Back to Nature


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Uncommon
2011 Core Set Uncommon

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Back to Nature


Destroy all enchantments.

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Back to Nature Discussion

Karzalar on Leylines Know How to Party

5 days ago

Replenish and Faith's Reward against Back to Nature effects (and Mill)?

Starfield of Nyx, could be an alternative in the sideboard if your opponents run a lot of enchantment hate.

Otherwise, this is an unique twist on the leylines. Turn 1 win on enchantment love is something i wanted. Thank you kind sir, take that +1 from me!

Wahrghoul84 on Stompy

1 week ago

Collected Company could be replaced by Oath of Nissa. It has benefits like adding to devotion for the aspects and helps keep the gas going. Another choice could be Rancor. As for the sideboard cards, the match ups they help with are very difficult without them. Specifically infect and boggles. Possible replacements for those match ups could be to add 3 Fog and 1 Back to Nature.

greySynapse on Teeg hates everyone equally

1 week ago

Taking another look at the deck, there are some easy cuts you can make.

Myojin of Cleansing Fire looks like an overpriced Wrath of God, and white has plenty of Wraths that can be played for significantly less than 8 mana. E.g. Wrath of God, Day of Judgment, Planar Outburst, End Hostilities, and/or Fell the Mighty, the list really goes on but my point is that there are a lot better options than an 8 mana creature that must be cast from the hand to act as a Wrath.

I would cut the Viridian Zealot simply because he translates into 4 mana to destroy 1 enchantment or artifact, and it seems like a loss of tempo. You can replace him with Beast Within, Disenchant, or Nature's Claim, or even Gleeful Sabotage. If you want solid Artifact/Enchantment hate I recommend Fracturing Gust, Purify, Creeping Corrosion, or Back to Nature. Granted most of those would be unplayable if you have your commander in play. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben can also be a replacement for Viridian Zealot to disrupt enemy tempo, since you are running mostly creatures she might be a viable option.

Genesis seems like a silly option, it's a 4/4 that offers no benefits other than being able to pay 3 to return him to your hand, and another 4 to play him again, you'd be better off playing Roaring Primadox to bounce your creatures or Genesis can be an easy cut for a mana rock.

Instead of Revive you could play Elixir of Immortality, which will allow you to replay many cards as opposed to just one.

Gaddock Teeg comes off as a slug type Commander, as such there are Angels/Enchantments that can give you additional group-slug effects and help reduce the mana curve a little--depending on your cuts of course, here are some suggestions:

I'd also consider cleaning up your Maybeboard haha. :P Since you've got cards listed there that are already in the deck.

DarkStarStorm on Bogles

2 weeks ago

Don't sideboard Vigilance and Gryff's Boon. The first doesn't change matchups, and the second is good enough to mainboard. Bogles is my main competitive deck, so here's what I've found works best from hundreds of games.

-1 Spirit Link

-1 Unflinching Courage

-2 Spirit Mantle Most of these I suggest dropping because running Open the Armory allows you to fetch for them anyway.

-1 Dryad Arbor You should hardly ever be enchanting this up. Even if that's in your gameplan, it can just be fetched. Having more copies to show up in your opening hand is a nightmare since it enables your opponent's removal to hit your mana-base. The deck also runs efficiently on 19 land (Arbor doesn't count as mana), so having 20 with Arbor opens up another slot to run whatever.

+2 Gryff's Boon It's essentially adding two more copies of Rancor to the main, and is simply better than Spirit Mantle in that it costs less mana (allowing for more actions that turn). Not only that, but the recursion effect is not something to discount; it allows you to have a shot at rebuilding post-Back to Nature/Engineered Explosives

+2 Open the Armory Be honest, if you could run any number of any card you wanted in the deck, you would run around 10 Ethereal Armors, 8 Rancors, and 8 Daybreak Coronets. The rest of the deck is simply filler (speaking from experience: you rarely win without one of the three). Now, what Open the Armory does is add two copies of whatever aura you want to the deck. Usually you play it turn three to fetch for Daybreak Coronet if you don't already have it (or another piece of the three), and then drop a one-mana aura alongside it. The card locks in a turn four win, and has been a surprising all-star in my own experiences. It also allows you to fetch for certain sideboard options like Gelid Shackles, Wheel of Sun and Moon (graveyard hate), or any other aura sideboard option that wasn't possible to run before.

+1 Path to Exile This one is meta-dependent: so feel free to ignore me on this one. From my experience, however, it's worth losing out on another aura to get rid of Spellskite, Primeval Titan, Monastery Swiftspear, or Inkmoth Nexus.


3 weeks ago

I'm not a huge conjorour's closet fan- most of the time I find that mimic vat just works better, but my current land destruction plans run them mostly as disruption. I would want to be running Goblin Dark-Dwellers myself, but charmbreak/exarch is still very strong.

Anyways, my next suggestion is silly and functional- 3Demonic Dread/4Violent Outburst for Boom/Bust- but also as a way to pack 8 single copy 'golden bullet' 2-cost sideboard cards and play like you have 8 of them at three mana- and half at instant speed- thats a lot of Rest in Peace and Back to Nature. or four spells with two copies. It'd mean swapping the birds or being able to cascade into them, but Harrow,Grinning Ignus Rift Bolt Search for Tomorrow could mitigate that.

Karzalar on The Dirty Dozen

3 weeks ago

Also, Sphere of Safety with ''only'' 11 enchantments probably isn't the best idea. I'd suggest you Propaganda and Ghostly Prison. Of course, that's different if you run Enchanted Evening, but beware of wipe-all enchantment effects like Back to Nature...

Monkey_with_Flying on Boardwipes, boardwipes everywhere

3 weeks ago

I recommend Vandalblast, Paraselene or Back to Nature, Do or Die, Crypt Incursion, Metal Fatigue, Day of Judgment and maby Flaying Tendrils or Forced March. Polymorphist's Jest is funny and kinda sorta almost wrath-y. also Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse.

also Damnation if you want to shell out the money.

greySynapse on Passive Aggressive, Feat. Wall of Nope

1 month ago

Cool list!

I have two suggestions for you--take them as you will. :)

Firstly would be to maybe include a few more dual-color lands for a little extra mana fixing, and perhaps extra utility, since you don't have any 1 drops, you can easily play a tapped land turn one, and don't need to include a lot of copies:

Additionally I'd try to squeeze in an extra win-con in case someone uses a Pithing Needle on your Luminarch Ascension or say.. has a sideboard featuring Fracturing Gust or Back to Nature which dodge your Rebuff the Wicked and the latter can be cast well before you get Enchanted Evening on the board.

After some research I found a few suggestions for said win-con:

  • Narset Transcendent which you can protect with Rebuff the Wicked and your enchantments, and her ultimate is absolutely perfect for your deck, yes it's a little expensive but you are unlikely to need more than two copies or even one maybe.
  • Mirrorweave, surprise all your walls (if your opponent is creating tokens this might not work very effectively) are suddenly a bad-ass creature your opponent played but was unable to use for anything.
  • Infinite Reflection, same idea but it only affects your creatures, and is unfortunately a lot higher on the mana curve.

I apologize if I overlooked anything.

Happy tapping.

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