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A vicious voltron style deck that kills opponents with a single hit. Balan is a very powerful commander with a single goal, cheat on equip costs and strike to deal 21 commander damage as fast a possible. With the help of a few powerful equipment this deck can devastate opponents. The main one punch combos are: Balan, Wandering Knight + Grafted Exoskeleton + Whispersilk Cloak Balan, Wandering Knight + Colossus Hammer + Prowler's Helm and many others will let you end the game with one punch

A word on equipment

Normally equipment have a much higher cost than you think. You must pay to cast and you must pay to equip, and that means that even 0 cost equipment cost their equip costs. Balan cheats this system by having an ability that allows you to equip them for 1 at instant speed. This makes some equipment that might not work otherwise great additions to the deck.


Since the focus of our deck is our commander, the creatures are mostly just going to be small creatures that slow our opponents down. Balan won't hit the field until you have 6 mana so you need to use creatures to bait out removal. Mother of Runes grants protection, which can keep our commander in the game or let him hit home. Aegis of the Gods having hexproof makes us harder to hit. Containment Priest slows down reanimation and cheating creatures into play. Crashing Drawbridge a sweet wall that does one thing, gives my creatures haste. This is a hard ability to get in white and without wasting equipment slots. Grand Abolisher my turn is mine. Gold Myr a cheap artifact creature that's also a mana dork. Imposing Sovereign having my opponents creatures come into play tapped will slow down their plans. Leonin Shikari instant speed equip lets us be much more flexible. Puresteel Paladin one of the best creatures in the deck. Gives us card advantage for doing what we want to do, and removes equip costs. Relic Seeker mostly an early game staple, getting the tutor is unreliable, but it's a decent body for cheap that can possibly tutor an equipment. Sram, Senior Edificer a possible co-commander for the deck. Great source of card draw. Brass Squire reduces the equip cost of one equipment to 0 and lets you equip 1 time at instant speed. Danitha Capashen, Paragon reduces cost for equipment we cast. Kemba,kha regent the original commander of this deck, this creature fills in nicely early game. Mentor of the Meek there's plenty of creatures that I can draw off of this, making it a valuable draw tool (though not as good as when kemba is the commander). Heliod, God of the Sun gives our creatures vigilance. Indomitable Archangel shroud for artifacts and a flying body. Jhoira's Familiar reduces the cost of all of our artifacts and legends, including our commander. Archangel of Thune powerhouse that can boost our commander. Stonehewer Giant lets us go get whatever tool need and end the game. Sun Titan graveyard recursion in white that's really decent. Average cmc is 2.5 for this deck. Myriad Landscape + Sun Titan a great ramp combo, I've used this with great success.Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite super oppressive creature that locks the board down and lets us power through.


I feature a modest number of spells to help us with removal and protect our plan. I also use a few tutors for our important combo pieces. Brave the Elements can protect all of our creatures or make them practically unlockable. Condemn best early defence or used to stop lethal attacks. Dispatch exile for 1 that has little downside. Steelshaper's Gift tutor equipment. Heliod's Intervention Mass artifact/enchantment removal that's targeted, or massive life gain. Open the Armory tutor for equipment. Winds of Abandon powerful single target removal or for opening up our opponents all at once. This is a poor man's cyclonic rift and it's a great card. Lapse of Certainty counter spells in white is so rare, use this on a counter or on a let removal piece, then wipe them out before they can draw it again. If their draw engine isn't going this will seriously hurt. Mass Calcify this won't touch my creatures. Even if it doesn't kill all of my opponents creatures, it's always the majority, and it's never me.


Sigarda's Aid one of the best tools for equipment voltron, allowing you to equip for free and play equipment at instant speed. Ideally the equipment will be on the field when Balan comes into play, but this is good for setting up our board and letting us keep our threats till the last second. Endless Horizons exile 2/3 of your available Plains into this every time. Even if it gets blown up, you still have some lands, and if it doesn't you can still get lands later on. Smothering Tithe white staple that produces a lot of mana. It is hard to pay the tax and eventually your opponents will stop altogether.

