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Move any number of +1/+1 counters from target creature onto another target creature with the same controller.

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Bioshift Discussion

TideWakes on Let's Vamp Up

5 hours ago

I love the idea of Bioshift I just need to figure out which lands. I'd take out some mountains for either 3-4 red blue or red green lands.

shinobigarth on Let's Vamp Up

5 hours ago

oh and i forgot to mention you should have a couple Blade of the Bloodchief which is great since you have ways to kill enemy creatures.

Bioshift would also be pretty good if you had some dual lands that produce either blue or green. one of your vamps with a lot of counters is targeted for removal? just move all their counters to someone else in response. i understand if you don't want to add other duals just for that though.

OcelotProblems on In the Sticks

2 days ago

I'm curious, why run Birds of Paradise & Sylvan Caryatid in a mono-green deck? I feel Elvish Mystic s Llanowar Elves and the like would do just as well at ramping your mana, and something like Witchstalker can help cover the devotion side of things while also being more aggressive. Also, Sheltering Word is underwhelming when compared to something like Vines of Vastwood . The vines can be used to save a creature, buff a creature, both offensive and defensive.

Now, if you decided to splash another color, you could easily fit in something like Corpsejack Menace which doubles up your hydras when you cast them. Bioshift could be a fun trick card to be able to use as well. Removal on your Primordial Hydra ? well, we will just move all those counters to Predator Ooze .

Nelstone on 2014-07-29 update of The Heroic ...

2 days ago

@NewTurtle You've swayed me on Bioshift based on the argument that I already have numerous creature-to-creature responses. I'll give it a go. I hope Khans offers a similar card!

Nelstone on 2014-07-29 update of The Heroic ...

2 days ago

@NewTurtle Good call on Mortal's Ardor over Hopeful Eidolon . I've been on the fence about Hopeful Eidolon and your argument has pushed me off of it.

Regarding Triton Tactics , the card has too much utility for me to pull it. Even on offense, I can use it to add two heroic triggers, and even more counters if one target is Phalanx Leader . I do see the value of Bioshift , but can't justify cutting anything to add it. I will add it to the maybeboard and perform some testing with it on MTGO.

Thanks again!

NewTurtle on 2014-07-29 update of The Heroic ...

2 days ago

Cool. Glad I could help! In terms of your sideboard, I think Mortal's Ardor is better than Hopeful Eidolon . It's faster on triggering heroics and can impact the board way faster.

There's also Bioshift . It's such a good card for an alpha strike (where Brave the Elements is a 'wide' approach, Bioshift is the 'tall' one), especially since you have 4x Phalanx Leader . I would consider taking out 3x Triton Tactics for 1x Gods Willing and 2x Bioshift . This is since you already have a good way of dealing with creature to creature situations with Aqueous Form , Hidden Strings , Brave the Elements , and Retraction Helix .

Having 2x Brave the Elements and 4x Gods Willing is a good place against all the removal spells. Bioshift can also be a good way to salvage those counters when a creature gets destroyed.

Caleb42 on Heroic Azorius Ready for tournaments

3 days ago

I like the evasion from Akroan Skyguard in place of Phalanx Leader this is more of an aggro deck and while phalanx can buff your creatures it takes a bit, while akroan skyguard can start swinging and ciphering hidden strings. Id also find a way to put in more favored hoplites, find room for Ethereal Armor maybe? Lagonna-Band Trailblazer is a great suprise blocker with triton tactics, and finally Bioshift is a fun combo trick too.

GRUULFTW on Jund Swarm

6 days ago

Bioshift ? Instant versatility. It lets you move counters from creatures that might/would die like a kalonian being targeted by kill spell? Also what about Savageborn Hydra ?

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