Back to Nature

Back to Nature


Destroy all enchantments.
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Back to Nature Discussion

kchedges on Modern Mono Monster Mash

1 day ago

Methvelin- No problem man thanks for the interest. Thrun, the Last Troll is an awesome card and he definitely could fit in here nicely. He's pretty great at sticking to the field and not coming off. What you take out is up to you though. There is no perfect combination for any deck, so to each their own. Maybe replace Yeva, Nature's Herald, Wolfir Silverheart, or Nylea, God of the Hunt.

Sideboarding is kind of the same principle. Everyone has their own cards they like to sideboard and their own metas to take into consideration. I actually just had thrown a bunch of commonly played green sideboard cards in without thinking so thank you for making me take the time to reconsider. I revamped the sideboard to display what I would bring if playing in a large tournament against the best and most prevalent decks out there. What I came up with was this:

2xScavenging Ooze - This gives me a total of 3 possible in the deck and can really help in many scenarios. He helps with lifegain if I need it, but also provides major graveyard hate and slows down grixis control.

3xDefense Grid - This is my main sideboard strategy against any control. Get them out of my turn so my creatures can get to the battlefield. Simple and very effective for 2 mana. Be sure you sideboard out Yeva, Nature's Herald.

3xCreeping Corrosion - Affinity hate. Gotta have it. This is the best card for it.

1xBack to Nature - Enchantment hate. Just in case you see aura hexproof or other craziness. If you would rather get extra hate you can run 2xFracturing Gust and 2xCreeping Corrosion. May be a better alternative.

3xDismember - Combo hate. Mostly for twin. Good for a lot of things though. Beast Within covers more ground but is more expensive. So your pick.

3xFeed the Clan - For burn and aggro. Lots of people like Obstinate Baloth because he covers discard as well, which might be a good alternative.

Ultimately though, it's all up to you. You never know who you're going to play or if you're even going to get your sideboarded cards. Hopefully you can win before you even know what your opponent is playing anyway. Most importantly though, +1 if you like the deck.

gemyniraptor86 on Abzan Enchantress

1 day ago

Whisperwood Elemental maybe one way around Back to Nature. Sacrificing WWE to give all your enchantment creatures indestructible. or better yet, Athreos, God of Passage, would send them back to your hand unless they pay 3 life for each one, and Athreos would survive due to it's own indestructability.

EssTea on U/B Mill/control and ways to ...

3 days ago

That kind of control win con thrives on midrange so if that's what you're playing I can see where you're having trouble. Anyways, the answer to the problem is through enchantment hate in the sb, Erase in white, Back to Nature or Reclamation Sage in green, Destructive Revelry in G/R.

Also, you could maybe play some threats that punish a turn 3 tapout from the control player, what are your colors?

Gabtuls on Feel the mill, taste the draw (Post Rotation)

3 days ago

I would consider dropping green out of this deck. I think with some counterspells and kill spells like Ultimate Price you would get way more value out of them. i playtested it against a devotion deck i have and Sphinx's Tutelage definitely did some work!

I found myself always discarding the green cards and wishing that i had more low mana drops to remove pesky creatures or to not worry about spells like Dromoka's Command or Back to Nature that get rid of what you need.

Solid deck though

army88strong on Abzan Starfield: Before the Dawn

3 days ago

I have a Enchantment Mill Deck and Back to Nature would make me cry. I have yet to see one played as of yet. I don't like the idea of using Feral Invocation. With only 1 mana, most opponents won't think you have any combat tricks waiting. They might if you have 3. Plus, you only need one other creature on the field to make Might of the Masses have as much value on it as the Invocation. I do not know if Nyx Weaver is the place for this deck. I would have to play this deck out and see how it works. Try Infinite Obliterations in the deck. I have mine in the sideboard against Dragons. Definitely something to look into. Keep me posted on this deck. I am very interested in this deck

amalgamata on Abzan Starfield: Before the Dawn

3 days ago

Oh- one other question. What about Feral Invocation instead of Might of the Masses? Or would that make me a little too reliant on enchantments? I suppose this deck is just waiting for a Back to Nature.

Dragoon65 on 2015-07-29 update of SelesChantments

4 days ago

First off I'm glad more people are trying to make the enchantment deck work. It was my favorite deck when Primeval Bounty was a thing and now its got standard Opalescence!! I'm also trying to work things out and others are as well. SCG Richmond had Abzan Constellation make it to the top 8. Check that out for a good springboard. Now onto my thoughts.

+1 to whomever suggested Citadel Siege. I feel like it is the closest thing to Sphere of Safety we can get in this standard. Also if we can be more aggressive it is always a bonus to start making our Eidolons 4/4's or Coursers 4/6's. As far as Frontier Siege I feel like it is kind of tricky. Either you throw it down early for its Khans effect and then draw your Sigil of the Empty Throne and not have your removal combo or you play it for its dragons effect and never draw a sigil and are left with no benefit. I just feel that Citadel Siege will almost always have an effect on the board.

Something that I really like is Kruphix's Insight. In an enchantment based deck its practically a filtered draw three cards for three mana. Depending on the opponent there may be other things we want to do on turn three/2 but it almost always fills your hand. Finally it can help you throw some enchantments in the graveyard to play for free with Starfield of Nyx. Consider it.

Speaking of the Starfield if you're playing Kruphix's Insight it'll be much easier to find so that you can run maybe one less to fit in the fourth Eidolon of Blossoms. Eidolon is the most important part of this deck and should be and instant four of in any enchantment based deck. The card advantage is too important. Which is why I will be running quite a few Valorous Stance in the sideboard for spot removal decks.

Finally as far as Back to Nature goes my biggest suggestions are Kruphix's Insight to keep your hand full after the board wipe, make sure you keep one Starfield of Nyx in your hand so that they don't all get wiped, or splash blue or black. Blue gives you counter magic like Negate or Clash of Wills, and black can give you Duress or Thoughtseize to grab their kills before they sling them.

I have my first idea on a page and all sorts of ideas that have been bouncing in my head. Just use it for some of my ideas and maybe we can work together to make something beautiful. New Enchantment Coolness

Color(s) Green
Cost 1G
Converted cost 2


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Uncommon
2011 Core Set Uncommon

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