Shallow Grave


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirage Rare

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Shallow Grave


Return the top creature card from your graveyard to play. That creature gains haste until end of turn. Remove it from the game at end of turn.

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Shallow Grave Discussion

LeaPlath on Cradle to the Grave

1 week ago

If you want to reanimate something you have a ton of options. Reanimate, Dread Return, Life/Death, Animate Dead, Shallow Grave etc

Pernicious_Dude on Pauper Reanimator

1 month ago

Sorry to bring bad news, but Shallow Grave and Reanimate aren't actually common. They come from before Magic started using colors to indicate rarity.

That said, I like any deck that uses Faithless Looting to do unfair things. The Fiery Tempers are a nice touch too! Good luck with this.

ClockworkSwordfish on Favorite reanimate targets

2 months ago

The premiere targets are probably Griselbrand, Iona, Shield of Emeria, Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur, Sire Of Insanity and Avacyn, Angel of Hope. Nicol Bolas is also a superb option if you're using Shallow Grave.

Winterblast on Sac lands

2 months ago

Abilities that trigger "when creature X dies" do not Trigger when you put the creature in the command zone. putting the commander there is a replacement effect and it goes in the command zone INSTEAD of the zone it would go otherwise. I would recommend a lot of Reanimation spells to get the commander back out of the graveyard, either to play or to the Hand. For example Animate Dead, Reanimate, Shallow Grave, Dance of the Dead, Necromancy, Goryo's Vengeance, Karmic Guide, Unburial Rites, Oversold Cemetery, Haunted Crossroads

Another thing that has to be said is that very specific requirements for a card aren't often found on a lot of cards. When you want a certain ability on a certain card type for an interesting or funny but also rare strategy, having to pay between 5 and 20 dollar for a card that fits isn't unusual. It also has to be noted that buying cards from the reserved list is always interesting when you can make a good deal because if something won't ever get reprinted, the prices won't ever drop much and if the card happens to become an important piece in a legacy or vintage deck sometimes in the future you might even be able to sell it for a lot more.

TheHelvault on H: HUGE DISCOUNTS!!!! W: EDH ...

3 months ago

Hello all! this is my update on what's available plus PRICE DROP!!.

So what I have here are cards from my binder that I'm trying to get rid of. I'm building Karametra EDH and I need some expensive cards for it (listed below cards for sale), and I can't afford them. I will take trades or cash in the price listed below:

So, here's the cards!

All cards are NM/LP unless otherwise specified.

Cards I Need! 1 of Each!

If you're still reading by the time you get here, thanks! You're the best! :D

I will update this daily with what is and isnt available. Again, I will take cash or trades for the second list of cards

tenrose on Walking Ball | Thrasios Ballista

4 months ago

drshakalu Sorry for the late response!

The Intuition piles look like either: Hermit Druid + Reanimate + Shallow Grave, or Force of Will + Pact of Negation + Mental Misstep. The deck runs a fair bit of redundancy so you can get whatever effect you want most of the time, be it removal, draw, recursion, etc.

I have indeed considered Recruiter of the Guard. IMO we run enough tutors already to get Hermit Druid with. I would much rather run Mystical Tutor and Enlightened Tutor as they're cheap and can be cast at instant speed. You can get any piece of removal, draw, recursion, or disruption you need with Mystical Tutor, and any rock or Lion's Eye Diamond with Enlightened Tutor if you're going for a hard cast Auriok Salvagers. Recruiter of the Guard costs three mana which doesn't sit well with the rest of the deck.

After some games a few weeks back I realised packing in some creature based reanimation could be good. At two mana, Apprentice Necromancer is very good but the need for haste bothers me.

Necropotence recently came out of the list for Ad Nauseam, which is much more powerful than Mystic Remora. Mystic Remora was cut in the early stages for Rhystic Study, which also consistently performed poorly.

I can tell you from experience: "You do not want to cut Phantasmagorian for Haunted Dead."

In regards to Pithing Needle, if your meta requires you to run it, I would definitely take a dork out to run it. We're tight on slots currently, but you could also cut Pull from Eternity if you need the dorks in.

In regards to Praetor's Grasp, I haven't had to worry about that too much. It's recently shown itself a few times in my online meta, so I've been toying with finding a slot for the new Walking Ballista, which would give us an alternative wincon with whichever line we take.

Lilbrudder on

4 months ago

My first thought is "Wow that Son of ma bitch created another amazingly flavorful deck!" You are truly talented.

Second thought is prized amalgalam is overkill. Just add more dorks which will also give you the mana to counterspell protect HD and get turn 3 Leo+wheel.

3rd Thought: without Mike Trike is trash. Go Walking Ballista. The casting cost doesn't gwt counted for necrotic ooze combo and ballista is strictly better in at least 3 ways.

4th thought: Get Survival of the Fittest.

5th Thought: Intuition goes well with that too

6th thought: Your overall cc is too low for necrotic ooze most games. Add Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur for extra "Fucka You Germs!" Add a few extra reanimation effects

7th thought: A germaphobe would love Kederekt Leviathan. Combos amazingly with Animate Dead and Necromancy. Think end step necromancy followed by Leo+Wheel! Rinse and Repeat!

So in short making it a reanimator subtheme would give you the cc you need to make necrotic ooze and hd combo work more consistently while also giving you some powerful tech. Entomb and Shallow Grave gives hermit druid some haste or allows earlier jin shenanighans. Its just what I would do. Your deck is very good without it. I could add some suggested cuts but my thumb is sore for now.

TheHelvault on Lili's B*tches

5 months ago

If you're doing some reanimation, Entomb, Shallow Grave/Goryo's Vengeance, and Exhume are all excellent. They are pricier like Coffers, but they're worth a spot in the deck imo. Also I'd suggest Dakmor Salvage for a little extra graveyard filler

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