Move any number of +1/+1 counters from target creature onto another target creature with the same controller.
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Bioshift Discussion

AndWelcomeToTheJam on Looking for Heroic Control lists.

2 days ago

@Gigi_Year The interaction you mentioned does work. Bioshift has 2 phases; removing counters from a creature, then adding the same number of counters to another. Hardened Scales recognizes the 2nd part of this spell, and adds accordingly.

Gigi_Year on Looking for Heroic Control lists.

2 days ago

Now the Isochron Scepter + Noxious Revival recursion makes it so you will only get Bioshift, or whatever card, every turn if you decide to do so, so you'll need a wincon on the board before you combo.

Gigi_Year on Looking for Heroic Control lists.

2 days ago

Bioshift and Hardened Scales might be some good places to look for getting Sage of Hours to come on line more easily. Vorel of the Hull Clade could make that a free turn for you.

Have one Sage of Hours give all its counters to Sage of Hours using Bioshift while Hardened Scales is out and the second one gets an extra, they both get targeted by Bioshift so they both get two more counters after they're moved. Use Vorel of the Hull Clade to double the counters on either creature and it gets an extra from Hardened Scales.

In essence, any recursion you can assure every turn like Isochron Scepter + Noxious Revival to put Bioshift on top of your deck every turn.

The exact interaction is assuming Hardened Scales and Bioshift work together correctly with the wording being "place" and "move" respectively. I hope that helps as a jumping point!

brobisse on You're weak, and I'm strong

4 days ago

i used to run almost same lineup..

tho i found Master Biomancer abit redundant.. and you should run a copy or 2 of Bioshift if you run the mancer. and Prime Speaker Zegana is good on paper but never seen it put to good use in my deck..!

heres my deck i find it very fun to play and it can win :)

Mornelith on The Scratch of Progress

4 days ago

Vorel of the Hull Clade can greatly accelerate your counters, especially paired with an untap mechanic like Kiora, Master of the Depths +1. A Bioshift or a Forgotten Ancient can allow you to manipulate your Blighted Agent counters and easily inflate him faster... or any other creature you need to be your heavy hitter.

Huppster05 on Ezuri, Claw of Infinite +1/+1's

5 days ago

Hardened Scales would be a great asset to this as well as Bioshift and anything with the ability Graft

FountainSoda on Evolve (Shelf deck)

1 week ago

I like these decks. Simic wants to grow and grow, and to find every answer to meld into some big slimy amalgamation. And then grow it bigger. Shelf format sounds interesting.

I had a casual multiplayer deck like this that I liked a lot that also included Progenitor Mimic, some Clone, and Simic Manipulator. I was using Negate, Mizzium Skin, and Ranger's Guile to protect them and my beautiful 1/1 counters.

In the more recent iterations I was really enjoying the draw from Zameck Guildmage, so you might consider it's second ability or Fathom Mage as posted above and compare to Divination over time.

An interesting thing about the evolve mechanic is that in a way it suffers from consistency. As I was gathering full playsets of the evolving creatures I had, the evolve triggers seemed to get less reliable or harder to set up as the diversity of the deck decreased. I never had any Master Biomancer but the Zameck Guildmage helped fill that role (keeping the evolution triggers proccing later in the game) with its first ability.

I was always torn on Bioshift. On the one hand, it was really handy to get 1/1 counters onto the evasive or stompy creatures, off of pacified or dying creatures, or to set up the Renegade Krasis for big triggers. On the other hand, I often felt that I would rather have had a hexproof buff or counterspell, or something that builds more directly.

In place of Fog I was running Predator's Rapport and popping it when I could gain at least 10-20 life and was about to lose a creature or take a potentially lethal swing.

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