Back to Nature

Back to Nature


Destroy all enchantments.

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 (M15) Uncommon
2011 Core Set (M11) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Back to Nature occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%

Back to Nature Discussion

TypicalTimmy on LGS has a Problem Player...what ...

3 weeks ago

Build a Selesnya deck and run things such as Darksteel Mutation , Lignify and Song of the Dryads . If you want to make it Bant instead and have counterspells, you now have access to Imprisoned in the Moon . There is also Humility , Overwhelming Splendor , Kasmina's Transmutation and Kenrith's Transformation .

Then, so it isn't killed when turned into a blocker, you have Pacifism , Cage of Hands , Prison Term , Arachnus Web , Arrest , and like just a whole slew of them in blue.

Basically you're going about the deck in the wrong way. Stop trying to "kill" him and start trying to "out pace" him.

You can also prevent him from even gaining life; Leyline of Punishment , Erebos, God of the Dead , Stigma Lasher , Forsaken Wastes , Everlasting Torment , Witch Hunt , Havoc Festival , Rampaging Ferocidon , and Archfiend of Despair .

You're going to want solid enchantment removal. For those, you have; Tranquil Path , Back to Nature , Paraselene , Bane of Progress , Primeval Light , Tranquility , Rampage of the Clans , Fracturing Gust , Austere Command , Tempest of Light and Merciless Eviction .

I'd highly recommend you go Bant and just ignore the Rakdos options I have given you, but those are there in the event you want some extra possibilities.

So you have two things here; Prisons & Mass Removal. They are working against each other, so you want something that protects your own boardstate; Teferi's Protection , Avacyn, Angel of Hope , Darksteel Forge + Mycosynth Lattice , Starfield of Nyx + Eldrazi Monument , Soul of New Phyrexia , Heroic Intervention , etc.

Run someone like Tuvasa the Sunlit , Jenara, Asura of War , Arcades, the Strategist or even Rubinia Soulsinger .

I'd recommend you run all of them, actually. Put Tuvasa as your Commander so you always have access to card draw. He basically turns your first enchantment each turn into a cantrip (Trading 1 card for 1 card).

Malsorn on UG Oko Eldrazi

2 months ago

I'd recommend a few more basics, you run out of things to fetch pretty quickly if you're facing an opponent with Path to Exile , Field of Ruin , or other staples. Not sure which lands I'd swap out, though. Also could use some enchantment hate in the sideboard, Back to Nature ?

xaarvaxus on

2 months ago

For a commander like Ezuri, you might find you want a higher concentration of creatures. My version of Ezuri has 37 creatures currently and I still have times I can't buy a creature to cast.

I would cut a card like Back to Nature because its a bit of a nonbo with Hardened Scales and Simic Ascendancy [it would suck to be really close to winning with ascendancy but needing to kill an opponent's enchantment and having only Back to Nature to do it] and add in Trygon Predator so you still have access to additional removal but have another creature to trigger your commander.

Forced Landing seems a bit narrow for removal. I think another cheap creature or counterspell would provide more benefit in this slot.

I do like your inclusion of Stonecoil Serpent . I may try to find room in my version for it.

DSquirrel on Ezuri's Elves

2 months ago

Back to Nature is a strictly better version of Tranquility

The deck is looking good

Endaarr on Marisi - Me Smash, You Smash

3 months ago

Gleeock Which is why I was even considering Back to Nature , even though that only deals with enchantments. I do have Cleansing Nova and Rampage of the Clans as Budget versions, though another one would definitely help.

dingusdingo on Non dredge gitrog deck.

4 months ago

This is a somewhat strange request. The interaction between Dakmor Salvage and The Gitrog Monster is extremely strong, and very cheap monetarily. You should consider running a couple dredge cards for value anyways, as hitting 2-3 extra draws off a dredge is an easy and once again cheap monetarily way to get ahead in card advantage.

To humor you though, here's what I'd probably run.

And from there, round it out with some efficient early game beaters, some spot removal, land ramp, and a bit of card draw.

kamarupa on Maze's End Turbo Fog

5 months ago

So with Crucible or Excavator, you'd want to discard lands because you'd know you could cast them from the graveyard. So you'd be able to keep spells you need in your hand. Additionally, both really hose stuff like Ghost Quarter , Field of Ruin , and Beast Within against your Mazes. So even it not mainboarded, 1x of one of them might be good in your sideboard.

The only downside I can see to Reliquary Tower is the slot(s) it takes up in your mana-base and the land-drop you have to make that isn't a Gate. All in all, seems pretty great.

I'd say move the Lantern to the Sideboard or cut it and add to your sideboard Prismatic Omen or some sort of Enchantment/Artifact removal - Disenchant or Revoke Existence or Erase or Oblivion Ring or Return to Nature or Back to Nature or Felidar Cub if you're afraid you won't have white mana available.

Sarkhan420X on VaultSkirge

6 months ago

What are you even trying to compare to Back to Nature ? nothin in my sideboard was even remotely close to that. your arguments are pathetic straw-mans attempting to compare my cards to other cards that arent even similar. you're so scatterbrained and all over the place its not even funny. Feed the Clan is playable turn 2, Thragtusk won't come down until an average of turn 4. far too slow against burn. get a clue dude.

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