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NTPYTO on Wrath of the great khan

1 hour ago

Your basic Temur staples (that you aren't listing) are:

Savage Knuckleblade

Temur Charm

Frontier Bivouac

Polukranos, World Eater

Shivan Reef

Yavimaya Coast

Wooded Foothills

Rattleclaw Mystic

Temur Charger --maybe. This card isn't super great in my experience, but try it out and see.

Also, take the Naturalize out. At most, put it in the sideboard. If you insist on keeping it, take out the other enchantments and add Back to Nature instead of Naturalize.

Kubes on Abzan Enchantments

6 hours ago

I like the concept I just hope you know Back to Nature is legal in Standard

HavokX on Constellation Still Viable in Standard?

21 hours ago

If you do beat people with it, then they're just going to sideboard in Back to Nature . But I'm not sure as to how well it'll work.

PrecintSix6Six on Constellation Still Viable in Standard?

21 hours ago

So I'm considering running constellation at my local FNM. I'm not gonna try to win a pro tour or anything so I'm okay with it being only kinda good. But I think I can pull off a decent amount of wins with it. With Back to Nature printed it won't see much play so the cards are cheaper, and with it not seeing much play few people are gonna run Back to Nature anyways. How well, if at all, does the community think this will work?

-Sylex- on The Frontier Mysteries (Tempo deck)

1 day ago

To CookieJedi : Wow, thanks for your help !

I haven't played my deck in the past 2 weeks and most of your propositions, especially for the sideboard, are really useful and justified. Let's take a look :
Nylea's Disciple are currently taking 3 slot in my sideboard, which is a lot since the card isnt that great : I'll remove them and add 3 AEtherspouts for complete blowouts against aggro and midrange decks.
To be honest with you, I prefer Reclamation Sage over Back to Nature as my local meta isnt heavy on GB constellation and Jeskai Ascendancy combo, but I'll keep that option in mind. Sage gives a body and can save some games against U/R artifact.
Its true that Pearl Lake Ancient isnt able to block Mistcutter Hydra , but UB control run 4 Hero's Downfall 4 Thoughtseize and many more removal. Mistcutter Hydra was good against Blue devotion, but I dont really like that card as a sideboard option as its too narrow.

What do you think about running Arc Lightning instead of Anger of the Gods ? Anger is great but it destroys my Boon Satyr s and Sylvan Caryatid s. Also Arc Lightning would be easier to splash.

For the Mainboard now :
I wont include Dig Through Time in my deck, the card is now a bit expensive with the rise of UB control and Jace's Ingenuity does pretty much the same thing most of the time

I'll remove 2 Dissipate for 2 Disdainful Stroke ! Midrange, especially Mardu and Abzan, seems to be very popular at my card store and Disdainful Stroke is the perfect card for against these types of deck.

You wont change my mind about burn spells ! I'll keep them all. Magma Jet and Lightning Strike are never dead cards in my hand. While Magma Jet is more effective on paper, Lightning Strike will stay a 4x in my deck, it works as a pseudo finisher more then Magma Jet . Having 7 burn spells is way better then having 4 of them, no matter how much you scry.
Think about the bane of this format, Goblin Rabblemaster and his buddy Mantis Rider . They're awesome, but they have 2 and 3 toughness respectively and you must deal with them as soon as they resolve, or youre dead ! The odds of having a immediate answer is much better when I run 7 burns spell, and Goblin Rabblemaster is not the kind of threat you can let your opponent stick on the field.

And finally, Windstorm is a bad sideboard card. Its so narrow ! The best answer I have for the strong flyers are counterspells. Oh and also, I'll take 1 Jace's Ingenuity to add a single Keranos, God of Storms instead. Thx for everything :-)

CookieJedi on The Frontier Mysteries (Tempo deck)

1 day ago

As someone who runs both Polymorphist's Jest and AEtherspouts side board in a similar deck, here's my opinion.

Nylea's Disciple and Reclamation Sage are black sheep in this deck. Disciple's life gain is OK, but it's nothing extraordinary. a 4-drop that doesn't proc ferocious and is probably only going to gain you 4 life at most at a time isn't really worth it in the deck. Also, double green in the mana cost is just gross for how little it does. There are plenty of other cards in these colors for the cost that would be much better in that slot, especially side board. A great sideboard card in a RUG deck with the current standard meta is Mistcutter Hydra . It tears through BU control right now, Pearl Lake Ancient can't stop it, it can't be countered, it's great against Sultai, Temur, and Jeskai since a lot of their creatures are multicolored with Blue, and it has HASTE. Drop that bad boy down for 6, smack someone in the face, and then untap their turn with your Prophet of Kruphix . It's something you should really consider.

