Move any number of +1/+1 counters from target creature onto another target creature with the same controller.

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Bioshift Discussion

Bloodspawn on Undying Forever

2 days ago

+1d it. Btw u could also use Bioshift to move the counter off a creature that would die for the second time, allowing it to come back again.

MagicMarc on 2015-05-19 update of Ultra-budget: Heroes ...

3 days ago

Nice Idea for a deck!

Firstly I am amazed no one has mentioned Bioshift. It targets 2 creatures for 1 green mana. You get 2 heroic triggers for counters. And with Corpsejack Menace in play, it doubles the number of counters. It is 4 counters for 1 mana if no one had any to begin with. Best of All, you can move them at instant speed for combat tricks like onto the only creature they did not block for the win or as rescue from burn.Another good card is Strength of the Tajuru its multikicker cost is only 1 colorless. And it you place X counters on each creature. Once again, with corpsejack is doubled.Also, it does not have heroic but Champion of Lambholt is another great way to win by making all your creatures unblockable. Especially with Corpsejack Menace on the field.Mortician Beetle has excellent synergy with your Agent of the Fates and would round out your 1 drops.

lithium142 on MAKE LIKE A TREE AND...

1 week ago

really nice synergy going on. Im a lil surprised to not see Bioshift, but each to their own i guess. it does have it's limits where board-state is concerned.

anyway, really cool deck, sooo +1 from me! =D

I know you're budget here, but i'd highly recommend Vines of Vastwood over Ranger's Guile. you wont lose the utility, and because of ambiguous wording, you can also use it to prevent your opponents from targeting one of their own creatures. that, and the buff is a lil bigger which is nice. i think they're going for about $2 u.s. atm

hateindigital on MAKE LIKE A TREE AND...

1 week ago

themindxyz i try keeping the non creatures spells low i had Bioshift in previously as a 3 of but ended up moving them out as Ranger's Guile generally offered the same amount of protection with out the risk of me loosing out on board advantage. As i maybe able to save those hard earned counters on Champion of Lambholt id still rather have the champion. Thank you for your suggestion and support ill add it back to the maybe board.

themindxyz on MAKE LIKE A TREE AND...

1 week ago

What about adding Bioshift? It plays well with your counter manipulation, and really fucks with combat math: they can be chumping your big thing, and you throw all of it's counters onto an unblocked creature for the win; or they go to Abrupt Decay one of your creatures, so you save all of it's counters; or they try to block and kill an important creature, so you throw counters on it to save it; or they swing in expecting you to just chump, and instead you pump your creature and kill their attacker.

FlyingElite on Infinite Turns & Tokens (TURN 4 TRIGGER COMBO)

1 week ago

Bioshift might help if you want to move counters from your hydra's to your sages, that way they get the heroic trigger and counters plus your hydra's can get more counters in the extra turn anyway

AndrewsLuz on +1/+1 counters for daaaaaaays

1 week ago

+2 Bioshift will really help since one of the most powerfull combos here is transfering the counters from Kalonian Hydra to Sage of Hours using Bioshift the rest is just pumping mana, anyway i will buy this deck as soon as i can, it's really strong and partially cheap. Congrats :)

Odyssey on Simic Bathtoast

2 weeks ago

Interesting deck, but you don't have any turn 1 plays. Hardened Scales really wants to be in this deck. And possibly Experiment One or Cloudfin Raptor.

You also have no mainboard protection from targeted removal whatsoever. Plaxcaster Frogling can help there. You can also consider Stubborn Denial if you find yourself getting to 4 power consistently enough.

You could use some removal of your own in this deck too. Any combo deck that can combo faster than you can do damage will beat you. Splinter Twin can beat you turn 4, for example. I like Cyclonic Rift since you can produce lots of mana with Gyre Sage. It gets around hexproof creatures when overloaded too.

Honestly, you'll find it hard to support 7 hydras with only 22 lands. With that many you are likely to see 1-2 in your opening hand, which you don't want since those are basically dead cards until turn 5 or later. Given all the hydras and mana abilities in this deck, you are essentially dependent on Gyre Sage, so if your opponent kills it you will probably lose (which relates to the protection point above).

You should work on making this deck leaner and more interactive. Most opponents won't just sit there and wait for you to play a big hydra, so you'll have to interfere with them until you get to that point.

Sage of Hours is completely worthless in this deck since you only have two spells to target him with (Bioshift and Terrifying Presence) and those spells apply effects to him which you don't want. Bioshift moves counters off of him and Terrifying Presence is best on your big hydra.

As it is, you are mostly dependent on your hydras to put counters on things, which means that you really won't get going until you play a hydra on turn 5 or later. That's too slow. Sure, you'll get a counter or two from evolve effects, but you only have 4 non-hydra creatures that will trigger the evolve, so it won't be that reliable. If you want to use evolve, you have to work on your mana and creature curve a lot, and right now yours is heavily skewed towards both ends (tiny guys and huge guys).

Graft is a mechanic you may want to look at, since graft creatures give you a counter when they enter the battlefield. I use it extensively in my Simic counter deck: Simic Counter Shenanigans

Color(s) Blue Green
Cost {G/U}
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 12.59
Avg. cube pick 11.54


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common


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