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+1/+1 Evolving Fight Night (Cheap)

Commander / EDH GU (Simic)


Focuses mainly on getting some big boys out and making em fight everything.

Never really have a problem getting monsters out. The 7 different fight cards, 1 remove and Ulvenweld tracker add a bit more kill control than normal for a simic deck, but at the cost of counters. A few cheap boosts to make those fights easier and deadly.

Few unblockable spells to hold onto for some big damage.

Soon as you run out of cards its about time to summon Zegana.

Rinse repeat

*1 After a Friday night magic determined I need a bit more enchantment kill and possibly a Tajuru Preserver. Gonna possibly swap out a few of the boosts like giant growth, possibly something else.


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Played it with a few different people. As much as i wanted to stay away from it, I needed to add in a bunch of Enchantment and Artifact removal, as well as some counters. With these added actually had some really successful games at my local card shops Friday Night Magic


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