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Before we get into the list, I'd like to elaborate on the meta and house rules, which are pretty relevant.

Rules: no infinite combos (can't "do" anything more than 9 times per turn, including draw, can't take more than three turns in a row, can't tutor more than twice per turn, no kills before turn 5, and no mass land destruction. These are league rules and, for better or worse, nonnegotiable).

Meta: As you may have surmised, the rules cut a lot of traditional combos' legs out from under them. Arcum can't wipe all permanents, Sharuum can't gravestorm for 500, and Azami can't draw 40 cards. The common combos which DO see play are helm-leyline, Yosei locks (because you only really need to cause everyone to skip two untap steps in order to win), and flashing in and recurring time stretch in between opponents' turns. The dominant decks by far are U/B/x goodstuff decks. Damia, Mimeoplasm, Rafiq, and recently Zegana. It's a fairly slow meta, with lots of battlecruiser magic plays. Stuff like Praetor's Counsel followed by time stretch sees a lot of play.

This deck has a similar gameplan: ramp and then drown everyone in card advantage, winning through either a Yosei lock, dismantling the board 9 permanents per turn at a time through Deadeye+Palinchron+Venser/Capsize, or flickering Avenger of Zendikar a few times then taking extra turns and beating face. It does not aim to be a "fair" deck, merely to operate within the rules listed about. We have a pretty cutthroat meta (strange, given the somewhat carebear ruleset) so pretty much anything goes.

The win conditions are hardly original and should be fairly obvious but the just of it is this:Deadeye+Palinchron = mana enabler. Followed by capsize or bouncing venser or making Jenara enormous or just casting time stretch. Given the "don't do something more than 9 times" restriction, Seedborne Muse often provides enough mana per turn to enable Deadeye. Deadeye+Avenger of ZendikarDeadeye+E-wit for time stretch, recurring counters, draw, etc.Time StretchYosei lock. Usually enabled by survival, pitch Body Double+Karmic Guide+Mirror Entity+Yosei into the yard and tutor Lark to hand. Then evoke lark, body double copies lark mirror entity maintaining priority 9 times, lock the table.

The rest of the deck is centered around protecting my win conditions and policing the board, hence the heavy dose of counterspells and bounce.

What I would like to know is, how can I make this deck more resilient to hate? Graveyard hate is obviously a problem given how much recursion I use, but I figure I can only have so many counters. I've also excluded a lot of traditional "answer cards," like my own graveyard hate, in favor of counterspells. I hated having a tormod's crypt dead in my hand against aggro decks. Counterspells are never dead. Does that seem reasonable?

Also, there are a few cards I've been considering adding, and would love your input.

Chromatic Lantern - this deck runs lots of triple blue, double white, double green... and occasionally wants to cast all of them the same turn. I have a pretty decent landbase, do I need this?Boseiju, Who Shelters All - When I'm about to T&N, this is great. Early game it seems terrible. The life loss is also very relevant in my meta, since games are usually won through life loss. There is a LOT of blue in my meta, however, so this seems reasonable.Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite - I'm pretty sure I don't need her. She's only good with Avenger via T&N, but I suspect Mirror Entity could fill that role too, and he's already included as a combo piece. on a similar vein...Avacyn, Angel of Hope - is this just bad? Do I have T&N fever? Because I think that Avenger + Avacyn would close out games, and Avacyn is great on defense. Outside of T&N though, she's really slow, easily stolen or bounced, etc. Stasis - pretty disgusting with capsize. I don't know if it fits with the rest of the deck, though.

What other cards should I be thinking about? Finally, does anything in my list seem weak or out of place?


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