Move any number of +1/+1 counters from target creature onto another target creature with the same controller.

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Bioshift Discussion

zyk on Counters on ALL the Things! (~$30)

1 day ago

And i forgot something, that hydra Bioshift combo work well with Managorger Hydra if you want to change your playstile sometime you can try it, but i think Protean Hydra will work better.

zyk on Counters on ALL the Things! (~$30)

1 day ago

should try switch out Endless One for the Protean Hydra, a bit more mana expensive but you got that effect without loosing the fact that its evolve with the mana you can feed them.

and Bred for the Hunt switched for Bioshift, because as Bioshift is instant you can save any of your card by swapping counter on it. in fact you can also lead an assault with all you card ( your oponent should be blocking your massive stacked hydra whit a 1/1 token ) and switch all your +1/+1 to a creature that is going trough ( or your Avatar of the Resolute as he got trample) for a "ez" finishing blow. in fact you can still try to get more card with Tezzeret's Gambit (if not enought -1x Pongify +1x Tezzeret's Gambit )

ChrisPBakon on Counters on ALL the Things! (~$30)

1 day ago

zyk, that's definitely an interesting idea. What would you remove to make room for Protean Hydra and Bioshift?

zyk on Counters on ALL the Things! (~$30)

1 day ago

you should try Protean Hydra it could be a nice and usefull to move all those counter with Bioshift

kamarupa on Experiment: Resolute

1 week ago

Inspiring Call over Harmonize.

Bioshift can be useful against removal, especially with Hardened Scales - potentially better than Vines of Vastwood, which won't trigger a counter. Additionally, If you used Bioshift, you could use it to take away all the counters off Servant of the Scale, then cast Hunger of the Howlpack and put at least 6 counters on, say the Avatar.

Llanowar Reborn might be another land you could consider - 1-2x could go in for a couple Forest.

Cards to consider replacing -

Prey Upon - I'd just as soon drop a Tuskguard Captain and Trample opponents to death than worry about Fighting their creatures out of the way.

Winds of Qal Sisma - I'd cut this and move 3x Vines into the sideboard.

I think I'd cut Nissa, Voice of Zendikar. The +1 doesn't have any synergy. I think for 3CMC, I'd rather cast Tuskguard Captain (again) and give all our creatures Trample. Except maybe Leatherback Baloth, which doesn't have any internal counter generating mechanic. I get that it's helpful with Experiment One and that a 4/5 is a good deal, but I prefer running extreme counter synergy and use the mid-upper CMC slots for card draw.

My budget Hardened Scales deck (Plump Lil' Greenies) was dropping Servant of the Scales that immediately gained 9 counters the other day. The real trick is getting it going when HS is a T1 drop - it tends to make the deck 1 step behind in the beginning.

Pheardemons on Gimme dat EXP

2 weeks ago

Agree completely. That card would be insane for your deck. Also maybe look into cards that benefit with/from +1/+1 counters. Bioshift can help by moving counters from a creature that is about to be destroyed, or move them to a creature that isn't blocked. Burst of Strength could be useful to untap any 1 of your creatures to block that your opponent didn't expect. Mutant's Prey can help get rid of an opponent's creature, being that simic colors don't do but so much to actually destroy a creature. Gyre Sage could be there to seriously ramp. Sage of Hours could be an incredible amount of extra turns. Also other cards that give creatures trample if they have a +1/+1 counter on it, ect. Sorry to keep recommending so many cards. Also just found this deck "Ezuridiculousness," (sorry it wouldn't let me tag it). Check it out if you need inspiration. It's very well put together.

Aquamanisking on Hydra Power

2 weeks ago

My favorite cantrip for creatures with counters is Bioshift. Transferring counters to an Elvish Mystic in response to spot removal is strong.

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