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Move any number of +1/+1 counters from target creature onto another target creature with the same controller.

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Bioshift Discussion

GRUULFTW on Jund Swarm

17 hours ago

Bioshift ? Instant versatility. It lets you move counters from creatures that might/would die like a kalonian being targeted by kill spell? Also what about Savageborn Hydra ?

and can you please check out My deck:

The Trash is coming to get you! Playtest



cian114 on Derevi, the Counter Counter

1 day ago

I'm waiting for Fathom Mage to arrive in the mail, actually. I don't like Bioshift because I don't find it efficient enough to be added to the deck. Chasm Skulker I may play test with, but I don't see it as a must add. I have considered the infinite combos but I just I don't like adding frail combos to the deck.

Thanks for the comment, Vicarian :)

Vicarian on Derevi, the Counter Counter

1 day ago


Fathom Mage

Prime Speaker Zegana

Chasm Skulker

There's synergy, I'd say. Add in Sunbond, Horizon Chimera, and the Archangel and you just may draw your entire library. Reliquary Tower or Kruphix will be needed.

tchau204 on U/W Heroic Deeds

1 day ago

Hey, I really like that you're trying to push this in Modern. Although it wouldn't fit the theme precisely, I think that Geist of Saint Traft would do great in this deck, given that you're packed with Auras anyway. Additionally, I would personally try to fit in more protection spells since you want to hope to god that you don't get 2-for-1'd everytime you cast Auras; maybe some mainboard Gods Willing and or Mizzium Skin ? Lastly, I don't think Bioshift is a very good card. It's cute, sure, but not great.

KSULongneck on So many counters!!{HELP}

3 days ago

Its shaping up very nicely. I still think the Aquastrand Spider could go. Also, without a way to move counters around like Bioshift , Gyre Sage wont get big enough fast enough to matter. You'd be better off with more Sylvan Caryatid or Elvish Mystic as your mana ramp.

Taiyouai on So I Maybe Took a Few Extra Turns...

4 days ago

Primordial Hydra one of my friends favorite cards. It might be able to find a home in this deck. Seeing how Corpsejack Menace would make him huge fast, then you can transfer some to your turn taker with Bioshift , rinse wash repeat.

CharlieMTG on 20 extra turn Ajani Ult - Awesome if it works...

1 week ago

Cool deck, great job! I really liked seeing this deck. The one card I'd consider is Reap What Is Sown but see how your deck works before adding this because obviously you need multiple creatures to make it work at its best. It works well with Bioshift and especially well with Primeval Bounty . It can save one of your creatures if an opponent can deal lethal damage to it or Lash of the Whip it ect. Great work! +1