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Back to Nature


Destroy all enchantments.

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Back to Nature Discussion

KingSorin on True Land Destruction, Lando, LD, Land Decimator

11 hours ago

Okay, a few more things. The best counter to Thoughtseize is lands. They can't pluck lands out of your hand, but if you keep a 1-lander with a birds, they can essentially "kill" your birds. I'm not saying to put in a counter to TS, it's something pretty much every deck has to just cope with (except for a deck with 4 Basking Rootwalla , 4 Loxodon Smiter , 4 Wilt-Leaf Liege and 4 Obstinate Baloth plus land lulz), but my point is that on turn 1 and 2 plenty of things can happen, but if you can have reliable mana without relying on a dodgy amount of forests into a 65% chance of getting a dork, it will make your deck more resilient to disruption. With the exception of Acidic Slime and Primal Command , everything in your deck can be cast with just mountains and singleton basics. You can just play 2 Forest and 1 Island if you were going to add in Blood Moon , and plan ahead with fetchlands, and also i'd cut Consuming Aberration as the two colour splash it too difficult to pull off when your mana is already being crippled. As for the sideboard, the decks that you really have to worry about are decks that go off very early as has been mentioned. Shatterstorm , (affinity) Anger of the Gods , (pod and zoo) Pyroclasm , (tokens/goblins/weenie) Volcanic Fallout (faeries) and Back to Nature (auras and stax) should cover most of the very bad matchups. Goblin Ruinblaster seems lackluster. It's a 2/1 haste that blows up a land for 4. The body is pitifully small, (at least riders has 2 toughness) and there are many cards that I think would just help you more. If this is in for tron, then i think Blood Moon is much more helpful. There's no reason to put numot in your deck. 2 lands being blown up is cool, but so is actually being able to cast your win-cons. This mana cost is stupidly difficult to get off, and being 85% serious i'd prefer Storm Crow in the deck, as it slows down Bitterblossom and trades with Vendilion Clique . The next issue is Mana Leak , It's good, and it's essentially a hard counter, but in this deck Remand virtually does the same thing but cantrips. If you Remand their spell, the chances are next turn you'll deny them the mana to cast it whether through Blood Moon or red rain. I'm still not sold on mimic, as I think it's a win-more. Phantasmal Image costs 4 less, and can help in the early game by nullifying a Tarmogoyf or trading with whatever they play. I'd also put the Sun Droplet s in the side, or if aggro is really huge, main them. I just think that if control is going to win the game. You're screwed. It can't save you. If twin or pod is going to win the game, same thing, you're screwed, they've won. It only really helps you against aggro and faeries. Blood Moon helps you against multi-coloured. That's a big archetype right now, and if they're resilient to it, then you just side 'em out. Lightning Bolt s are good. Hound of Griselbrand seems awkward. What are you siding them in against? Spell Pierce is also a good card against non-creature decks post-board, as your opponent leaving up 2 mana against this deck is very difficult.

brent_lathan on Chaos Tron

1 day ago

Thank you for your comments all suggestions are being taken into consideration, and I have begun to make changes. The Sundering Titan is a must Idk how I haven't heard of that before! However I probably will keep 2 of the Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and some copies of Quicksilver Amulet , most likely 2, just as a safety net against Ghost Quarter , Blood Moon . Oblivion Stone has already replaced Platinum Angel as it doesn't help against Karn Liberated . Steel Hellkite has been in the deck before but removed for larger threats ie. Blightsteel Colossus &It That Betrays , and is now back. However I dont like running low on creatures even with the mana ramp/search/draw cards. Mainly because people I play that counter me run cards like Mindlock Orb , Stranglehold , Blood Moon . Hence the side boarded Back to Nature 's. Tell me what you think now that I have made some changes. Keep in mind that as of now these are not final as I am currently testing it.

EldestDragonHighlander on Butthurt by Tokens (3x FNM Winner)

4 days ago

Can I ask what the Elixir of Immortality is for? I like naturalize, but I think you might be better suited with some number of Ancient Grudge in the board instead, given how great it is against affinity compared to Naturalize (though for affinity you also have access to Creeping Corrosion and Shatterstorm , and with your ramp it wouldn't be too hard to get there. All of these are good choices). You could then run something like Back to Nature for the GW enchantment decks. In any case, Naturalize is almost certainly worse than the new Destructive Revelry , so I would take it out regardless.

Grafdigger's Cage is a good card also, but in green you could be running Scavenging Ooze , which may even be good enough for main deck inclusion here seeing as you have 0 cards with 2cmc in the main (and yes I get that all of your 1 drops help you get to 3 the next turn, but eh I still don't like looking at the curve), and hey - bonus value with Doubling Season ! lol.

Just some random thoughts, GL with your deck!

Saljen on Mount Olympus

1 week ago

@dsagent - That's when I'd side in a couple Open the Vaults . Most people won't have more than 1-2 Back to Nature in their side board, if that since enchantments aren't much of an archetype in Modern, so even landing a single Open the Vaults gets me back into the game immediately.

dsagent on Mount Olympus

1 week ago

Even though Back to Nature wrecks it I LOVE this deck.

davidtjones on 2014-03-31 update of Hydras..just try ...

2 weeks ago

Yeah, I have Naturalize in my sb but I wouldn't want a card like Back to Nature cause it would destroy my Gigantiform as well. And I like the scry 2 for Artisan's Sorrow Price

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Avg. draft pick 10.59
Avg. cube pick 5.12


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
2011 Core Set Uncommon