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Said on the cold undying...


Nevermind; Intent is in (I can't read those damned Invocations). Point still stands: Library > Greed. Necropotence is probably the best of the bunch but I am unsure if your mana base supports it.

December 2, 2017 7:22 p.m.

Said on the cold undying...


Secure the Wastes doesn't seem very good here. It doesn't mesh with any of your combos, and something like Eladamri's Call or Chord of Calling would be a much better use of the slot as it helps you assemble your combo much more quickly.

Greed seems much worse than something like Sylvan Library or Diabolic Intent.

December 2, 2017 7:21 p.m.

Said on Breya The combo ......


Hey there. I've been working on Breya for a while, so I do have some suggestions for you. My experience will be coming from this list: Breya's Party Pants.

You have Notion Thief, but no Wheel of Fortune, Winds of Change, or Windfall. The Notion Thief combo is so good I would actually recommend dropping another combo to fit them in.

Bomberman is your strongest, easiest way to win. It is hands down faster than Ironworks + Deathmantle + Breya as you win with only 4W (if LED is in hand too) or 5WW if LED is in the graveyard, because you don't even need Breya on field to use it. Worldgorger is the close second combo. Keeping a third in case you're unsure of discarding your hand/exiling your board state is fine: I use Notion Thief + wheel for mine (which is why I'd recommend it to you: I've literally never lost a game after doing that, commonly winning the same turn with all the fast mana I draw), but I don't see many cases where Impact Tremors, Disciple of the Vault, or Reckless Fireweaver would be that beneficial. I'm fairly certain they're only required for Sharuum's combo, which is literally your slowest (worst) combo- even the Deathmantle one only takes 9-10 mana (Altar vs Ironworks), but at least in that circumstance one of those cards is in the Command Zone. Once you have infinite colorless mana and tokens, you just Lightning Bolt everyone to death using Breya's ability (same as you'd do with infinite colored mana, honestly). You could easily drop 2 of those damage effects for Windfall and Winds of Change, which is a combo with Notion Thief that will Mind Twist your opponents and draw you 20+ cards, commonly right into a win condition.

Hell, a few weeks ago I had an opener where I had Winds of Change in hand with Vampiric Tutor, Reanimate, Lotus Petal, Faithless Looting, and 2 lands. I spent turn 1 Vampiric Tutoring Notion Thief to the top of my library, played Petal and cracked it for Looting, discarding the Thief. Next turn, I played Reanimate, then Winds of Change, and each opponent shuffled their 6-7 cards in, I drew over 20 cards, played Mana Crypt, Mox Diamond, then Frantic Search, discarding Worldgorger Dragon, then played Dance of the Dead with the two lands I untapped and won the game right there because my second land was Gemstone Mine.

A t2 or t3 Notion Thief easily ends games due to how much you'll draw, lol, and I see you're running the Thief, but not the wheels. So definitely look into the wheels to enable him, yourself. And feel free to look at my Breya build too if you need ideas. I kind of went all-in on Bomberman/Gorger combo, but that's not for everyone and I get that.

November 30, 2017 8:40 p.m.

Rings works with Deserted Temple and Cabal Coffers, on top of any benefits it has with Chainer or other activated abilities, since it works with noncreature abilities too.

November 25, 2017 12:55 p.m.

Said on Sisay's Legends...


I also have a Captain Sisay deck, so I thought I'd offer my advice real quick.

Mox Opal is pretty huge for the Paradox Engine combo turn. I strongly recommend adding it in as Sisay can tutor it after your first untap and let you generate N + 1 mana, helping you get closer to your goal of casting every legendary in one turn in the event you only have one dork or something, which happens (my list runs more than even yours does and I run into this from time to time lol).

I recommend Inventors' Fair, Azusa, Lost but Seeking (lets you play a new land on your combo turn, allowing you to get both Miren and Fair even if you played a land earlier in the turn), and Blasting Station. Don't worry about using Mindslaver to win and draw things out when you could infinitely do damage with Bow of Nylea, Station, and any legendary creature. Inventor's Fair's ability is reasonably easy to use, as with Opal, Paradox Engine, and Bow of Nylea (all of which are easily obtained on the combo turn using just Sisay), you can satisfy its ability, grab Blasting Station, and then kill every opponent by sacrificing Anafenza or something, bottoming it with Bow, and then tutoring it back to hand with Sisay and re-casting it, untapping, and then using Station again until everyone is dead.

You could drop Mindslaver to fit in Blasting Station, any land to fit in Inventor's Fair, and I honestly don't think Karametra is good in this deck so she could be removed fairly easily to fit in Azusa, who would help on your combo turn (Karametra brings the lands in tapped so she's only useful during a long, grindy game, in which case she's a poor backup plan and win-more in almost every case she'd be good).

I am also a huge fan of Umbral Mantle with Selvala, Heart of the Wilds as they produce infinite mana and, ergo, infinite untaps, which means if your Paradox Engine gets exiled or something you still have a very solid route to win the game. Sisay can get you both cards even if Paradox Engine is gone which can be valuable.

November 23, 2017 10:30 p.m.

Well yeah, it'd definitely help with not missing land drops, but you'd still probably benefit from removing 10-15 lands and adding in mana rocks so that way you can accelerate, not just play to curve. Being able to threaten blowing Ashling on turn 4 or 5 is pretty restricting for opponents who want to continually cast small value creatures like Bant Blink or Elves (hell, even Goblins with Krenko, non-infinite Ghave decks, Rhys the Redeemed decks, and plenty more. 5-7 damage to everything on turn 5 can make it hard for any deck that wants to win via creatures, especially when you can do it repeatedly).

Solid rocks would include: Fire Diamond, Thought Vessel, Mind Stone (card draw when you don't need it too), Sol Ring, Guardian Idol, Coldsteel Heart, Worn Powerstone, Fellwar Stone, Unstable Obelisk (double as removal), even something like Burnished Hart or Solemn Simulacrum.

November 23, 2017 9:08 p.m.


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