Back to Nature


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Uncommon
2011 Core Set Uncommon

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Back to Nature


Destroy all enchantments.

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Back to Nature Discussion

greySynapse on Passive Aggressive, Feat. Wall of Nope

2 days ago

Cool list!

I have two suggestions for you--take them as you will. :)

Firstly would be to maybe include a few more dual-color lands for a little extra mana fixing, and perhaps extra utility, since you don't have any 1 drops, you can easily play a tapped land turn one, and don't need to include a lot of copies:

Additionally I'd try to squeeze in an extra win-con in case someone uses a Pithing Needle on your Luminarch Ascension or say.. has a sideboard featuring Fracturing Gust or Back to Nature which dodge your Rebuff the Wicked and the latter can be cast well before you get Enchanted Evening on the board.

After some research I found a few suggestions for said win-con:

  • Narset Transcendent which you can protect with Rebuff the Wicked and your enchantments, and her ultimate is absolutely perfect for your deck, yes it's a little expensive but you are unlikely to need more than two copies or even one maybe.
  • Mirrorweave, surprise all your walls (if your opponent is creating tokens this might not work very effectively) are suddenly a bad-ass creature your opponent played but was unable to use for anything.
  • Infinite Reflection, same idea but it only affects your creatures, and is unfortunately a lot higher on the mana curve.

I apologize if I overlooked anything.

Happy tapping.

Inferno323 on Azusa, lost but beating faces

1 week ago

Mono green can't run Fracturing Gust because its color identity is WG. You'd have to go with Back to Nature out of those, which is still by no means bad.

hamoidar on Azusa, lost but beating faces

1 week ago

It is effectively a game reset, and personally I wouldn't play it in this deck. Since you get to put all of the land out at once, Azusa won't have any real effect. Also, it doesn't really fit the theme of overrunning your opponents, since you essentially level the playing field.

If you do play it, you can put Azusa back into the command zone.

If you are looking for removal, you might consider Back to Nature instead of Natural State, or possibly Fracturing Gust.

kamarupa on Ashiok and Her Eldrazi Buddies Take Your Lands

1 week ago

Without a mana ramp, I think this deck is going to be too slow for Modern. Kinda like you're bringing a some-assembly-required tank to a knife fight. I suggest you focus on narrowing down your high CMC spells to 6 or less and then using the space made for lower CMC spells that will be faster and easier to cast. Stuff like Duress, Despise, Mana Leak, Spell Snare, Naturalize, Back to Nature, and Fertile Ground strike me as potentially good fits here. And of course, some low CMC Eldrazi and bring in some Spawn tokens would help ramp you up, too.

Also, you might add "Mill" to the hubs and rename the deck to make more sense. There's nothing in any spell here that I see that specifically targets lands.

QuantumSkies on (Enter shaman pun here)

2 weeks ago

Sideboard cards are good in certain situations, find out your playing against a token-summoning deck? Sideboard in a Virulent Plague or Mutilate, encountering a deck that gains lots of life? Sideboard in a Tainted Remedy and switch something out. Some suggestions for sideboards would be artifact/enchantment removal, green is great with that. For example Naturalize, Back to Nature, Fracturing Gust, or Creeping Corrosion. This week at Monday Night Magic, an opponent had a similar deck and I side boarded in a few Torpor Orbs, which in this battle totally turned the tables. Any artifact/enchantment removal is good just in case. As for lands, Raging Ravine could be useful in the late game because this deck will run low on spells in hand, "run out of steam", it's just something to put your mana into. Karplusan Forest is just a dual-colored land that doesn't tap when it enters the battlefield. Hope this helps!

lagotripha on Flashy Tokens of the Conclave

2 weeks ago

I just like looking at people's decks and finding fun options. Heads up, plowshares isn't modern legal- it'll be fine for casual play, but legacy is intense. I'd reccomend sorting out a solid sideboard before worrying about upgrades- the secret to all lower teir decks is understanding the stuff you'll be playing against and sideboarding appropriate hate. Somtimes, a playset of something like Back to Nature or Tempest of Light does more than the entire rest of the deck. Just look at what the locals mostly play, and see if theres anything that will ruin their strategies.

rickmaster_flex on WR Enchantment Control

2 weeks ago

Actually mass enchantment removal isn't a common thing in modern. Plus, if they have some crazy enchantment removal like Paraselene or Back to Nature in sideboard and I lose to it in game 2, assuming I won game 1, I could name it with nevermore.

Also, I need to update this list really bad. I've been doing pretty well at FNM with a slightly different list.

papahiggs on Hazmat

4 weeks ago

Ankh of Mishra or Smokestack or Sire Of Insanity or Megrim? Also some more targeted hand disruption because things like Aura Shards and Back to Nature destroy this deck.

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