This deck is very fun to play and as competitive as my stash allows. I know I need Doubling Season and Deepglow Skate but I accidentally traded my foiley Unstable island for a Blightsteel Colossus, Ajani, Mentor of Heroes, and Jace Beleren. I don't regret it yet, and I can use those cards outside of this deck too. I do not have room for many creatures, but the ones I do help the mana curve, tutor, or are just plain badass game-enders. This deck is pricey so I got some of my 'walkers in cheaper languages but they also look very cool, Tezzeret der sucker for instance, and matching Spanish Elspeths. I should add Tamiyo, the Moon Sage but I'll hold off and save my money to buy Christmass gifts.


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