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Been wanting to make a new commander deck for awhile but I've been waiting for something to really catch my eye. Yidris really filled that spot, I mean cascade every spell you play for a turn? That's craaaaazy.

So when I first tarted this deck the idea was to create as much cascade as possible by multiple triggers of Yidris, utilizing double-strike cards such as Assault Strobe, and multiple combats from things like World at War.

I have have changed it up since then scaling down on the amount of redundancy for double-strike and multiple combats, and started focusing more on combos in addition to utilizing Yiris's strengths.

The plan is to use Yidris to cascade into free cards and set up a combo piece with them, eventually winning the game. The combos are as follows:
With the infinite mana we can cast Exsanguinate or Comet Storm for the win.

The deck also make use of cards like Soothsaying, Scroll Rack, Worldly Tutor, etc. to mold the top of my deck to best suit Yidris when he cascades, allowing me to get a degree of control out of an otherwise random spell.

One last thing to mentions is it makes use of the eldrazi titans Kozilek, Butcher of Truth and Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre to refresh my graveyard so I can re-cascade into what I need if I cannot get it back normally

Any comments, suggestions or tips are always welcome and greatly appreciated! And don't forget to tip your Deck Builders with a +1


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Had the chance to try out the deck yesterday at my local FNM. It ended up winning the game I tested in on turn 9. I played against a Marath deck found here , a Saskia the Unyielding found here , and an Anafenza deck that i don't have a link to.

I was able to play Panharmonicon turn 8, into a Palinchron turn 9 for infinite mana and Comet Storm for the win.

Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder was out since turn 4 and was fully capable of cascading every turn without any buff to him. First impression stand that Yidris will be a fairly powerful commander.


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