Move any number of +1/+1 counters from target creature onto another target creature with the same controller.

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Bioshift Discussion

Death_The_Kid on Vorel and the tiny Hydras

19 hours ago

Bioshift, Green Sun's Zenith some mana dorks maybe.

AlaskanKomodo on

1 day ago

Oops, my bad I just looked up the ruling, Bioshift; my mistake.

AlaskanKomodo on

1 day ago

Bioshift can be cast for either blue or green.

Xaighen on SUPERSAURUS; 16021728515624 counters at turn 5!

1 day ago

I feel like Bioshift could be useful

SaiScott on 2015-01-26 update of GW Aggro

2 days ago

Ulturas, not sure how I feel about Cytoplast Root-Kin. As we both said, I'm trying to avoid adding more 4-drops than I already have. Even though it does buff Experiment One, I'm not sure if helps the rest of the deck enough for it to be worth a spot in this deck. However, it is worth testing, so I'll try it out.

As for Hardened Scales, it has the same issue as Bioshift. My deck doesn't add enough counters for it to do well in the deck... I can see it being used in a more counter-focused deck, though.

cannon_Spectacle, I'll add Wooded Bastion to the maybeboard and consider it. Thanks!

On another note, what does everyone think about Qasali Ambusher in this deck? Not sure it'd do too well, considering it doesn't match what I've been going for (most of my cards have a way to avoid being killed, unlike Ambusher).

Ulturas on 2015-01-26 update of GW Aggro

3 days ago

I know you're trying to avoid 4 drops but Cytoplast Root-Kin for buffing Experiment One. When I saw this I immediately thought of Bioshift but you aren't running things that add counters.

Cravv on How to Wake Your Dragon

3 days ago

There is another way to win with dragons at T4 and maybe even faster. Check this out Slumbering Valkas. Swaping Bioshifts to Armed / Dangerous would make winning much faster with double strike, but i like to have some protection.

Enyway nice deck you have here +1.

Lokotor on Golgari Counter Play

6 days ago

Giggidy45 I played around with using blue to get stuff like Vigean Hydropon but ended up deciding that it's more efficient to stick to 2 color seeing as i don't have $90 for land. Hardened Scales isn't actually that good in this deck as it only adds 1 extra counter at a time. so if i Bioshift 20 +1/+1 counters i'll end up with only 21 in the end, so Solidarity of Heroes is a better choice.

Color(s) Blue Green
Cost {G/U}
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 12.63
Avg. cube pick 11.55


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common


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