Non-equipment artifacts

These artifacts serve to ramp and let us draw, speeding us up to 6 mana and beyond. Sol Ring best mana rock available. Arcane Signet 2 mana for 1 white is great. Endless Atlas great consistent card draw. Pearl Medallion reduces the cost of white spells, including my commander. Caged Sun mana doubler that I can use in mono white


Balan just needs to get to 11 power to be lethal, due to his double strike ability. I use a few equipment that get him there quickly, and a few that make him hard to stop; making him very deadly very quickly. Paradise Mantle (o cost 1 scale) cheap equipment that turns or creatures into mana dorks send protects our commander to being goaded. Sigil of Distinction (x cost 1 scale) a sleeper card for this and every equipment deck. It can come down early and equip immediately for small value, or it can be played later to end the game (8 mana needed for this to be a killer). Basilisk Collar ( 1 cost 3 scale) deathtouch and lifelink are great abilities. Bloodforged Battle-Axe (1 cost 3 scale) this axe can quickly make deadly copies of itself. Colossus Hammer (1 cost 9 scale) without balan this card is a joke, but he makes it deadly. With just this and 1 more equipment, balan is swinging for lethal. This is a key combo card. Golem-skinned gauntlets starts out small but can be a huge bonus. Infiltration Lens punishes opponents for blocking by letting us draw. Masterwork of Ingenuity any Equipment you control for 1. Shadowspear provides great key words and can take the shields down on your opponents creatures. Skullclamp cheap and effective, can provide value with smaller creatures. Stitcher's Graft cheap but has huge downsides, the bonus provided is valuable. Blackblade Reforged super powerful equipment that gives a massive boost. Dowsing Dagger   useful as an equipment and useful as a land. Empyrial Plate effectiveness can vary, but usually gives a good boost for cheap. Lightning Greaves haste and shroud. With balan you don't have to worry about shroud slowing you down too much and haste is great. Mask of Memory card draw is important enough to discard. Ogre's Cleaver a deadly weapon that is only good in bc balan. Prowler's Helm pseudo unlockable. Rogue's Gloves efficient card draw engine. Swiftfoot Boots hexproof and haste are a great combo. Sword of the Animist mana ramp that's guaranteed even if the creature gets blocked. Trailblazer's Boots more basically unblockable. Umezawa's Jitte v versatile card that has a lot of good options. Darksteel Plate indestructible. Godsend great equipment that gives good stats and an exile trigger. Loxodon Warhammer lifelink and trample with good stat boost. Quietus Spike mostly for deathtouch but also can be good to bring someone down a peg. Strata Scythe gives impressive stat boost. Sword of Vengeance decentkeywords including haste, and stat boost. Whispersilk Cloak unblockable and shroud. Avarice Amulet similar advantage to phyrexian arena, without the pain. Do not equip this to any creature other than your commander because commanders don't die. Grafted Exoskeleton infect is nice, just 10 points. You just need this and 1 other equipmentto start taking players out. Hammer of Nazahn sigarda's aid meets darksteel plate, this is the most powerful equipment in the deck. Helm of the Host creates an army of balans for whatever reason. It's best with sram. Worldslayer an insurance policy that wipes the board away, keeping our opponents from fighting back. Argentum Armor very highly costed, but it is worthy, a huge stat bonus and destroys any permanent with an attack.


The abundance of artifacts means I can afford to use several nonbasic lands. Arch of Orazca having the ability to draw on a land in invaluable. I have used this ability almostevery time it comes into play. Buried Ruin great for bringing back artifacts my opponents kill. Emeria, The Sky Ruin late game recursion for threats my opponents get rid of. Inventors' Fair tutor for any artifact. Also can give us a small amount of life. Karn's Bastion because proliferate matters. Karoo helps us get higher in mana count. Mikokoro, Center of the Sea can be good in certain situations, and it's a land. Myriad Landscape decent mana ramp. Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx explosive mana ramp. Thespian's Stage one of the best utility lands in the deck. Can become myriad landscape or in a spicy combo, you can turn it into inventors fair and then activate the original in responce.

The first player you take out will be surprised, but you are going to aggro the other 2 players onto you instantly. So be sure to kill the strongest player first. I use a number of tools that insure the other players can't come back.

Balan, one-punch man


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