Back to Nature

Back to Nature

Destroy all enchantments.
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Back to Nature Discussion

Leviathan102 on Azorius Enchantment Control

5 days ago

Back to Nature comes to mind. Is there a way to give your enchantments indestructible?

Szadek83 on G/W Growing Pains

6 days ago

For your Sideboard I'd put in something like this:

3x Windstorm (nice against Dragons & Thopter)

3x Mistcutter Hydra (as you said, against blue)

3x Banishing Light (usefull against almost everything)

3x Back to Nature (against Enchantment/Constellation-Decks) or Ainok Survivalist (Enchantment/Artifact-Spot Removal with +1/+1 Counter)

3x Arashin Cleric (against Aggro)

PlagueRats on What about my weakness? im totally addicted 2 blue

1 week ago

I'd probably want more Back to Nature's over Reclamation Sage, I know it doesn't hit Collected Company but your only siding it in against enchantment based decks so it would be well worth it. Unless you expect to see artifacts as well.

I think your sideboard looks good. I've never had much luck adding counter spells to a sideboard, but your deck has lots of ways to play on the opponents turn already so it's a natural fit.

TheSocialist on Why mill you when I can mill me? (Modern MTG Deck)

1 week ago

You should take out one Duress for a Back to Nature. This just in case the other person plays prison, control using enchantments or curses. I don't know what you would take out but a pretty good card to add would be Leyline of Lifeforce. The reason why it would be so good is because it would stop most control, Delver, and many other decks. This would also let you know that they will not counter your big creatures like Ghoultree, Splinterfright, and Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord.

magnetcrocodile on Managorgeous Counters

1 week ago

need some ways to deal with enchantment

Reclamation Sage or Back to Nature in sb?

scott3912 on Temur Tempo Dragons (post rotation)

1 week ago

Thanks for touching on the side board, really needed help there.

I see Trap Essence as a very flexible card. It's a reliable counter for 3 mana with a kicker being the 3 counters, which plays well into pumping onto early drops providing tempo, or as a secure way to control late game. Never hurts to hold a counter in your hand right..

Magmatic Insight is just place holding, at least numerically, I'll probably hold 2 simply because i like its versatility, cheapness, and late game power. I mention why in my previous comment.

Back to Nature is a really good addition and I will side one in no hesitations.

I'm between on adding more counters, when I already have 8 reliable counters, don't want to clog on spells or get too much into U control. I rather slow play the counters I have than fit more in for specific situation.

simoHayha on Temur Tempo Dragons (post rotation)

1 week ago

Really like your main deck. How do you like : Trap Essence? Im doing a temur build and i keep going back and forth on it (its a temp based build as well).

The only suggestions i have are in regards to the sb. They are:

-1 Magmatic Insight: Seems like a mb card or a non of in my optinion but i havent personally played with it so cant say fo sho.

Naturalize becomes Back to Nature because you have very few enchantments. Doesn't answer the new artifacts deck AS good but it still does kill scissors and destroys constellation builds which are becoming a thing.

Rending Volley becomes Disdainful Stroke: So a total of 3 disdainful strokes. Really good in the mirror AND against control. Rending Volley just doesnt hit as much as I would like and Disdainful Stroke counters everything of value that it would hit anyway.

-1 Roast becomes Stratus Dancer (if possible find a place for this guy mb): Ive been running Stratus Dancer in my temur tempo build recently and it is a wonderful tempo play. They always think its a Den Protector (which i have mb) so they never kill it and just try to board wipe which doesnt go so well for them.

Color(s) Green
Cost 1G
Converted cost 2


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Uncommon
2011 Core Set Uncommon

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