Back to Nature


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 (M15) Uncommon
2011 Core Set (M11) Uncommon

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Back to Nature


Destroy all enchantments.

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Back to Nature Discussion

Bevo90 on Tatsuva the Sunlit

1 day ago

ballesta25 you are actually right about both points and I think I may adjust based on these points you’ve raised and replace Back to Nature with Grand Abolisher just for added protection

ballesta25 on Tatsuva the Sunlit

2 days ago

Estrid doesn't seem to do much here - her plus ability won't untap much since your only ways to put Auras on your own permanents are Estrid's masks and bestowing Kestia. You should consider including auras like Fertile Ground and Market Festival as mana ramp that gets better with Estrid's abilities. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to focus on non-aura enchantments, Tuvasa might work better as commander.

I question the inclusion of Back to Nature - unless your local meta is extremely enchantment heavy, your enchantment deck will likely control more enchantments than your opponents most of the time.

dalinius97 on Windgrace v2

1 week ago

So personally my issue when I was looking at the precon is that part of the deck focuses on getting lands into play fast, for that aspect of "lands matter" and the other portion focuses on discarding and trying to get lands into the graveyard. From what I can see, you are focusing on getting lands into play as much as possible and to have a few ways to get lands from grave to the field. Heavy landfall based. Shattering Spree in my opinion is way better than Consign to Dust. So cards that put lands into the grave or are focused about putting cards into the grave is actually going against 90% of your deck, Worm Harvest is a great card but the only thing that puts lands into your graveyard is your commander and your commander himself is going against 90% of your deck. Sure you have so many ways that discarding a land every turn, you should still have a land to drop every turn because of the amount of sorceries you have that give you lands. Therefore the Worm the majority of the time will be pretty meh, other times will be great, and then occasionally be a dead card. Back to Nature is also better than Consign to Dust. Simply taking out Worm Harvest for the Back to Nature would be better. You also lack draw. Your whole plan is to get your commander out so you can have a constant stream of cards, but if you ever get targeted, or your commander gets killed over and over. You will run out of cards and you will have nothing. Also why aren't you running the other omnath?

SynergyBuild on Mistform Ultimus Tribal Tribal: The Skeleton Key

3 weeks ago

Chain of Vapor is considered in cEDH to be the most efficient single-target removal spell. One-cmc, instant, unconditional removal for non-land permanents? Count me in. And blue also has one of the top two contenders for best board wipe, being Cyclonic Rift, though whether or not it is better than Toxic Deluge is certainly debatable. On one hand it can be a single target removal spell at a reasonable cost, and hits more permanents, on the other it is undeniably less cost effective, bit is an instant and doesn't cost life. There are arguements to be made either way. I'd say white is still better than Blue or black with them having an abundance of destroy effects for any permanent type, and having access to mass land destruction. Armageddon is hugely powerful, and with Grasp of Fate, Wrath of God, and other similar creature/non-land permanent removal, white is the king of removal.

I'd actually claim black only has creature removal to back itself up. Green, red, white, and blue have artifact removal, land destruction, and with the exception of red, enchantment removal too. Blue and red have mass land destruction in the forms of Sunder and Ruination/Decree of Annihilation, and though white is the king of it, it doesn't particularly help black's case at all. Green can't deal with creatures, but compare that to black that can't deal with anything but creatures and I'd argue for green as a removal color.

Over all here is the colors laid out in the form of removal:

- Can exile or destroy any permanent type at a low cost in mass or by single target.

- Can bounce any permanent type, and can destroy and exile creatures, in mass or by single target, commonly at instant speed.

- Can destroy any number of creatures.

- Can destroy any number of artifacts, lands and most creatures with damage, is mass or by single target.

- Can destroy any non-creature permanent types, though generally single target.

When ranking them, White is first, then Blue or Red, then Black, then Green. I'd say Black is still better than green due to black having some sweepers, and green having effectively none other than weird stuff like Back to Nature or other useless sweepers.

Why blue and red over black? Well, blue has less effective removal than red or black, but can hit more types of permanents, has much cheaper removal, and is generally instant speed. Red can hit many more types than black, and still has good sweepers, so I'd claim red and blue are nearly equal, and black is only the fourth best.

hydrothermia on

1 month ago

Some soft of removal would be a good start. Putrefy, Abrupt Decay, Plague Wind, Despise, Divest, Duress, Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize, Back to Nature and Golgari Charm.

Nethereon on Stompy

2 months ago

Your sideboard is all over the place. You shouldn't have 15 different cards. Expect to lose to certain match ups, then optimize the ones you believe you can beat post sideboard. No reason not to run 2 or 3 copies of Wetball, i.e. Damping Sphere. If you're getting blown out by Souls tokens, there's something wrong. You should be able to just run them over, especially with Steel-Leafs. I like Obstinate Baloth but Kitchen Finks is more efficient and it adds the same amount of devotion as Baloth. You'll lose 2 life on the EtB trigger, but your opponent will have less incentive to kill it because of the persist trigger. Melira doesn't really belong here unless you really think you're going to see a lot of infect.

Torpor Orb turns off your Avatar of the Resolute and the evolve mechanic on Experiment One. It's such a narrow card that I don't think you really need it. Spyglass is fine. Commit to either Relic or Surgicals, but not both. In a creature heavy deck, I would say it is probably better to consider Shapers' Sanctuary for the card advantage. Nothing hurts worse than having all your threats removed, and never having anything left to finish the game. Corrosion is a great choice for your Affinity match up. Are you running Back to Nature for your Bogles match up? If that is the case, then why not Spellskite? It's a creature, it will steal the enchantment, or it can eat a piece of removal. If you play Choke as one of that's fine, but otherwise I don't see the need for it.

creepycrawler on MagicalHacker - List of All Board Wipe Cards

2 months ago

For Green:

M_Malcom on Need help building a deck ...

2 months ago

I would go with a red green efficiency build. Here’s just an idea of a list.

Creatures 4x Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma 4x Alpine Grizzly 4x Werebear 4x Ashcoat Bear 4x Immerwolf 4x Lupine Prototype 4x Young Wolf 2x Wolf of Devil's Breach 2x Assembled Alphas

Spells 4x Sarkhan's Unsealing 4x Rhonas's Monument

Land 12x Forest 4x Mountain 4x Game Trail

Sideboard 4x Heaven//Earth 2x Tormod's Crypt 4x Feed the Clan 2x By Force 2x Back to Nature 1x Red Sun's Zenith

It’s a simple strategy, play creatures when you shouldn’t and get triggers off of Sarkhan's Unsealing, Rhonas's Monument and Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma. Play fast and play bombs. The Sideboard is a little shakey and you can probley do better than I could.

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