Live fast and die young.

The deck aims find avenues of casting Phage the Untouchable while dancing around her lose the game etb. Torpor Orb and Platinum Angel can negate the trigger while Campfire, Command Beacon, and Netherborn Altar bring Phage to your hand in order to safely cast her. Numerous sources of card draw and several tutors help us find all the needed pieces to assemble a line for the arival of Phage. The deck features Swamp synergies such as Cabal Coffers and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, and mana doublers like Crypt Ghast, Nirkana Revenant, and Caged Sun to produce a significant amount of black mana.

Once on the battlefield, Phage finds victory through combat damage or a combo. Combat victories are achieved by attacking players with evasion using Rogue's Passage, Whispersilk Cloak, or Wedding Invitation while Lightning Greaves or Hall of the Bandit Lord can quicken her attack. Phage can sneak out combo wins under Endless Whispers while using a sacrifice outlet like High Market to gift Phage and her etb to an opponent.

Board control includes Mutilate, Toxic Deluge, and Decree of Pain to clear the battlefield. Imp's Mischief and Withering Boon serve as often unexpected stack interaction and protection.

Many spells and abilities utilize our life as a resource and can be particularly strong if used aggressively. Bolas's Citadel Black Market Connections, Necropotence, Vilis, Broker of Blood, Feed the Swarm, War Room, Castle Locthwain, and Hall of the Bandit Lord are all examples of this. Fetch lands are included to lower our life total, thin the deck, and to provide shuffle effects for Bolas's Citadel. To balance our loss of life, Polluted Bonds and Sheoldred, the Apocalypse give us persistent life gain. Soul Conduit and Profane Transfusion are included for wild life swings and occasional wins while at zero life.

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