deck plays and it’s been winning me more games than I thought possible :)


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