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Urza, Annoying Artificer

Commander / EDH Mono-Blue


Finally getting around to putting my Urza deck on Tapped Out. The Paradox ban basically killed Arcum so lots of the pieces from there were shifted into this.

Combos are:

Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth = Infinite colorless mana

Basalt Monolith + Power Artifact = Infinite colorless mana

Grim Monolith + Power Artifact = Infinite colorless mana

Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter + 3 or more from mana rocks = Infinite mana (usually blue because Urza makes his own mana rocks).

Once you have infinite mana, your general win routes are to exile and cast your whole library, and then:

Play Isochron Scepter, imprinting Dramatic Reversal to generate infinite mana. If Reversal is exiled by Urza, simply cast it and use Codex Shredder to return Reversal to hand, then cast Isochron Scepter off Urza's exile pile. Once you establish this, you can use Echo of Eons to loop your spells, then use Codex Shredder to return Echo or use Copy Artifact (copying Scepter) and Dramatic Reversal to copy Echo and bounce spells. You could, for example, cast Cyclonic Rift, Chain of Vapor, or Into the Roil to bounce a nonland permanent of the opponent's, play Narset and Codex Shredder, play Echo to strip opponent's hands to 1, then use Shredder to return Echo and strip opponent's hands to 0. You can then loop Shredder, Echo, and any bounce spell via infinite mana and Urza to return all of your opponents nonland permanents to hand and then force them to shuffle them all into their library. This is the initial primary goal: Strip your opponent's hands.

Well, however you want, really. You can:

You can freely mill your opponents with Codex Shredder and then cast Windfall (you can control the side of your library by casting instants/sorceries with Echo, so you'll never deck yourself!) if you establish Dramatic-Scepter like the previous step told you to.

You can beat down with bird tokens or Thopter tokens, as well, using infinite mana with Sai, Master Thopterist, Echo of Eons, and Codex Shredder. Every time you play Shredder, you'll gain a 1/1 Thopter. If infinite 1/1 Thopters are too small for you, you can use Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal and a Copy Artifact Isochron Scepter + Narset's Reversal plus Swan Song and any random spell it can target. Cast the spell, say, Pull from Tomorrow for 0, cast via Urza's exile pile, and cast Swan Song from the exile pile, targeting Pull. Activate Narset's Scepter to copy Swan Song, bouncing the original spell to hand, then activate Dramatic Scepter to untap both Scepters. Now cast the Swan Song from hand targeting the Swan Song copy, then use both Narset's and Dramatic Scepter again to bounce and copy it a second time, targeting the 1st Swan Song Copy. Let copy 2 resolve, countering copy 1, gain a bird token. At this point you're back to the point where both Scepters are untapped, the original spell still hasn't resolved, and Swan Song is in hand. So, repeat this loop until you have all the birds you could ever ask for.

No Urza: If you can't cast Urza, he's been removed somehow (Gilded Drake, Song of the Dryads, et al), you can draw your library with Pull from Tomorrow, play Isochron Scepter imprinted with Dramatic Reversal, then use Dramatic Scepter with Codex Shredder to mill everyone's libraries, drop all of your stax pieces, and then use Echo of Eons + Narset to control the size of your own library and finish everyone off with a Windfall.

No Scepter: If you don't have Isochron Scepter (it got exiled for whatever reason) but still assembled Power Artifact + Grim Monolith or something and have Urza, then you can't mill with Shredder or use Narset's Reversal, but you can still do infinite spell casts. By using Codex Shredder and Echo of Eons with any other spells, you can basically get the same result with a lot more steps. You can strip your opponent's hands with Narset, Parter of Veils and Echo, looping Echo via Codex Shredder and Urza's ability. You can then, say, cast any random spell, counter it with Swan Song, make a Bird token, then cast Echo to shuffle everything back in and do it again. More steps, but still 2/2 birds. Bounce their board state back to hand, strip your opponent's hands, lay out all of your stax pieces, and then just swing on them next turn, keeping a fist full of counters the entire time (and bear in mind, any counters you exile you can chain cast by casting a spell and then using your own counters on it, then shuffle them all back in with Echo. Depending on your combo, leave enough mana open to activate your infinite mana source more than once, just in case (which, you can bounce/re-cast spent mana rocks if need be as well, but Sai should have tons of mana available for you anyway with his Thopter tokens).

No Codex Shredder: If Shredder gets exiled or there's a Rest in Peace on field, you can use Isochron Scepter + Narset's Reversal and Copy Artifact (on Isochron Scepter) + Narset's Reversal to copy everything for the Echo of Eons loops and keep them all in hand, no need for Codex Shredder. You can go Bird/Thopter token beatdown route, here (in this circumstance, you just cast a bounce spell on a random artifact of yours, copy it with Narset's Reveral to keep it in hand, and then replay the artifact. Hooray, 1/1 Thopters via Sai!). Alternatively, you could just bounce the Rest in Peace and go about your business normally, but this is worth mentioning in case you can't target it for whatever reason.

No Echo of Eons: Losing Echo isn't a huge deal. It's a way to cast every spell from the library, but you can still win via Codex Shredding opponent's libraries and then Windfalling them if you left enough cards in your own library, but if that's not an option (because Echo is how you control the size of your own library in the event important win condition cards are on the bottom), you can cast Blue Sun's Zenith from exile for 0 and use Sensei's Divining Top to put it into your hand (and it as the only card in your library). Then just target an opponent to draw them out. Activate Urza with BSZ on the stack and then cast it right after, so BSZ is the only card of your library, then repeat the process. This method can work without Dramatic Scepter as well, as you'll wind up casting a Monolith with Power Artifact, and you can make 10 septillion colorless mana and then convert it into blue mana by tapping the Monolith for and then untapping it using the colorless you generated. Even outside of that, you'll likely have way more than 9 artifacts come into play on your combo turn, which with just infinite colorless, produces exactly enough to kill 3 players by drawing them out.

This question comes up a lot: If you have infinite colorless, you have infinite blue, no matter the combo. Once you make your 80 septillion colorless mana, you can then tap your selected Monolith for 1 blue instead of the 3 colorless it would normally provide. Whatever number you set for your infinite colorless, you can filter that to either 1/3rd or 1/4th of the value you set into blue mana (so 80 septillion colorless, in this case, would actually be 20 septillion blue mana once you do the loop).

After playing this over the last few months, I've come to the realization that this deck is basically replacing my old Captain Sisay's Engine Chain Extravaganza instead of my Arcum's Asylum deck. This deck plays a lot more like a more reactive Captain Sisay than Arcum, but that's by no means a bad thing as the Captain was my favorite cEDH deck.


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