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Rakdos, Herald of Hell (feedback welcome)

Commander / EDH BR (Rakdos)



Rakdos is a ton of fun! (Though prepare to be hated out sometimes...) I've been working on this deck for a while and am trying to make it better with some suggestions. I'm a newer deckbuilder and like the input.

Basically my creatures fall into two categories, Rakdos enablers, or creatures enabled by Rakdos. Demons generally will be follow ups to Rakdos being on the field. Creatures like Reaper from the Abyss solidify any board advantage you have, as you will be swinging a lot and things will be dying. while little guys like Lobber Crew tend to be the ones who are pinging to get Rakdos out.

Soft board wipes are a theme in here as well, and Night Incarnate, Demon of Dark Schemes, and Pestilence take care of all but the tankiest foes and opens the way for the big boys to swing in, but there is plenty of removal to take care of problematic creatures.

Things like Everlasting Torment disable things that can turn your aggro approach off.


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