Profane Transfusion

Profane Transfusion


Two target players exchange life totals. You create an X/X colorless Horror artifact creature token, where X is the difference between those players' life totals.

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Profane Transfusion Discussion

griffstick on Vito Life gain

3 weeks ago

Also Soul Conduit and Profane Transfusion both work great as finishers.

Profet93 on Artificer-in-Chief: Maga, Traitor to Mortals (MB)

2 months ago

Deserted Temple - Untap coffers, nkythos or thawing glaciers (for extra use/ramp)

Profane Transfusion > Soul Conduit. Splits the difference of 12 mana soul conduit (6 to cast and activate) and doesn't telgraph your plays. Also, Mirror Universe is worth mentioning given you have no budget, but I digress...

Rings of Brighthearth - Draw with top, extra activation of PW abilities. If you add fetches (that go well with top btw), you can use rings to ramp further. Lastly, Rings + Deserted Temple + Coffers = Infinite black mana. It's a bit of a stretch given your current list, but worth mentioning.

Necropotence > Underworld connections - Same CMC, can give you a major boost to give you best chance of finding the card/combo or tutor you need. It works very well with profane transfusion (or soul conduit for that matter).

Cavern of Souls - Naming commander. If you drop all your mana into it just for the blue player to say NO, then you're gonna have a bad time.

Imp's Mischief - As you only have 1 instant, opponents will know not to fear instant speed interaction. Be sure to keep them on their toes and bluff with mischief. It counters counterspells, and redirects targetted removal, draw, extra turns and more! So much utility.

Lili and Ob Nix walkers are both weak for their CMC and impact. I would swap with more draw or interaction.

Feed the Swarm - Enchantment interaction

Oubliette - Commander removal and watch black and red players cry. Or just regular removal

Hero's Downfall - Removal that hits walkers

Dismember - Cheap interaction

The remaining suggestions are less impactful but worth noting...

Mind Twist - Its random discard that also acts as counterspell bait.

Night's Whisper - Draw

Sign in Blood - Slightly harder to cast than above but can be used as such..... Necro to 1 life, profane transfusion, then cast sign in blood on opponent (night's whisper doesn't target but easier to cast)

Read the Bones - The ease of cast, scry 2 is nice. Although I'm biased since it was my first foil since coming back to MTG, again, I digress...

Syphon Mind - Lastly, potentially the best option. 4 mana, draw 3, each opponent discard a card. Dependent on # of opponents, fuels opposing reanimator, but usually a solid card.

I would love to hear your thoughts on each suggestion.

Freerunner19 on Beledros Witherbloom EDH

3 months ago

kikimaki That would be a good idea but I find myself gaining way more life than losing life. I rarely dip below 20 life. Once the engines get going I'll be as high as 100+ even with spending 10 life every turn. So something like Profane Transfusion wouldn't really do me a lot of good.

ironmindraph on K’rrik, Shameless Masochist

3 months ago

Interesting. Good work!

If i were you i would make room for Profane Transfusion as a backup plan for Repay In Kind.

Profet93 on X Gon Give It To Ya (Xiahou-Dun Stax Primer)

3 months ago


Profane Transfusion - Using necro to draw (or just tutor for in general) profane, go to 1 life and swap. Can also use a Leechridden Swamp to finish them off that turn

Have you considered a mind control effect in the form of either Emrakul, the Promised End , Mindslaver or Worst Fears ? Each have won me too many games to count (feels good to use or tutor for their necro and make them die). It's even better with lethal vapors, as if you have it on the field and target an opponent, one of two things will happen....

  1. They dont respond to cast of mind control effect, you take their turn, activate vapors and hold priority skipping all their turns
  2. They respond to cast of mind control effect by activating vapors, mind control effect resolves. They skip their next turn, you take their following turn.

Infernal Darkness - Contamination #2 but doesn't change the amount of mana produced by mass producing lands such as coffers, nykthos, cradle, etc....

Lanzo493 on Surviving My Own Deck

5 months ago

Since people keep mentioning Repay in Kind , I've gotta reference its big brother: Profane Transfusion . It's more mana, but can be more fun, too. It's also more flexible since you can boost your own life total or switch life around however you wish.

Mattio38 on K’rrakaka

5 months ago

Hi cvarena21989 thank you for your comment. My plan is to build a fun deck with awesome big black impactful creatures as a win condition. I do run a combo or two in each of my decks just as an alternate wincon. I really liked Massacar's tip of Greed + Profane Transfusion and I'm always open for more combos.

Now Jimmy Wong inspired me in a recent Game Knights video: I might end up having about 20 cool big black impactful creatures of which 10 are in the deck and 10 in my sideboard. Then each game I shuffle these 20 cards and randomly add 10 cards to the deck. This sounds like a lot of fun to me!

Massacar on K’rrakaka

7 months ago

Mattio38 honestly the 7-8 power range is my favorite too, so I am glad that's the direction you're heading.

Firstly, my pet card of all pet cards, Elixir of Immortality . I know it doesn't look like much, but for getting the ability to gain life and restore my graveyard is extremely awesome. If you're up for it, I heartily recommend including it!

Personally, I think In Garruk's Wake is kind of meh. Yeah it's asymmetrical which is nice, but even with K'rrik out you're looking at at least 7 mana to cast it. If you're in a sticky situation that might be too steep to likely be useful, so I would consider something more like Black Sun's Zenith (scalable, reusable, and gets around indestructible) or Damnation instead.

Another card that may be kind of spicy would be Greed , since it will allow you to dig through your library for just health at that point, and if you've got your Profane Transfusion you can royally ruin someone's day.

I would generally recommend looking at everything in your deck that costs 4+ mana, and determining what things you really want in there, and what you think you could afford to lose. If we can get your CMC a little closer to 3, I would then say you could consider dropping a few lands (I rarely run more than 35 in a non lands matters deck, especially when I have access to ramp) to clear out more space for low cmc value or anything else.

If that seems like a reasonable thing to you, I would love to give your list another once over after you've done whatever you like.

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