Move any number of +1/+1 counters from target creature onto another target creature with the same controller.

Acquire Bioshift

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Bioshift Discussion

Xavier4238 on Master Biomancer's Final Encore

2 days ago

What about a Bioshift or two, just to really boost Master Biomancer and that would really help all your other creatures too?

Xelgion on Hidden Heroics Help Wanted

2 days ago

I have a similar deck! Azorius Heros, which you can take a look to compare cards, but there are a few cards in particular I think would help.

Nivmagus Elemental , Bioshift and Triton Tactics , they all are good independent and separate from each other, and Nivmagus has a gross interaction with stuff like Hidden Strings , where you cast the spell, have it target two of your heroic guys, then exile it to give 2 +1/+1 counters to nivmagus. 4 power buffs that can be repeatedly triggered if you've got Aqueous Form for free is pretty good. You can also just let it resolve and leave mana open for protection. Tactics and bioshift are just cheap ways to target 2 creatures.

Respect the Heroic!


uhohto on BG Counters- Please leave feedback

2 days ago

backonthehorse1 Im not big on dropping Corpsejack Menace because he makes for big plays on small costs, especially using Corpsejack Menace +Bioshift +Protean Hydra . bio would trigger both protean and corpsejack's abilities; whatever i move the counters to would double, then protean would get back twice doubled what was removed. In the next comment were some cards that could provide the prevention from removal though and i think ill look into it. Ill look into adding a thrun, but i also like Troll Ascetic . thanks for the feedback though.

LtMiller117 I think ill add in Golgari Charm to replace Solidarity of Heroes . Ive made some mean plays with it but i end up holding onto it a lot and i think the charm would be much more versatile. I think Ranger's Guile could also be useful, especially to use with Protean Hydra because if enough damage was done to remove its counters i could drop this and keep it immune to damage+hexproof till end of turn.

Not big on replacing Corpsejack Menace because he doubles the hyrdas incoming counters. Also considered adding Desecration Demon and Dying Wish

backonthehorse1 on BG Counters- Please leave feedback

3 days ago

Thrun, the Last Troll Also I would definitely make Bioshift Primordial Hydra & Protean Hydra four of. also there are several cards that definitely put a hurting on control. look into some of the sideboards for ramp decks, or maybe even pod just to see the different threats. I would highly suggest that you put more effort into getting strong hydras transferred onto Thrun or another creature that is difficult to get rid of.

RalZerek on Varolz, king of dem allz

5 days ago

uhohto i realize that Slitherhead is good but think that in this deck i should try to run cards that work better for scavenge because the deck runs so low mana anyways i don't really think its necessary. As for Force of Savagery i just don't think think that I will really need that in this deck either. For Solidarity of Heroes and Bioshift those i think i both should run and will get on modifying right away. Thank You for the feedback

Mongol on Spontaneous Generation

5 days ago

Bioshift or Fate Transfer for moving counters onto Mycoloth if he lacks enough, plus more tokens is better anyway. Might want to focus more on getting that combo going. It seems kinda sporadic at this point with all the 1 ofs. Focus on what works best to get what you need. Get 4 Thalids in there and another Mycoloth. The Raking Canopy can always go in the sideboard to use specifically against flying decks.

uhohto on Varolz, king of dem allz

5 days ago

Slitherhead is too strong not to use with lotletha nice card to have in graveyard for varolz is Force of Savagery also i run a counter deck, ive learned Solidarity of Heroes and Bioshift are good as well. bioshift moving counters triggers removing and placing counter abilities, including corpsejack's

bohemen86 on INSANE Simic Synergy [suggestions]

1 week ago


Cool deck. Been looking to build something similar myself.

I see you play Bioshift , a creature who would get a huge boner of all those counters would be Invisible Stalker .

Another card which you should have at least one of is Life's Legacy , with it you can sac Chasm Skulker , get your tokens, draw even more cards to pump up another Skulker or that snake. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.03 $0.16 $0.65 $0.35
Color(s) Blue Green
Cost {G/U}
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 13.29
Avg. cube pick 11.20


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common

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