Back to Nature

Back to Nature


Destroy all enchantments.
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Back to Nature Discussion

ThatSimicGuy on Packleader abuse

2 days ago

I like the deck, my personal suggestion? Drop the two Omnath's for another Crucible of Worlds and Hammer of Purphoros. By 1 each, then drop you're traps for an extra garruuk and land.

Why I suggested this, was because it allows your deck to be more focused, more able to use crucible of worlds, ((Which can stay at 3, up to you really.)) it also makes it a little bit faster. And if you think about your hammer, the two creatures lost can be replaced by 3/1 tokens.

HOWEVER, keep the traps in your sideboard as a anti-control card... Other good sideboard cards, Combust or Rending Volley. Roast, Molten Rain, Back to Nature, Krosan Grip, maaayyyybbbe Gnaw to the Bone? and lastly Guttural Response.

In the end it's up to you, I hope my vague, half asleep comment helped.

doriboncore on B/G Elven Conquest

3 days ago

Reclamation Sage and Back to Nature are rotating out on Friday October 2nd.

Might want to try Naturalize to replace them. Not sure if there is a better option.

Mandalorian on Will Enchantments Become Problem Cards ...

5 days ago

Rotation is upon us and as Constellation leaves so do many of the answers we had for enchantments. Revoke Existence had become a staple to deal with Hangarback Walkers and enchantments. No more Back to Nature or Banishing Light.

Dromoka's Command is okay but doesn't specifically target.

I felt fine using Erase sometimes because it could even be a kill spell for creatures like Courser of Kruphix but with no more enchantment creatures is this really a card you want to take up a spot in your sideboard?

I mean, I guess we still have Naturalize? Utter End or Sultai Charm if your running those colors?

So how much of an impact do you think enchantments will have after rotation? If they will be a problem, how can we deal with them? Answers for all colors would be great if you can think of some.

JohnnyBaggins on How to deal with Grand ...

5 days ago

I generally like City of Solitude against decks that run counterspells and spot removal, but it highly depends on your own build. Cards like Back to Nature can remove their entire Prison Suite, and the already mentioned Bane of Progress is neat for Roon.

WolvenKnightmare on

6 days ago

If you're going for actual Modern format legality, Containment Priest isn't legal. However, you could use Hallowed Moonlight for a similar effect. Also, Blood-Cursed Knight would thrive in this deck.

As for fighting enchant-hate, Faith's Reward should do the trick, especially against Back to Nature.

RussischerZar on Modern Barren Glory

1 week ago

@ Boza: Shimatsu the Bloodcloaked doesn't work, since he would be on the field - you can't sacrifice him as he enters, as he is not on the field yet.

@ stilghar82: yes, Back to Nature is indeed better. this deck is from my early brewing days, haven't bothered to actually look at it for a long time, I'm not sure I played it even once

crexalbo on 2015-10-01 update of Cute Life ...

1 week ago

I debated a long time over whether or not to use Distortion Strike, Artful Dodge, or Aqueous Form. I have settled on Distortion Strike for a number of reasons.

1) Distortion Strike, along with Aqueous Form, cost only . Artful Dodge costs if i am going to get the full value out of it. Yes, it can be cast from the graveyard without being cast from your hand first, but that is only occasionally handy. And i need every single mana i spend to count for as much as possible.

2) Distortion Strike is harder to interfere with than Aqueous Form. Counterspells like Mana Leak, Remand, and Spell Pierce hit both of these. In addition, though, Aqueous Form is vulnerable to hate like Back to Nature, Wear / Tear, Erase, and my favorite utility hate, Hide/Seek. Distortion Strike is not vulnerable to any of these enchantment hate spells. Nothing feels worse than having your unblockability enchantment removed after you declare attackers but before they declare blockers!

3) The real reason i chose Distortion Strike: It grants +1/+0 for each of two consecutive turns. This two extra damage is extremely relevant and useful. I have won many games from the damage of Distortion Strike's and Noble Hierarch's alone, no pump spells required!

So to recap, the rebound saves me mana, the spell-like nature makes it harder to deal with, and the power boost wins games. I would rather end the gamr quickly than gain the flexibility of Artful Dodge or the scrying of Aqueous Form. The whole consecutive turns thing is hardly a drawback, since i usually win the turn after i cast it anyways.

DMPv01 on Brutality

1 week ago

Yep. Back to Nature is a sideboard card. I've been fiddling with the list.

Any suggestions in place of Ulvenwald Tracker? I'm experimenting with it. I don't have any goyfs (yet) or I'd stick them in and call it a day.

Color(s) Green
Cost 1G
Converted cost 2


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Uncommon
2011 Core Set Uncommon

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