Reclamation Sage , while a decent card in it's own right, isn't where you want to be with this deck. Sure, it's a body that blows something up, but it costs 3 to only hit one single thing. Odds are you're only going to be hitting Perilous Vault or if you're supremely lucky, Jeskai Ascendancy . Aside that though, there are way more efficient enchantment or artifact removals. Starting right there, I'd replace at least 2 of the Sages with 2 Back to Nature s. It's going to blow up ALL of their enchantments at instant speed, which works phenomenally with your Prophet. End of Turn a Back to Nature when they drop a second Courser of Kruphix or an Ascendancy, or if they're running black constellation, you're going to absolutely kill them, especially since you have no Coursers of your own.

So just a quick recap of numbers. My suggestion is -3 Reclamation Sage , -3 Nylea's Disciple , +2 Back to Nature , +2 Mistcutter Hydra , +2 Polymorphist's Jest OR AEtherspouts .

Okay, that being said, I'm not sure how I feel about Dissipate and a full 4-of Lightning Strike . Starting with the Dissipate, you already have 10 counters in the deck WITHOUT it, all of which are much better. You don't get to scry with it, and the exile is more or less irrelevant. Unless you can wipe an entire graveyard, exiling one thing isn't going to stop a delve deck, it's not going to delay a Dig Through Time , and there's very little recursion. Disdainful Stroke is a much better counter, and it costs less. You can stop a turn 3 Siege Rhino if you're on the draw, among other things. Dissipate is just a worse Dissolve and slightly better Cancel , and you don't need it at all. Replace it with a Polymorphist's Jest or AEtherspouts .

Lightning Strike is a very controversial card right now. Yes, it's a 2-mana Bolt, which is absolutely fantastic, but then there's the existence of Magma Jet . You have 3 Jets, which should be 4 no matter what. Jet is just a phenomenal card. Sure, it's one less damage, but it's going to deal with 90% of the same things Lightning Strike is, and you get a Scry TWO out of it, which, I can't stress this enough, is HUGE. Like I said, there isn't much Strike hits that Jet doesn't, and dealing it to their face isn't really what your deck seems to want to do. But even if you DO do the damage to the face, 2 damage and a Scry 2 is so much better than 3 damage. I think you can safely remove all of the Lightning Strike s and replace them with any number of more useful things.

Most importantly, I think you could use a Windstorm sideboard. Your only fliers are a 2-of Prognostic Sphinx . That's not going to save you against a fleet of Stormbreath Dragon s, Wingmate Roc s, or Master of the Feast s etc. just throw it in as a 2 of in your side and you'll be set.

I think that's all I have to say for now, just make sure you definitely get a hold of Dig Through Time s to replace those Jace's Ingenuity s

eeagle on Giant blossoms

1 day ago

I see you are going with enchantments, and that is great, especially when you have the two best constellation triggers. However, I feel because of the prevalence of Theros block enchantments, that Back to Nature is a sideboard choice for a lot of decks. You need an answer for that in your sideboard (i.e. strong, simple non-enchantment creatures). If you need ideas let me know.

DrFuzzyGloves on Mono Green Devotion

1 day ago

i ran green devo for a while. traded in for some speed, and am currently running a green/red.

however, here is what i would run.creatures:4x Elvish Mystic ,4x Voyaging Satyr ,4x Karametra's Acolyte ,2x Polukranos, World Eater ,2x Hydra Broodmaster ,4x Genesis Hydra ,2x Arbor Colossus ,3x Reverent Hunter ,3x Nylea's Disciple ,2x Archetype of Endurance ,

artifacts:2x Dragon Throne of Tarkir ,

instants:3x Ranger's Guile ,3x Back to Nature ,

sorcerys:2x Hunter's Prowess ,

planeswalkers:2x Nissa, Worldwaker ,

Lands:3x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx ,15x Forest ,

Good sideboard cards include:Savage Punch ,Hornet Queen ,Nessian Wilds Ravager ,Colossus of Akros ,Mortal's Resolve ,

holding Dragon Throne of Tarkir and playing it the turn after you make a monsterous Hydra Broodmaster can win a game instantly. even if you only manage to make her monsterous 3 or 4, it still makes for a 10/10 or 11/11 boost to every creature, including your ramp peons, and they all gian trample. if they dont board wipe or remove the broodmaster this is easily and attack for 50-80 with trample. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.05 $0.23 $1.15 $1.75

Cardhoarder (MTGO) Price

Normal Foil
0.05 TIX 0.04 TIX
Color(s) Green
Cost 1G
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 11.48
Avg. cube pick 5.28


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Uncommon
2011 Core Set Uncommon

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